Chapter 109
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5.5 Hokage Shimura Danzo's World

At this moment, a group of individuals had assembled at the entrance of Konoha Village. At the forefront was Danzo, recently appointed as the Hokage but ousted from the chat group.

Recalling the humiliation and the severe beatings he endured in that group, Danzo wore a pained expression. He had finally achieved the title of Hokage and desired to prove himself to his Sensei, the Second Hokage.

However, he didn't anticipate humiliation and defeat but instead validation. Post-conflict, various Hokages from other worlds had pressed him to the ground, leaving him feeling wronged. Now, he found himself unceremoniously expelled from the chat group, prompting frustration and outbursts of anger.

"The saddest part of life," he pondered, "is when you glimpse the possibility of attaining your lifelong goal, only to have it slip through your fingers." What made it even sadder was that he had some points but got expelled before redeeming them. Realizing that the chat group members would soon come hunting for him, Danzo quickly mobilized all of the Root ninjas.

"Master Danzo, we're all present!" reported the Root ninjas.

"Very well! Let's retreat! Leave Konoha!" Danzo ordered.

Though puzzled, the Root ninjas didn't dare question Danzo's directives. They had been marked and trained by him since childhood, rendering them obedient without question. Soon, Danzo and his followers departed from Konoha.

"What's going on?" Kakashi inquired with a perplexed look to Utatane Koharu, who stood beside him. Mitokado Homura exchanged equally puzzled glances.

They couldn't fathom why Danzo, after finally achieving his lifelong dream of becoming Hokage, would abruptly leave without a word, especially with no known adversaries in sight. This didn't align with Danzo's usual behaviour.

As everyone contemplated the situation, a portal of light suddenly materialized, putting everyone on high alert. The recent Battle of Pain had made them vigilant, expecting potential threats.

"Are we facing enemies again?" The Konoha ninjas remained on edge.

Guy rushed to Kakashi's side, ready to protect their village, just as all Konoha had done during Pain's invasion.

The person emerging from the light portal left everyone in shock. It was the Fourth Hokage, Master Tsunade, the First Hokage, the Second Hokage, and others.

The sight left all of Konoha dumbfounded, including Guy, who was initially brimming with determination but now uncertain about the situation.

Meanwhile, Ryan and the others who had arrived in this world were taken aback as they looked at the rebuilt Konoha below. The sudden appearance of multiple Hokages had everyone on edge, waiting to see how the situation would unfold.

Ryan proceeded to explain everything to everyone.

"This is Konoha after the Pain invasion," he said. "If we hadn't rushed to Tsunade's world last time, her Konoha would've met the same fate."

Tsunade felt fortunate, realizing she was fortunate to be selected by the Hokage chat group at that time. Otherwise, Konoha might have been destroyed.

Soon, everyone in Konoha, faced multiple Hokages, including two Tsunades and an identical Kakashi. Guy and the others were still in disbelief.

Taking the lead, Kakashi, hailing from the Third Hokage's world, stepped forward to explain that Ryan and the others hailed from parallel worlds but shared a common goal: protecting Konoha. This reassured everyone.

Hashirama took charge, utilizing Wood Style to create houses that sprouted from the ground, fashioning an ideal Konoha city mirroring his home world.

Meanwhile, the two Tsunades made their way to Konoha Hospital as the Tsunade in this world required healing due to her weakened state.

Upon learning that Danzo had escaped, Minato employed the Door door Fruit's abilities, creating a portal out of thin air through which everyone rushed.

As everyone closed in on Danzo, they were met with a shocking sight. Danzo's Root ninjas lay scattered and lifeless, casualties of some unknown conflict. Danzo himself appeared dishevelled and helpless.

Ryan and the others couldn't quite make out the events unfolding, but they caught a glimpse of Danzo's swift movement. He brandished a kunai and thrust it directly at the massive purple Susanoo.

"Ding!" The attack produced a sharp, resonating sound as the kunai snapped into two. This unexpected turn of events left everyone astounded, including Sasuke, who had summoned the Susanoo and now stood dumbfounded.

Sasuke halted his pursuit of Danzo, seemingly taken aback by Danzo's unconventional attempt to pierce the Susanoo with a kunai. The entire group was puzzled by this unusual development, questioning the logic behind such a move.

"It's us, the Hokages who will deal with Danzo!" Tobirama proclaimed, his displeasure evident.

"It's not your turn, you wicked Uchiha," Tobirama emphasized, addressing Sasuke directly.

As Tobirama spoke, an invisible pressure enveloped Sasuke, causing him to feel a deep sense of suppression, even while protected by his Susanoo.

Not far behind Sasuke, Obito, concealed behind his mask, observed the sudden appearance of the Hokages, a sight that left him bewildered. He couldn't comprehend how he was now standing before Konoha's former Hokages.

"Did someone summon them using reanimation Jutsu?" Obito voiced his thoughts. "This doesn't seem right. Their group is very strong! Sasuke, good luck!"

Left to his own devices, Sasuke had recently witnessed Itachi's death, unlocking his Mangekyo Sharingan and significantly bolstering his strength and self-confidence. He was no longer the same Sasuke who had once been manipulated by Itachi.

"Hmph! One by one! No matter who you are, I won't let him escape. First, I'll deal with all of you, and then I'll settle the score with Danzo!" Sasuke declared, his words echoing through the air.

Upon hearing Sasuke's fierce declaration, the newly arrived Hokages fell silent. Uchiha Madara cast an intrigued glance at Ryan as if to ponder if Sasuke had always possessed such courage.

At this moment, Ryan felt the urge to convey to Madara that courage wasn't the central issue. What truly mattered was their mission.

"Hmm. This young man may need to experience the wisdom of the Hokages to understand the gravity of his actions," Ryan suggested.

As Ryan finished speaking, Sasuke charged arrogantly towards the assembly, protected by the purple Susanoo. His Kusanagi sword was pointed directly at Tobirama, the Second Hokage, who had just spoken.

Spectators marvelled as Tobirama swiftly hurled several kunai in response to Sasuke's assault. Sasuke laughed recklessly, dismissing the kunai as insignificant compared to his Susanoo's might.

However, just as the kunai approached Sasuke, Tobirama activated the Flying Thunder God Technique, materializing right in front of him.

Sasuke, startled by Tobirama's sudden appearance, faltered. He attempted to counter Tobirama's attack, but before he could react, there was a crisp, bone-cracking sound, and a visible crack appeared on Susanoo's skeleton.

Much to Sasuke's dismay, Tobirama's mighty blow instantly dismantled the Susanoo. The force contorted Sasuke's face, sending him hurtling like a cannonball into a distant mountainside with a resounding crash.

As the dust cleared, Sasuke emerged unsteadily from within, still wearing his defiant and resolute expression. Despite Tobirama's impressive display of power, Sasuke's determination remained unshaken, fueled by the turmoil caused by Itachi's death.

"Damn it!!! You're all damned! Today, no one can stop me from killing Danzo and avenging the Uchiha clan!!" Sasuke shouted with furious determination.