Chapter Fifty-seven – In which Vera throws Ark into a blocked-off room together with Stella, so that they can kiss and make up, as humans do.
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One thing I find that doesn’t bother me all that much is falling asleep next to a goblin and waking up alone. I don’t take it as an insult. These goblins have exactly two modes, busy and lazy, so I’ve learned to accept it as such. They aren’t specifically diurnal, either. Some stay up late, some go to bed early. Truffle is a perfect example of a late-waking night-owl goblin, and Prima is a perfect example of an early-rising hunter goblin.

What Vera said to me, about Tonight, a bit earlier. I had thought she wanted some time to waste big seed with me. The wasting seed part was correct, but as for it being with her… that was where I had misinterpreted her limited verbal skill.


Vera had confiscated my topaz, pushed me into the room Stella was using, and then proceeded to use a magic formula she pre-etched into the ground in order to raise a barrier of dirt that would take me a while to dig through manually. She didn’t turn it to stone, so she did leave me a way out, but it was clear enough that she was doing this in an effort to have Stella and I spend some kind of time together that we couldn’t get out of.

It’s not like I was particularly avoiding Stella. I was just giving her adequate space to sort through this sudden transition from human to goblin. I’m certain Vera and Berry were doing something for her as well, and if this is what they concluded needed to be done, I wasn’t going to shy away. Not one bit.

“I hope you don’t mind, but it looks like I’ll be sharing a room with you for a little while…”

The room itself was quite dark thanks to the dirt wall blocking the door to the room. There was only a little ambient light coming from the magical lantern in the center of the breeding room that filtered through the small window of the room and the tiny gap left at the top of the dirt pillar. It was hard to see Stella clearly, but I was able to at least discern that she was sitting down on the straw bed, her arms wrapped around the knees which were pulled to her chest. And her eyes, once a beautiful color as a human, were golden and glowing in the absence of full light.

They stared directly at me.

I remained sitting down where I was, the dirt pillar acting as the wall behind my back. There was an awkward silence between us, which I pathetically tried to break.

“Would you like to talk about something? It can be anything at all.”

There was further silence until she decided to speak.

“They want me to go hunting.”

“Eh? Really?”

“They’re even going to loan me a bow and some arrows since I mentioned that was what I used when we were traveling together as adventurers.” Her voice wasn’t weak, but it felt a bit hollow. “The one called Prima. She said that goblins hunt, and since I was a goblin, I needed to show her I could hunt. She even said I could run away if I wanted to. Past the black trees, the stream, and the big rock… they wouldn’t even chase me. At best, I’d meet my end at the hands of the Great Protector, or some wild beast out there… at worst… humans.”

“I… see.”

“Can you? Can you see in the dark as well, Ark? I can see in the dark now, you know? Inside this room, outside at night… I can see you perfectly right where you are in this room.”

“No, I can’t see in the dark. I can only make out the shape of your body and your eyes in what little light is coming into the room. But even if I was blind, I can still choose to see you however you want me to.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that no matter what you look like on the outside, you’re still… you. You’re still my companion, Ste–”

She had moved so quickly, I hadn’t even time to register it. Her hand was covering my mouth and her whole body was on top of me. Her eyes, glowing gold and green in the darkness of my corner of the room, bore into me less than a couple inches away from my face.

“Don’t. Say. That. Name! That person died when I became… this!”

Since I was being personally muted by her, I just nodded my head.

“You did this to me, Ark. I don’t know how I know, but I know. When you raped me… you put this monster inside of me to grow… that’s when it had to have started. I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. Nothing but time… to think about it. While I did, I remembered Yulia. She was a girl from my village two years older than me. She… was passing by the tavern, returning home late from the fields to her house. She was barely fifteen. She was going to marry Porto–he was a couple years older than her, but a decent sort for being a turnip farmer. There were some rough types coming out of the tavern when she passed by, all of them strangers passing through, all of them drunk, and all they wanted was to have a good time. She was there… and she…”

Stella should have been looking at me with hate-filled eyes, but there was something else behind them. Less hate and more… feral.

“When they found her afterwards, she was afraid. She was afraid of all men; Her father, her brothers, even the good natured Porto who was still willing to take her as his wife. She refused and hid herself away. Her belly swelled up each day for the next few months, until it was obvious what the result of that horrible night was for her. When she eventually had her son, she wouldn’t even hold it, or let it suckle, because it was a male. Even though it was her own child! She… eventually fled her house one day soon after… and no one ever saw her again.”

