Chapter 110
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Looking at Sasuke standing before him, resembling an angry child who had lost his mind, Ryan shook his head helplessly. This kid had been deceived since childhood—fooled by the Third Hokage, fooled by Itachi, and fooled again by Obito after Itachi's death. He seemed destined to either be deceived or was on the path to it.

Sasuke's words even caught the attention of Second Hokage Tobirama, his eyes locking on Sasuke's position. Tobirama's finger twitched slightly, indicating his readiness to take action. Ryan hurriedly spoke, "This kid has been fooled way too many times!"

"Don't kill him; there's a way to make him obedient. But first, let's teach him a lesson!" Ryan proposed.

Tobirama had initially considered killing the evil Uchiha, but after hearing Ryan's words, he felt more inclined to compromise. The arrogant Uchiha in front of him annoyed Tobirama, making him want to eliminate him immediately. However, now that Ryan had spoken, Tobirama found himself hesitant.

Without hesitation, Tobirama activated the Flying Thunder God technique. Not only had he broken the kid's Susanoo with his previous kick, but he had also left a Flying Thunder God mark on Sasuke. In an instant, Tobirama appeared right in front of Sasuke, leaving him trembling with fear.

"I was just pretending to be tough. You wouldn't slap me, right?" Sasuke thought to himself, his Mangekyou Sharingan spinning wildly.

"Damn! You are no match for my eyes! Prepare to die!" Sasuke exclaimed as blood tears flowed from his eyes. He unleashed the unextinguishable Amaterasu, aiming straight for Tobirama.

Confident that he would burn Tobirama to death, Sasuke's smile faltered when he witnessed his Amaterasu passing right through Tobirama's body. He realized that Tobirama had a similar ability to 'Uchiha Madara'.

"How can this be?!" Sasuke exclaimed, shocked by the revelation. "Are you also a Uchiha?!"

Sasuke hadn't paid much attention before, but he now noticed Tobirama's eyes, which were originally red. To his surprise, Tobirama had a pair of Sharingan.

In the entire ninja world, only Sasuke, Kakashi, and Madara were known to possess the Sharingan at the moment. Sasuke couldn't comprehend why the white-haired old man in front of me of all people had it too.

Before Sasuke could process this revelation further, a blue Susanoo appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

Without wasting any time, it landed a direct punch on Sasuke.


The impact stirred up a cloud of dust, and within moments, Sasuke rushed out from inside the dust cloud, managing to escape the blow. However, he appeared a bit dishevelled and embarrassed.

Sasuke was becoming increasingly perplexed by the appearance of these individuals who seemed to pop out of nowhere and possessed the Sharingan. He had no clue about their origins.

Growing more irritated, Sasuke activated his Susanoo, reaching the second stage directly. He drew his bow and aimed it at Tobirama, who also summoned his own Susanoo. To add more power to his attack, Sasuke imbued the arrow with black flames before shooting it directly at Tobirama.

A buzz-out echoed as Tobirama controlled Susanoo to open its arms, using a spatial force that completely swallowed the incoming arrow. This technique was reminiscent of Kakashi's Kamui Shuriken, capable of absorbing enemy attacks in a different space. Tobirama, being a Grandmaster of Space Ninjutsu and having activated the Mangekyou Sharingan, possessed this ability.

Seeing that his attack had been rendered useless, Sasuke grew anxious, eager to take down Danzo himself. He wondered why he was being held back in this battle. Just as he prepared to launch another arrow, something unexpected happened.

"Oh no!" Sasuke exclaimed, feeling a sharp pain in his eyes. His Sharingan seemed to collapse and vanish in an instant.

"Um?" Tobirama raised his eyebrows, observing the sudden change in Sasuke's demeanour.

Amid the confusion Madara, who had been observing the battle from the sidelines, explained, "Hmph, this brat has just awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan and recklessly used its power. Now his ocular abilities are depleted, and he might lose both his eyes."

