Chapter 107
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"Are there any other function?"

"That's right~," Ryan affirmed, facing the curious eyes of the crowd. He casually waved his hand as the light curtain of the chat group instantly appeared in front of everyone, impressively listing their names along with their respective points.

Group Leader Ryan: 1000 points

First Hokage Senju Hashirama: 1000 points

First Hokage Uchiha Madara: 1000 points

Sixth Hokage Kakashi: 1000 points

5.5-Hokage Shimura Danzo: 1000 points

Everyone started with 1000 points. As they gazed at their points on the light curtain, their attention turned to the Point Exchange Mall, which showcased various items available for exchange:

[Random Devil Fruit: 10,000 Points]

[One Tomoe jade Sharingan: 1000 points]

[Two Tomoe Sharingan: 5000 Points]

[Three Tomoe Sharingan: 10,000 points]

"There are so many things!"

"But why are they so expensive?"

"The perfect Devil Fruit we ate before cost 10,000 points?"

"Look at the Sharingan; We can exchange them step by step: one thousand points for one tomoe, five thousand points for two tomoe, and 10,000 points for three tomoe! Madara, now everyone can be Uchiha!"

"Shut up Hashirama."

The crowd exclaimed, captivated by the items in the mall, and this was only the lowest-level selection. As Ryan and others continued browsing, the variety of items and their prices astounded them:

[Saiyan blood: 10 million points]

[Frost Demon's Bloodline: 10 million points]

[Namekian Bloodline: 10 million points]

[Ryujin Jakka: 20 million points]

[100% percent Hair Growth Oil (Saitama Edition):20 Million points]

"These things are incredible!"

"They're so expensive!"

Amidst the doubts, Ryan stepped in to provide some answers for everyone.

Each item had its unique appeal, and even Ryan himself felt a strong desire for them. He explained how some items were essential for advancing and becoming stronger, but their astronomical point requirements made them difficult to get, even for him.

The crowd listened attentively as Ryan introduced the items one by one, and it filled their eyes with longing.

"So, this Saiyan blood can make you infinitely stronger?"

"And it doubles your strength when you're on the verge of death?"

"Yes," Ryan affirmed, nodding seriously. He shared their desire for the Saiyan blood.

Tobirama, known for his intelligence, then suggested a bold idea. "What if we pair this bloodline with Senzu beans? Can it become infinitely stronger?"

Ryan was surprised and impressed by Tobirama's creativity. "It is indeed possible!"

As introducing the Points Mall concluded, Ryan redirected everyone's attention to the duel field.

"Now, does anyone want to place a bet?"


"You can gamble who will win this duel!"

Upon hearing Ryan's words, Fifth Hokage Tsunade instantly perked up, looking excited as she rushed to Ryan, eager to squander the 1,000 points in her hand. Tobirama and others on the side also became spirited.

"In this duel, everyone can bet on the two sides fighting, and the chat group sets the odds based on their respective strengths, just like now."

As Ryan spoke, a betting light curtain appeared in front of everyone.

5.5-Hokage Hokage Shimura Danzo: 1 for 1000

First Hokage Senju Hashirama: 1 to 1.1

Looking at the outrageous odds, everyone fell silent for a moment. The gap seemed too big.

Amidst the silence, one person had already invested all 1,000 points in it.


"What the... Someone placed a bet on Danzo?!"

"Wait Tsuna, you bet on Danzo?"

Upon seeing Tsunade betting on Danzo, everyone was left speechless, their heads filled with confusion. This seemed like an unexpected gift for a boy.

Facing the curious gazes of the crowd, Tsunade was taken aback but responded seriously, "Don't you bet on the one with the higher odds?"

Hearing this answer, everyone was left speechless for a while. They no longer cared about Tsunade's decision and instead invested their 1,000 points in Senju Hashirama. After all, with such a disparity in strength, it seemed wise to make a steady profit without risking anything.