It was a sad story Stella was telling me. Plenty of things like that happened, whether in my previous world, or this one, and all I had done was add to that statistic with what I did to Stella.

“But, you know… I’m not afraid of you, Ark. I don’t feel the need to recoil at your touch or closeness to me. I should. By every right I should be terrified of being near you. That last time when I was still a human… I enjoyed it. I really did. It felt good. I thought… maybe… I might forgive you one day. But now, look at me. I’m not a human anymore. Whatever you put inside of me… did this. I’m not stupid. I noticed small things changing at first. How delicious that disgusting bloody meat both smelled and tasted to me, and how it itched. You know what I mean by it, don’t you?”

I felt her climb on top of me the rest of the way, feeling an almost searing heat from between her legs practically breathing down on my dick.

“Do you know what goblins do, Ark? They take what they want. Anything they are strong enough to take, they take. Even from weaker goblins. If they are greedy enough, they would even kill each other over it. It’s the goblin way, they say. But there is one thing they all agreed to share, and one thing alone.”

She reached down and gripped my cock, putting it right against her white-hot snot-pot and slowly lowering herself onto it. That human pussy I didn’t care for so much? It was on a whole other level right now.

“It’s the thing they call… Husband.”

She cackled in a gravelly voice.

“I’m free now, Ark. But you… You are still human. No, you are less than a human. You are chained even if your hands and legs are free and you can walk in the sun whenever you wish, believing you can make these goblins something more than goblins. Believing these goblins want to be something more than goblins…”

She stopped for a moment. We both understood she had something she shouldn’t have deep inside of her.

“Do you feel that? This time when I bleed, it’s because I took what I wanted from you, not the other way around. This is going to be the last of my human kindness, Ark. Keep it safe for me if you ever find a way to make me human again. And think of a good name for me, just like you have for all these goblins of yours you are tasked with breeding. Myself included, of course.”

She uncovered her hand from my mouth and replaced it with her soft lips, pushing down the rest of the way onto my cock, losing her second virginity which she must have gained as a newly transformed goblin in one go. For the first time in either of my lifetimes, I was able to enjoy a kiss from a woman. Her tongue hadn’t grown as long as any of the others, and there was no telling if it ever would, but the kiss was pleasant, even while I was being raped. I had no idea how thorough her goblinization would become, or if this was the extent of it, but it didn’t matter. I meant what I said. Whether she was human or not, I wouldn’t forsake her. I gave up all control at this moment to her. If she wished to embrace her goblin nature by raping me, if it helped somehow repair what I did to her with her doing this back, I would accept it completely.

I owed her that much as the minimum.

As she rode me, I tried to touch and caress her body, but she took hold of my wrists with her own hands and pinned them to the dirt wall behind me. She had no qualms about kissing me intimately, but that was all she allowed where kindness was concerned. Even Prima treated me better that first night in comparison. Stella allowed me to participate only when it suited her. I could thrust inside of her when she was close to an orgasm, but outside of that, she ran the show.

When she had enough, she dragged me to the straw bed and threw me down onto it, taking the dominant position behind me, draping an arm over my body and treating me like an object; nothing more than a flesh-and-bone pillow to keep her warm. Her fingers, while having been affected by the changes to her body, weren’t as sharp as the other goblins as they caressed my body. Whatever this transformation was, I don’t believe it to be complete.

I remained awake throughout the night, while I could feel her breathe steadily on my neck.

It was quiet for the most part, but I felt Vera begin using magic close by. The room lit up a bit more when she brought the dirt pillar at the entrance down. I wasn’t going to be able to leave the room, though. Stella had gone so far as to wrap her leg around my own as well. I wasn’t going anywhere until she was ready to let me.

It was a long night spent alone with my thoughts. Which of the girls to visit next, making time to play with my daughters, finishing up working on Stella’s new room, renovating the cave-holes of Prima and making a workshop for Toy in order to teach her human constructions. My days were already full, and they hadn’t even come yet.

I tried to force myself sleep, but it refused to come easily to me. Just like it hadn’t probably come easy to Stella since she arrived, until tonight.