Chapter 105
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These days, under the command of Ryan, the whole ninja world was frantically searching for Madara's and Black Zetsu's whereabouts. This pissed off Uchiha Madara. Even Zetsu dared not go out to inquire about information easily.

Most of the ninjas who searched for them were from the Hyuga and Uzumaki clans. Now that the Uzumaki clan members in the country of grass have been rescued, their strength has somewhat gradually recovered, and most of them joined the ranks of Konoha.

With everyone coming out to search for traces of Uchiha Madara, they relied on the Kagura heart perception of Uzumaki and the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan. Under this powerful perception, there was no way for Madara and Black Zetsu to go unnoticed completely.

Now, besides the previously stolen corpses in Mist Shinobi Village and the Cloud Shinobi Village, there simply aren't many ninjas worthy of Impure World Reincarnation. Madara cursed, "Damn it! Now these little ninjas aren't enough to be enemies of the entire ninja world! Konoha is not that simple anymore!"

Despite Uchiha Madara regaining his youth, he was still in the body of Impure World Reincarnation, which made him very unhappy. Moreover, Uchiha Madara couldn't understand the current situation in Konoha.

"So what do we do now?" one of his associates asked. "My clones can still go out and investigate with the Mayfly Technique!"

Madara shook his head. "Even letting them out now won't help. Your clones are more idiotic than Hashirama. Our whereabouts might get exposed, and that will ruin our plan completely."

Thinking of the plan, Madara had a strange look on his face. The current ninja world seemed not much different from what he had imagined. Even if he cast Infinite Tsukuyomi himself, it wouldn't bring true peace to the ninja world, as Ryan's actions were proving.

Contemplating this, Madara fell silent for a moment. Though his goal had been achieved in the end, it wasn't by his doing. This made Madara feel awkward. "Forget it, let's lay low and hide. There's always a chance!" he said determinedly.

Little by little, time passed. The next day, Ryan had just left the hospital. Thinking about the previous night's events, he couldn't help touching his lower back. Fortunately, his Sage Body was powerful enough to endure the strain.

When Ryan arrived at the office, he saw Mabui dressed in a secretary's costume, greeting him, "Hokage Sama~, please rest first; today's documents can be processed soon."

Upon reaching the office, Ryan was attended to by his secretary and comfortably took his seat as Hokage. He didn't have to do everything himself as others handled their respective tasks. Pakura, witnessing this, couldn't help but curl his lips. As a senior member of the wind department, She was one of the first to merge into Konoha. She couldn't accept being pushed aside so easily.

He decided to come behind Ryan and gently pressed his shoulders with both hands. This kind of life made Ryan squint his eyes comfortably.

Just then, a reminder sound rang in Ryan's mind—

[The chat group meeting was about to start.]

It was time for the Hokage meeting, and Ryan was excited to finally gather enough Hokages of the ninja world to open new functions.

He worried that if the Uchiha Madara and Hashirama Senju worlds unified the shinobi world, his position as Number One Hokage might become unstable. Thus, he was eager to hold the meeting.

When the chat interface asked if he wanted to invite newcomers, he chose to "invite" as per the customary practice. Newcomers were always welcome before each meeting. With the newcomers joining this time, the chat group had reached ten people, and the function of the multiverse travel was about to be activated. This motivated Ryan even further.

He wondered who the newcomer would be this time. Soon, after Ryan confirmed the invitation, the chat group automatically filtered the eligible Hokage worlds.

[Ding! The invitation is successful!]

[5.5th generation Hokage Shimura Danzo joined the group chat!]

"What?!!!" Ryan was taken aback by the notification tone of the chat group, showing a strange expression on his face.

Last time, Sarutobi Hiruzen was invited, and this time it was Shimura Danzo, the Hokage with the shortest tenure in history. As the 5.5th generation Hokage of Konoha, Danzo dedicated his life to the village and died in the position of Hokage. His perseverance until the end left a lasting impact on the people.

Regarding Danzo, Ryan didn't comment too much. After all, he was the infamous Scapegoat in the history of Naruto, often taking on the role of a scapegoat. Ryan knew that Danzo's presence would liven up the group chat.

This guy has done more damage than Uchiha Madara ever did to Konoha. He and Hiruzen played a Good cop and a bad cop so well that nobody ever caught on.

Soon, the second world was also selected by the chat group.

[Ding! The invitation is successful!]

[Sixth Hokage Kakashi joins the group chat.]

Ryan found Kakashi's world to be much more normal.

During Kakashi's rule after the Great Fourth Ninja War, Konoha's strength was formidable. With Naruto as the upcoming Seventh Hokage, Sasuke protecting Konoha while journeying through the ninja world, Sakura keeping up with everyone, even with Tsunade in the village, and Orochimaru coming back, Konoha's power had reached the same peak when the Konoha was first established.

Learning that the second world was Kakashi's relieved Ryan. The Seventh Hokage Naruto World might have caused him more concern, but the Sixth Generation Konoha was still somewhat distant from Naruto's time.

Ryan then joined the chat group and teleported to the chat meeting space.

In the 5.5th generation Hokage world, Danzo was ecstatic to have finally taken the Hokage seat, 43 years after his Hiruzen became the Hokage. He laughed wantonly in the Hokage's office, holding the Hokage hat in his hands. At this moment, the Root ninja had completely replaced the Anbu.

Danzo instructed Root to keep a close eye on Tsunade's recovery and report to him anytime. He knew that he had taken advantage of Tsunade's weakened state after the invasion by Pain to ascend to the Hokage position.

As the village began to be rebuilt, Danzo's perennially gloomy face was now filled with smiles. His Root, which had been hidden in Konoha for many years, was finally seeing the light of day again.

Touching the Hokage's position on the desk, Danzo felt elated. To him, the seemingly ordinary tables and chairs were beautiful.

However, his joy was interrupted by a prompt sound in his mind.

[Ding! You have joined the Konoha Hokage chat group.]

[The group owner, Ryan, is holding a Hokage meeting; please join now!]