Chapter Fifty-eight – In which Ark does something a bit more than Toy around with the status quo of the goblin tribe.
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Stella wasn’t the one to wake me when it was time to eat breakfast together. Vera hadn’t either. There was no way Vera didn’t know what happened to me last night, alone with Stella. So she most likely sent in the safety, perhaps to quell any anger I might have had.

“Husband, wake up. It’s time eat fire-meat.”

It was my sweet Berry, and for some strange reason, I felt like I could understand her a bit better than usual.

Was Vera uncertain that I wouldn’t so readily forgive her for what she did? The positions at the table were the same as before, only with Pear replacing Vera at my side. Prima had been directing some conversation at the table, and it was mostly aimed at acclimating Stella into the Bloodmaw Tribe. She was to go hunting with Jewel and Doll first, and then would be given her pick of a cave-hole to move into. A look from Berry told me that she would be involved in that part somehow. After seeing how she hunted, Stella would then be given a moon’s time to find something useful to do around the cave, much like how the adult goblins acquired their original names.

I did notice, however, that not a single goblin had called her Stella while we ate at the table.

Nor did they call her Human.

After eating, I handled the messy cleanup while only a few of the goblins enjoyed the bath. Diana took her sisters out to play, Button included. Skipping the bath myself, I left the girls to their own devices and went to Beast-talker’s former cave-hole to finish the final touches on the upstairs portion. It didn’t take long. Beds, shelves, something like a thin closet, and chests in each of the three rooms. I was done a lot sooner than I expected, and found myself remembering to visit Toy’s cave-hole.


Toy was in the middle of using the stone file I had made for the swingset construction to smooth out a few pieces of wood. She had done a better job with the ones she had here, than the ones I did for the swing set out front. Her room was also as organized as a workshop in a small cave-hole could be, which was to say, it was nothing less than a hoarder’s paradise.

“I came to start building the workshop…”

I had picked up an errant piece of finished wood and felt it. It was smooth and sturdy. If Toy could make this reliably, there was a bright future for the goblin tribe ahead of them.

“Doll gave me wood as part of deal we made at swingset.” She reminded me. I had almost forgotten about that deal.

“Toy… I think we need to do some major changes in here.”

“What kind changes?”

“Hmm, how often do other goblins come to your cave-hole and ask you to make them things?”

“Maybe once few suns? Why? What Husband thinking?”

“A human thought.” I said poignantly.

“Different from goblin thought?” She replied in all seriousness.

“I was thinking about a type of cave-hole humans make called a general store.”

“What’s that?”

“Think about a wide cave-hole, where all the things you make are put on display. Goblins can come in and see them, see which ones they like, and offer to trade you things for them.”

“Sounds nice. But Toy always busy!”

“Maybe in the future then? It might be too soon for it now with so few goblins.”

I think I’ll consult with Prima and Vera about the location. Vera isn’t really using her old cave-hole anymore, and considering it’s near the front of the cave, it’s the perfect spot for a future marketplace of the goblin tribe. I don’t know how wide I can make it, but I figured I’d do some investigation when I get around to working on Prima’s room. I really think the person who would be ideal to run it, however, is Crow. She was able to get me my magic lantern when I didn’t think I’d get more than a strange rock or a pinecone. I have a gut feeling that she is a real procurer of things.

I guess I need to start preparing to make all of the girls here cave-hole expansions. I could do so much more with a better focus orb than this low-quality topaz. Well, it’s not like I’m going anywhere for the rest of my life. I have plenty of time… slow and steady wins the race, and all that.

Toy wasn’t particular about keeping her cave-hole in any specific shape, so I began flattening the walls of what would become her living room (and possibly showroom), then planned out a wide workshop parallel to it, and on the far end, would be her bedroom and room for an expansion for our children. If she had more than one daughter, I figure early on they could share a room for a little while. Space was at a premium, because I didn’t really know the full dimensions of goblin-home’s interior. I suppose I could always remodel it later and make a hallway… again, no rush. It would probably be half a year or more down the line before I would need to worry about it, I think.

I ended up not digging out the workshop today after all, primarily because I wanted to prepare the space right. Working on Stella’s cave-hole made me consider doing all future remodels properly. I have no doubt I’m going to wind up adding more things to Jewel’s cave-hole as well before this is all over. If she asks me for a second floor, breeding slave or not, existing deals and debts or not, she’s going to be making it worth my while.

So, sticking around to help Toy’s cave-hole get squared up first, I built her a stone table to work at. I then showed her some basic construction design, getting permission to use a few pieces of her smoothed wood to make the seat and the back of a chair. I had to cut part of the wood out so they would fit instead of having things like a hammer and nails to do it. I also began widening out a bedroom for her to live in. At least she could separate the things she used for making, with the things she best considered as personal effects.

I’ll admit, Vera left me feeling kind of dirty last night.

I asked Toy if she’d like to inaugurate her room with me. She might be busy making things for the other goblins, but she wasn’t busy enough to turn down my obvious advance on her. I might have been a little rough with her, but she wasn’t complaining. I even stuck around so I could lay down next to her in bed, and explained a number of things I wanted her to learn about while I enjoyed not being denied touching her body. What was most necessary for things she would be making would be some kind of adhesive in lieu of nails. She said she had an idea of what to use for that.

