Chapter 106
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[Ding! You have joined the Konoha Hokage chat group.]

This sudden beep made Danzo's expression change instantly. He searched around the room, looking for the source of the sound, but couldn't find anything. Frowning and confused apart from root nobody was present in the Hokage office, he wondered, "Who the hell is it?"

While Danzo was pondering, the sudden notification sounded again in his mind,

[Ding! The Hokage Chat group leader, Ryan, has launched a Hokage meeting! Please go to participate immediately!]

At this moment, Danzo couldn't sit still anymore. He had finally become Hokage and didn't want to be assassinated so soon.

"Come here!!!" he shouted, and Yamanaka Fu and Aburame Torune, who were hidden in the dark, quickly rushed into the office. They positioned themselves on either side, protecting Danzo in the middle.

"Master Danzo! What's going on? Are there any new missions or enemies?" Yamanaka Fu asked, looking around the office with confusion.

There was no movement at all, and the two of them were also perplexed.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary in the office, Danzo was also puzzled. Could the sound have come from somewhere else? Was what the voice said true? Thinking about this, Danzo promptly sent Yamanaka Fu and the others out to investigate, while he focused on the beep.

After carefully examining the notification, Danzo suddenly burst into ecstasy.

"Hahahaha!!! Hiruzen! Did you see it? Teacher, you really chose the wrong person! You've been Hokage for so many years; have you ever encountered such a miraculous thing? Have you ever been invited by the Hokage chat group? Choosing you as Hokage was a mistake! Only I, Shimura Danzo, am destined to become Hokage!"

After researching the Hokage chat group, Danzo became even more proud. In his view, Sarutobi Hiruzen must not have been invited by the Hokage chat group.

But now, as Danzo had just become Hokage, he was successfully invited by the group. Next, he could meet other Hokages from various eras by himself.

"Hmph! If I can meet Tobirama-sensei! I must prove to sensei that choosing Hiruzen was a mistake! Chat group! I join the meeting!" Danzo declared, unable to contain his excitement any longer. It seems that he was going to meet his former teacher, Second Hokage Senju Tobirama.

As Danzo's voice fell, colorful light instantly enveloped him, and he was teleported to Chat Group space.

In Sixth Hokage Kakashi's world,

Konoha was entering a period of rapid development, as were the other four countries. Recently, there have been constant movements on the moon, with meteorites falling from the sky.

This led to the Five Great Powers holding multiple Five Kage meetings. They even made a timer for the potential destruction of the moon and closely monitored its situation every day.

"It's getting more and more worrisome every day! I always feel something is wrong. I don't know if it's just my imagination," Kakashi said, looking at the moon getting closer and closer to the earth outside the window, wearing a sad expression. All five major countries were concerned about the moon's problem.

[Ding! You have joined the Konoha Hokage chat group.]

[The group owner, Ryan, is holding a Hokage meeting; please join now!]


"What sound?!"

A voice suddenly echoed in Kakashi's mind, instantly making him tense up. After all, it's been less than two years since the fourth Shinobi War ended. A few years ago Pain demolished the entire Konoha without any warning.

Without Obito's Sharigan, Kakashi no longer had low-level Jonin chakra. Now, as the Sixth Hokage, he was genuinely Kage-level, although not as strong as when he had both Kamui and Susano.

Just as Kakashi was on guard, the secretary next to him looked at him with a puzzled expression and asked, "Lord Hokage, what's wrong? Is there an emergency?"

Kakashi was taken aback by the question and replied with a puzzled face, "Can't you hear this voice?"

The secretary responded, "What sound?"

Upon hearing this, Kakashi looked deeply at the secretary, feeling puzzled. It seemed that only he could hear this voice.

[Ding! The group owner, Ryan, has launched a Hokage meeting! Please join immediately!]

The voice in Kakashi's head rang again, and he glanced at the secretary, who still seemed unaware of it. It appeared that only he could hear this voice.

Looking at the message from the Hokage chat group, Kakashi realized that this chat group allowed him to communicate with other Hokages from different worlds. If he could chat with them, maybe there was a chance to find a solution to the problem of the moon.

"Then, I join!" Kakashi declared.

In an instant, numerous colorful lights burst out before him, enveloping him. After upgrading the current Hokage chat group, every time a Hokage meeting was held, the participants' worlds would enter a static state until they returned from the meeting.

There was no longer a need to worry about what would happen in their own worlds.

As Kakashi entered the chat space, he noticed a figure that had been hoisted up. It was a familiar figure with countless wounds and was in a rather miserable state.

Hashirama and other Hokages were holding thorny wine whips and not listening to Danzo's pleading or explanations, Whipping him hard again and again.

But even so, everyone was still not relieved. Seeing this, Ryan also came to the crowd. At this time, the newly joined Kakashi was also pulled over by Obito and Kakashi from the Third Generation world, and they explained the ins and outs of everything. Kakashi, who came in later, suddenly realized.

"Alright everyone, before the fifth Hokage meeting begins, let me introduce the new functions of the chat group to you. Presumably, everyone should have known about it in advance, right?" Ryan announced, and Hashirama and others, who were still smoking Danzo, temporarily stopped their movements and nodded.

Ryan stepped aside, revealing the light gate that suddenly appeared behind him. "Then, let's experience the new functions of the chat group first! The next step is the Training field function! How fun it would be to fight against Lord Danzo the Darkness of the Shinobi world? Go to the duel arena and have a good fight!" Ryan said enthusiastically.

Upon hearing Ryan's words, Hashirama and others' eyes brightened. They expressed their eagerness to be the first to go in and "fight" with Danzo.

After some discussion, the honor of the first fight fell to the First Hokage, Senju Hashirama. Danzo was released, and his injuries were immediately recovered by the chat group.

"Danzo, don't say we don't give you a chance! As long as you can beat any of us Hokage in the arena, then you can stay in the chat group! Otherwise, you should be able to imagine the result!" Ryan declared, addressing Danzo.

Danzo, realizing that he had no other option hastily agreed. Since entering the chat group, he had wanted to prove to his teacher, Second Hokage Tobirama, that he was the most suitable candidate for the position of Hokage in all of Tobirama's students.

However, things didn't go as planned. The moment Danzo joined the chat group, Tobirama beat him up directly. After the fight, Danzo was even more frustrated. Hashirama followed suit and tormented Danzo with the Throny whipes he made using wooden style. Now, Danzo was determined not to be hung up again.

First Generation Hashirama, who used to be the gentlest, had completely changed his appearance in the chat group. He had a smile on his face as he walked into the gate of the duel field first. Danzo, under the gaze of the crowd, couldn't escape and had to bite the bullet and follow Hashirama into the duel arena.

As soon as the two entered the dueling field, the entire chat group space changed instantly. Everyone was already sitting in the stands on both sides of the arena, and in the ring were First Generation Hashirama and Danzo.

"It's about to start; do you want to place a bet? In how many seconds do you think Danzo will be defeated?" Madara asked.