Chapter 1
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Inside the Hokage Building, Ryan, sitting in the Hokage's seat, was currently experiencing a headache. He looked at the information scattered in front of him, particularly concerning the Mist Shinobi, Rock Shinobi, and Cloud Shinobi who were preparing to make their moves.

The start of the third ninja war was drawing closer.

After being transmigrated into the world of Naruto and gaining various abilities, Ryan had been practising ninjutsu, honing his skills, learning from Tsunade, and saving Uzumaki Kushina.

He had also secretly made plans and positioned himself as the Hokage in anticipation of the third shinobi war.

Although Ryan's strength had reached the peak of the Kage level, it wasn't sufficient when compared to the formidable beings that would appear in the later stages of Naruto, capable of destroying the ninja world.

Even with his peak Kage-level strength, the upcoming third ninja war couldn't be ended.

Ryan had achieved his current strength without cheating, making him a benchmark among transmigrators. Just as he was pondering how to deal with the third ninja war, a ding sound suddenly interrupted his thoughts.


'First Hokage Senju Hashirama joined the group chat.'

'Second Hokage Senju Tobirama joined the group chat.'

'Fifth Hokage Tsunade joined the group chat.'

A series of inexplicable mechanical sounds resounded in Ryan's mind. As he was still dealing with a headache, a bright rainbow-coloured light appeared before his eyes.

After waiting for so long, the cheat had finally arrived. Ryan, still sitting in the Hokage's office, suddenly saw a flash of light. In an instant, he found himself in a vast white world. In this world, a massive conference table resembling the Knights of the Round Table stood before him.

"Welcome to the Konoha Hokage chat group," a message appeared.

Within this chat group, members could exchange information, intelligence, and supplies. To provide cross-world assistance for members. Ryan, as the group owner, had been automatically selected as the leader.

The message continued, stating that the group needed at least five members to open the world leaderboard function and ten members to activate the mode of conquering other worlds. As the group leader, Ryan had the power to invite, call meetings, and remove members.

Understanding the nature of the cheat, Ryan compared it to the chat groups he had read about in fanfics, which were typically limited to a particular world. However, this cheat had a mode for conquering the other worlds which intrigued him. Despite not being exactly the same as the chat groups he had read about, it was still impressive.

Ryan realized that the group members in this chat group had different backgrounds compared to those in other chat groups he had encountered. Here, Only the Hokages of Konoha were gathered, and in the future, they could join forces to conquer other worlds.

The only regret Ryan had was that the cheat had come too late. He had already become the Hokage himself. Observing the virtual screen in front of him, Ryan glanced at the current list of group members.

Fourth Hokage—Ryan (group leader)

First Hokage—Senju Hashirama (group member)

Second Hokage—Senju Tobirama (group member)

Fifth Hokage—Senju Tsunade (group member)

Surprisingly, three Hokages had been pulled into the group, all of them belonging to the Senju clan. However, Ryan thought it would be interesting to replace Tsunade with the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

He anticipated the reaction of the First and Second Hokages when they learned that their good apprentices had wiped out the Senju clan. Given Tobirama's temper, it was likely that he would be very furious.

Looking at the invitation button for new group members, Ryan noticed that it was still inactive, remaining a dull grey colour. He couldn't continue pulling people into the chat group for the time being. It seemed he would have to wait until the next meeting to activate the world leaderboard function.

Having grasped the concept of the cheat, Ryan pressed the button to initiate the meeting. The system beeped, and a gate of light instantly appeared in the space.


In the Konoha Village Senju residence, inside the house, the First Hokage, Senju Hashirama, was lying weakly on a bed. Uzumaki Mito, responsible for taking care of him, and Senju Tobirama, who had come to visit, were present.

"Ahem, cough, what's been happening in the village lately?" Hashirama asked, his weak voice filled with concern.

Tobirama, observing Hashirama's weakened state, replied, "Don't worry about the village, big brother. Your health is the most important thing now. Other villages are likely paying attention to your health as well. If your condition worsens, the ninja world may descend into chaos again."

Hearing Tobirama's response, Hashirama couldn't help but look at his ailing body, feeling helpless. After his battle with Madara, his health had steadily declined, and time was running out for him.

The thought crossed his mind that Tobirama was right—once he passed away, the ninja world would likely be thrown into turmoil once more. Just as Hashirama was about to speak to Tobirama, he suddenly heard a mechanical notification in his mind.

'You have joined the Konoha Hokage chat group. The group owner, Ryan, has called for a round table meeting. Please attend on time!'

Surprised by the voice in his head, Hashirama looked around the room, searching for any signs of unusual activity. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he turned to Mito and Tobirama and asked if they had heard anything.

However, both Mito and Tobirama shook their heads, indicating that they hadn't heard anything. Perceiving no chakra fluctuations or signs of genjutsu, Hashirama focused on the thin screen in front of him that displayed the message 'Hokage chat group.' He contemplated the situation and decided to attend the meeting.

In his final moments of life, Hashirama gathered his remaining strength and said, "Count me in!" As soon as he spoke those words, colorful rays of light enveloped him, transporting him to the location of the meeting.