As for Tsunade, she also seemed to realize her mistake and looked at Ryan with an aggrieved face. "Can I change it? My points!"

Ryan shook his head helplessly at this, unsure of how to handle Tsunade's outrageous betting. It seemed she didn't care about anything and simply picked the one with the highest odds. He jokingly said to Tsunade, "Betting is an art!"

With the bets completed, everyone's attention turned back to the duel arena. The two opponents had already finished their preparations, and the shackles on Danzo's body were lifted.

"Lord First Hokage!"

"I will prove to you all that I am undoubtedly the best Hokage!"

Hashirama paid no attention to Danzo's words; he simply wanted to defeat him.

The battle begins!

With the starting signal issued in the duel field, Hashirama clapped his hands, and the Black marking of Sage Mode appeared on his face.

"Sage Art, Wood Style, True Several Thousand Hands!"

A massive wooden statue instantly materialized in the duel arena.

But Hashirama wasn't done yet. His eyes transformed into the appearance of Mangekyou Sharingan.

"Golden Susano!!!"

The already huge wooden statue was now covered with a layer of golden Susanoo armor.

At this horrifying scene, Danzo, who was ready for a fierce fight, froze in place for a moment.

"Wood style and Mangekyou Sharingan?!!!"

At this moment, even the spectators were stunned, including Uchiha Madara, who had previously used Nine Tails armored Susanoo. He hadn't expected Hashirama, now wielding the power of the Uchiha clan, to be even more astonishing. He had directly combined the Thousand hands with Susanoo.

At this moment, Hashirama directly controlled True Several Thousand Hands and smashed toward Danzo. The power of Susanoo True Several Thousand Hands only grew stronger.

With the first fist down, a burst of energy erupted like a miniature explosion, creating a continuous boom all over the sky in the duel field. Danzo's figure was long submerged in this terrifying bombardment.

"Ah, it's satisfying!"

"Brother's strength is incredible now!"

"Hahaha, I knew it; 1,000 points is a safe bet!"

All the members watching the battle burst into smiles. The only unhappy person was Tsunade. Realizing that her 1,000 points were lost in vain, Tsunade was upset and angry. She couldn't help but imagine rushing in and beating up this old thing, vowing to come back stronger in the next game and teach Danzo a lesson.

In the duel arena, the series of bombardments with True Several Thousand Hands came to an end. Hashirama jumped down from the Wooden statue, transforming into a huge golden Buddha in the air.


"What is this?!!"

Looking at the Hashirama's new golden Buddha transformation, Ryan was taken aback. It turns out that the random Devil Fruit eaten by him turned out to be a Buddha Buddha No Mi. What incredible luck!

The God of Shinobi who established order and first ninja village ate Marine Admiral Sengoku's Devil fruit.

Hashirama, in his giant Buddha form, leaped to where Danzo was previously standing, now covered in dust from the bombardment. Undeterred by the debris, the incarnate Buddha targeted Danzo's position.

"Big Buddha Shockwave!!!"

An invisible shockwave instantly blasted down, leaving no trace of Danzo.

A line of words appeared above the duel field.

The duel ends.

[Winner: Senju Hashirama]

[First-time winning reward: 1000 points]

As colorful rays of light swept through, the entire duel field was instantly restored to its original condition, including Danzo, who recovered from being blasted to pieces.

At this point, Danzo was still in a state of confusion.

"Huh! Wahaha! Not bad, not bad!"

"It's just that Tobirama's Student is too weak; it couldn't withstand my full blow!"

"I don't have any students except Kagami and Torifu Akimichi."

"Not fun! Not fun!"

The battle was over, and Hashirama, who emerged victorious, nodded with satisfaction. Moreover, he received a thousand points as a reward, which brought him joy.

While everyone was immersed in the celebration of Hashirama's victory and the thousand points, a muffled sound was suddenly heard.



A figure flew into the gate of the dueling field in an instant.