Chapter 108
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Before anyone could react, Tsunade kicked Danzo directly into the arena.

"Hey wait Tsunade!!"

"Hey, line up just like everyone else!"

"That's right, no jumping in line!"

"She's as angry as Mito."

As everyone watched Tsunade's eagerness to beat up Danzo, some people hurriedly shouted at her, but at that moment, Tsunade cared little.

She lost 1000 points at once because of him.

"I have to beat that old dog up, Danzo."

Without waiting for the crowd to clear, Tsunade plunged straight into the arena. Seeing this, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

The odds of the duel appeared in front of everyone.

5.5 Hokage Shimura Danzo: 1 to 10

Fifth Hokage Tsunade: 1 to 2

Looking at the odds given by the chat group, everyone was taken aback. The difference in odds was not that big, nowhere near as inflated as the First Generation.

Looking at Danzo's odds of 1 to 10, Hashirama suddenly felt eager to try.

"I have 2,000 points in my hand."

Just when Hashirama was about to cast a spell on Danzo, Tobirama pulled him back.

Looking at his big brother in front of them, Tobirama was also speechless.

"I can understand your cunning plan at a glance, big brother, but Tsunade is your granddaughter!"

"Won't you support her as her grandfather?"

Hearing Tobirama's words, Hashirama also reacted, but looking at the odds of 1 to 10, his heart was bleeding.

In the end, he bet all 2,000 points on Tsunade.

As for Danzo's 1-to-10 odds, nobody bet on him.

"All bets were on Tsunade."

In the duel arena, Danzo became instantly angry as they looked at Tsunade in front of them.

"Hmph! Damn, little girl!"

"I agreed to let you be the fifth Hokage! How dare you challenge me now?"

"You are disrespecting the elder!"

"Shodai can defeat me, but you little girl can't defeat this old man."

"Today, I will teach you a lesson for Hiruzen, a stinking girl who knows no respect!"

As Danzo said this, he immediately formed hand seals, and countless chakras gathered in his mouth.

"Wind Release: Vacuum Blade!"

This time, Danzo wasn't planning to hold back. Once he won, there would be nothing left to say about these Hokages. He wanted to take down Tsunade first the woman who became Hokage after Hiruzen's death.

Facing the oncoming vacuum blade, Tsunade stomped her feet and skillfully used one of the Marine Six Styles to dodge the attack.

She used soru and appeared in front of Danzo in an instant, delivering a powerful punch.

As Tsunade executed her iconic punch, Danzo naturally knew the power behind it. If it landed on his head, it would be disastrous.

Faced with this blow, Danzo had a confident smile on his face. His left hand quickly formed a seal, and his right arm directly blocked the direction of Tsunade's attack.

"Wood Release: Wood Human Jutsu." Danzo encased himself in a wooden structure to protect himself from harm.

The moment the dome appeared, Tsunade's Chakra Enhanced fist hit it heavily, shattering it into countless pieces of debris.

Without waiting for Tsunade to adjust and fire a second shot, Danzo took the lead in attacking. The wooden dome that Tsunade had just smashed suddenly sprang out countless branches.

In an instant, Danzo wrapped up Tsunade.


"You're still too young! 

As Tsunade struggled with the entanglement, a confident smile appeared on Danzo's face.

Then he quickly activated a forbidden technique.

One of the Sharingan on his right arm lost its light at that moment.

"Wood Style, Buried Roots!"

As he activated the jutsu, both Danzo and Tsunade were swallowed by the giant tree that appeared. Soon after, Danzo reappeared, having used Izanagi to avoid death.

Seeing Tsunade assimilated by the giant tree in front of him, Danzo smirked.

"Hahahaha!!! I won!"

"Announce it!"

"I won!!!"

Despite Danzo's loud shouts in the arena, the crowd watching the battle remained calm. All eyes were fixed on the giant tree.

Realizing he had been shouting for a long time without ending the competition, Danzo began to feel a bad premonition. He anxiously looked towards the big tree.