With Madara's explanation, the others finally understood what had transpired. Sasuke, horror-stricken, covered his now almost blind eyes. Tobirama lost interest in continuing the fight, dismissing Sasuke as a brat who had gained power and let it get to his head.

Ryan had previously said that he would spare Sasuke's life, so his Susanoo was deactivated. Observing Sasuke's near blindness, those who possessed the Sharingan in the group realized the significance of their chat group. Without this platform, they might end up like Sasuke—blind and powerless.

However, they concluded that Sasuke's downfall was partly due to his arrogance. He believed he was invincible with the Mangekyou Sharingan and had recklessly depleted his ocular powers shortly after unlocking them.

"Alright, let's take this kid back," Tobirama said, deciding to let Naruto persuade Sasuke. He also suggested using Impure World Reincarnation to bring back Itachi, but some matters needed to be addressed by Sasuke's brother himself.

As Ryan spoke, everyone quickly executed their plans. Danzo had already been defeated and brought back by Obito and Kakashi. Shisui's eyes were also snatched from Danzo.

Upon returning to Konoha with Sasuke and Karin, who had been watching the battle, a white figure slowly emerged from the ground not far away. White Zetsu seemed anxious as the others left. However, just as he was about to leave, Ryan appeared and grabbed White Zetsu's neck.

"Take me to Obito!" Ryan demanded.

As per the original timeline, Ryan knew that White Zetsu had been hiding there, and when Sasuke was in trouble, he would call Obito to come over. Ryan had been waiting for this moment, and as expected, White Zetsu appeared as planned.

Ryan swiftly activated the abilities of both eyes, gaining control over White Zetsu. He then inserted a spirit orb using his Tensigan into White Zetsu's body turning him into a puppet, ensuring his compliance. Ryan guided the controlled White Zetsu to the Akatsuki base without any hesitation.

At the base, Obito was already waiting at the door when they arrived. Recognizing Ryan and the others, Obito asked the biggest question on his mind.

"Why is there another Obito with you?"

Ryan recalled the events and acknowledged, "How should I put it? We are all Hokages from other worlds. You can think of it as a parallel world. In another world, you worked hard to become Hokage, and that's why you joined us."

His words left Obito silent for a moment, unsure if it was because of another world or his other self.

After a while, Obito took out a pair of Sharingan eyes from his sleeves and handed them to Ryan, saying, "You wanted Itachi's eyes, right? Here they are."

Ryan was taken aback by this unexpected turn of events. He felt overwhelmed and confused by the situation. Why didn't he have to fight for the eyes and instead get them as a gift?

Seeing Ryan's bewilderment, Obito chuckled to himself, seemingly amused by the situation.

"I'm no match for you all," Obito admitted calmly. "So, there's no need to waste time while fighting."

Hearing Obito's words, Ryan saw no reason to stay any longer. After obtaining Itachi's eyes, he swiftly used the Flying Thunder God technique to disappear from the spot.

Obito remained standing there, lost in thought, as he watched Ryan leave. After a while, he turned his attention to White Zetsu and used Kamui to suck it in. Then, Obito too vanished from the scene.

Meanwhile, back in Konoha Village, Naruto, Sasuke, and Uchiha Itachi, who had been brought back through Impure World Reincarnation, were wide-eyed, absorbing the explanation about the various parallel worlds. The truth had left them all in a state of bewilderment as they looked at each other.

Sasuke had now learned the truth and changed his mind. He decided to protect Konoha and was ready to do so. On the other hand, Naruto remained his cheerful and silly self, expressing his joy at Sasuke's decision to stay.

"Hahahaha, Sasuke, you're finally back!" Naruto happily exclaimed, giving Sasuke a warm hug. He had been genuinely worried that Sasuke would leave for good.

Sasuke, however, appeared disgusted with Naruto's exuberant display, and in an instant, the two seemed to regress to their childhood animosity, disliking each other once again.

Seeing this playful scene, even Uchiha Itachi couldn't help but laugh. He then turned to Tobirama, expressing his gratitude, "Thank you, Nidaime! From now on, Sasuke will protect Konoha and fulfil his dream of becoming Hokage."