I don’t know what the goblin version of duct tape is, but I sure know what works as a lubricant.

I rubbed my hand over Toy’s belly, feeling the small bump that indicated she, like all the other goblins, was also carrying a future daughter of mine. Then I pulled her body into mine, and offered a playful nibble on her ear.

She reacted much like Lily, almost jumping out of my arms when I did.

“...did I do something wrong?”

I was curious about why they would be all down with biting shoulders, but not the ears. Was it an ear-sensitivity thing? Toy had rolled over to look me right in the eyes.

“Husband… do you not know what biting ear means?”

“I… don’t. I just thought it would make you feel good.”

“Old One say that mark on goblin ears most important. Show who follow.”


“Bloodmaw tribe before living here was big. Many many goblins all live together. Strongest goblins bite ears weaker goblins who want be safe, work together make clan. Strongest hunt meat, weakest do things strongest want. Make many, things, strong ones…”

“Wait. So that means if I bite your ear, I’m basically saying that I’m strong, and will protect and provide for you, but in return, you will work for me?”

“Yes. Goblin way.”

I might be Husband to these girls, but I’m not a goblin, and am still being used as a baby factory. I’m the guy who greases the green machines around here.

“Uh, by chance, has anyone bitten your ear before? Maybe Old One or Prima?”

“No. Husband the first to bite… big surprise, not expect it.”

“I see, thank you for explaining it to me.”

Toy smiled at me.

“Husband knows now. Still thinking about bite Toy’s ear?”

“Would… you let me?”

Toy nodded.

“Husband, when bite ear, must be blood.”

She rolled her body so she wasn’t facing me anymore.

“Toy want feel Husband seed-stick inside when bite.”

“I can do that.”

“Husband have reason make clan with Toy? Toy not mind, know Husband strong. Husband and Diana hunt many Black-claws. Many more than Prima. Husband also use stone magic. Husband also smart, make many think-game.”

“Well, my reason isn’t very good. The part of me that’s Human has a desire for wanting to protect all goblins in goblin-home. But really, I just want to enjoy the feeling as well, of biting your ear.”

“Husband want protect Toy?”

“And the strong ones inside of you.”

Toy was quietly breathing, her body was shaking just a little bit more than it should have. Was she anxious? Nervous? Excited?

A part of me thought I should abandon doing this right now, but a part of me also wanted to do it. I wanted to go all in, and start here.

I lifted Toy’s leg up just enough that I could slide my seed-stick inside of her as she wanted. Then I draped my arm over her body and embraced her as much into myself as I could. I lifted my head so my mouth was right at the base of her ear, giving it a good long erotic lick until my mouth was right near the tip. Then my mouth opened wide and I bared my teeth, pressing them slowly against the skin of her ear, and allowed my jaw to close, biting down hard enough… to taste blood.

When the first bit of blood touched my tongue, it felt like electricity and plasma decided to have a contest to decide who was better at fucking right through every vein in my body. I felt like I was being electrocuted while my body tried to contain the power of a nuclear bomb that wanted to burst out of me. Of course with my dick inside of Toy I came buckets. I couldn’t help it. I also couldn’t help how hard I was biting her ear since my jaw wanted to do nothing but clench as hard as it could.

Toy was crying out, and I could feel her body spasming as well. I know I fucked up doing this, but I just wasn’t exactly sure how badly I had. I’m pretty sure I should be dead, though. Or maybe this was what childbirth felt like for a woman. I’m not sure, but my entire body ached when it all finally subsided.

My teeth had pierced through her ear. There was a fully punctured bite mark made from human teeth now adorning her left ear. I gave her a hug and asked her how she was feeling.

“Toy belong Husband. First in clan.”

Well, at least it was mutual. Up until this point, I had belonged to all of them. Now one of them was committed to me!

Yes, I feel like a douchebag.

But at the same time, I feel… different. It’s not a feeling I can express into words. I just feel different. If I were to try though, I would say that I feel more… Ark.

My hand was snatched by Toy and placed on her belly. Though she was one of the last to be impregnated, what I felt was a first among the goblins. I felt movement. Whatever was inside of her was moving, and now I wondered if I somehow damaged our strong ones.

“Do you… know what just happened?”

“Toy not know. But can feel Husband put strong inside body.”


“Toy not know how say. Only can say feel strong moving inside body. Not hate feeling. Know good feeling.”

I don’t feel like I’ve dodged a bullet here. I feel like the shell I was using in this risky revolver play had just been upgraded to a caliber that will definitely fuck my shit up later. But what’s done is done.

Aching bones and all, I would eventually have to leave Toy’s side.

I did ask her to keep things quiet, to which she replied that she would, but that until my teeth are sharper, I shouldn’t bite off more than I can chew. I wasn’t sure if it was a euphemism or not, since as a human, this is as sharp as my teeth get, unlike, perhaps, goblins?

That being said, I was free to come visit and nibble on her ears, anytime.

I don’t think anything else she could have said to me would have left me feeling more elated…