The once-sprawling tree now began to shrink, its branches becoming more fragile.

But it wasn't over yet.

The tree, which had blocked out the sky and sun, continued to shrink until it became a small seedling on the ground. Tsunade's figure reappeared in front of Danzo, with pink flames burning in both hands, making Danzo's brows twitch.

"!!! What kind of jutsu is this?"

Tsunade couldn't be bothered to explain and rushed towards Danzo again. Her peach-colored flames kept trying to hit him, forcing Danzo to dodge continuously.

As Tsunade, skilled in physical combat, closed in on him. Danzo found it increasingly difficult to evade her attacks.

After a few rounds, Tsunade managed to hit Danzo multiple times with her ability.


"What's happening!!!!"

As Danzo attempted to escape, the peach-colored flame gushed out from his body. He began to shrink significantly until he turned into a little kid.

But it didn't end there. His body continued to shrink, turning him into a mere brat. Danzo's form kept getting smaller until he vanished from the duel arena. The peculiar ability even prevented Danzo from using Shisui's Mangekyou Sharingan.

The duel ended.

[Winner: Tsunade]

[First-time winning reward: 1000 points]

With the duel concluded, Tsunade emerged from the arena with a happy face.

Finally, she had recovered the 1,000 points she had lost in vain. As for Danzo, he meekly shrank in the corner, knowing better than to say anything.

But Ryan and others weren't about to let him go so easily, especially with a thousand points at stake. They were determined to get some payback from the old coot.

Everyone took turns attacking Danzo, making him regret his actions.

Starting with Ryan, the entire duel field was instantly darkened. Ryan stunned everyone with a direct shot of the big ball Rasengan. The terrifying power left a Giant pit in the arena. But this is not the greatest power of the big ball Rasengan.

Except for Ryan, Uchiha Madara, who entered later, also directly opened the Susano and delivered a blow to Danzo. Danzo wasn't even able to use the Izangi or any other techniques.

Tobirama's Mangekyo Sharingan awakened the spatial ability, and upon entering the arena, he launched Flying Thunder God and teleported to Danzo. Used Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags and then hid himself in space with his Mangekyou Sharingan ability.

After a few duels, Danzo didn't fight any of them. It's unclear whether he was beaten up or completely desperate. Even against the weakest Ninja in the group Glasses Tsunade, Danzo didn't even dodge. Tsunade used Slippery Fruit and Marine Six Styles to quickly approach and kill him with a punch.

With everyone attacking again, Ryan quickly used the kicking function.

[Ding! Group leader Ryan used the kick-out function!]

[Aiming at the 5.5 Hokage Shimura Danzo, do you agree to kick him out of the group?]

Looking at the text on the light curtain, Ryan couldn't help but be taken aback. Unexpectedly, after the update of the chat group this time, the kicking function turned out to be like this.

Hashirama and others naturally voted in favor of kicking Danzo. In an instant, it became 10:1. The crushing vote just ended, and the chat group directly kicked Danzo out.

At the same time, similar to when kicking Third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen before, the chat group released a task.

[Each Hokage and his world is vital to the chat group. When a group member is kicked out, a new Hokage substitute needs to be found in the group member's world!]

[Now release task: In the 5.5 Hokage Shimura Danzo's world, find a new Hokage and help them sit in the position of Hokage.

Task Reward: Each participant will be rewarded with 10,000 points.]

Looking at the tasks posted by the chat group, everyone looked at each other involuntarily. They laughed tacitly at each other.

"Let's go, let's go!"

"For Konoha!"

"We are going to fight in other worlds soon! We must find someone strong!"

"Then let's go, everyone!"

As the crowd laughed and said, the seven-color light gate appeared in front of everyone. Eager to make their Hokage world stronger for the sake of the heavens and the world, they quickly stepped into the light gate.

Off they went to the world where the 5.5 Hokage Danzo is.

As for the world ranking, with this chat group update, there are so many functions. They will come back and explore more later!

"Set off!"