Chapter 114
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"What does it mean?"

"It seems that if you choose to give up these five rewards, you can start a lottery to win an even better reward!"

"That sounds a bit unreliable! Big brother, Tsunade with your luck you two mustn't ever try this."

"Why Tobirama, don't you trust my luck?"

"Indeed, Grandpa who knows what rewards will be drawn again?"

As they looked at the new reward mechanism displayed on the light screen, the people engaged in discussions. At this moment, Ryan was lost in thought while gazing at the five rewards.

Except for The World, Ryan knew the power of time-related stands. Anything else wasn't of significant concern to him. The other four options held little importance for the current situation Ryan was in.

As for JOJO stands, gaining Star Platinum or The World would undoubtedly be a significant enhancement for someone of Ryan's calibre, granting the power to suspend time. However, the current rewards were all subject to randomness. The selection of Zanpakuto's abilities and the abilities of the Stands were both determined by chance, which made Ryan even more hesitant to make a choice. There are 7 to 8 time-related stands after all.

"Ryan, what do you think?"

"I believe it's wiser to play it safe; choose three of them. What's your opinion?"

Comparing the unknown rewards, Tobirama, and the others couldn't help but voice their thoughts to persuade Ryan. After all, although the current rewards were also random, they were at least visible in the end. Opting to redraw could result in unpredictable abilities, which might not be as good as the initial five.

Hashirama, standing beside Tobirama, held a different perspective. "Draw directly!"

"Why overthink it? Just go for it!" agreed Uchiha Madara.

Tsunade's eyes seemed to sparkle. "What are you waiting for?! Gamble it already!!!"

The new method of gambling your rewards with uncertainty instantly captivated Hashirama and Tsunade. Consequently, some individuals were trying to sway Ryan to choose three, while others were convinced to directly take a chance and draw again. Meanwhile, Ryan himself was carefully weighing the pros and cons before making his decision.

Finally, he chose to take a chance!

"Since the chat group has introduced this new mechanism," Ryan thought aloud, "it can't be too extreme. I choose to draw again!"

"I forfeit my three Chances to Choose! All in!!"

Upon hearing Ryan's choice, everyone's hearts seemed to leap into their throats. All eyes were fixed on the light curtains, and Hashirama and Tsunade were especially eager to witness what treasures would be revealed this time.

【Fourth Hokage Ryan has chosen to forfeit three selection chances!】

【This reward will be redrawn!】

[The drawing prize pool will be selected from the second-level world and the third-level world.]

【The rewards are currently being drawn.】

【Please wait!】

As they read the text displayed on the light screen, an air of tension enveloped everyone, including Ryan. All were closely following the changes in the light screen.

In particular, Ryan was the most anxious. After all, his rewards were at stake this time. Having forfeited three selection opportunities, the outcome was critical. If the skill drawn turned out to be useless, it would mean losing everything.

As time continued its steady march. All those who could have exchanged a few words were left momentarily mum. Every individual was gripped by anticipation, eagerly awaiting the shifting of the light screen.

They were eager to witness the kind of ability Ryan could potentially acquire.

And then, at last, A change shimmered across the light screen.

"Yes! Look at it!" The eyes of everyone widened as they fixed their gaze upon the light screen.

The reward draw was complete.

[Perfect Body Limit Breaker: You will progressively grow stronger each day, yet remain unaltered at your core.]

As they beheld the rewards displayed on the light screen. A collective astonishment swept over the group.

Ryan, too, absorbed the introduction of the reward. His entire being was suddenly consumed with exhilaration. Unexpectedly, this time, he had got a boosted version of Saitama's ability from "One Punch Man,"

Saitama had transcended his limits through daily exercise. The level of Saitama's strength is too mysterious. Even before his training, when he was looking for a job. He killed a Crab man, a tiger-level monster. Comparable to Some A-level heroes.

And now, What Ryan had obtained could be deemed an enhanced version of Saitama's limit breaker. He never thought that such an ability existed within the second-tier and third-tier world reward pools.

"This ability radiates immense strength!"

"Indeed, I'm growing more powerful with each passing day!"

"Undoubtedly, Being Lazy is a form of art!"

Observers on the sidelines also gazed upon this newfound ability. Casting envious glances in Ryan's direction. At this juncture, Hashirama, Madara, and others focused intensely on the description of this newfound power.

A sense of dread filled their eyes. Though others remained unaware. Hashirama, Tobirama and Madara grasped the sinister implications of this ability.

Especially the detail within the introduction, promising increased strength each day. If there were no inherent bounds to this newfound power.

In essence, from the moment Ryan possessed this ability, his strength would continually surge! Growing stronger!

At that moment, Hashirama and others shied away from contemplating. The potentially staggering heights to which Ryan's strength could ascend.

"As one would expect from rewards within the second-tier and third-tier worlds."

"Though this reward may not confer immediate strength, its potential is limitless."

The words of Hashirama and other Hokages contemplated the deep ramifications of this ability. It was only then that everyone fully recognized the chilling potential this ability held.

Ryan himself also regarded this ability with deep satisfaction. However, Ryan's contentment was tinged with another concern. Saitama's ability had been estimated by someone in his previous life to rival the Super Saiyan 2 level in the Dragon Ball universe.

Consequently, the limit Saitama had shattered potentially equated to Super Saiyan 2. With the enhanced version of Satiama's limit breaker, he had now acquired to what extent could his strength be elevated.

This reward, in turn, illuminated one crucial insight for Ryan. Namely, the Dragon Ball universe comprised various tiers.

This reality suggested that the Dragon Ball world he currently knew was at least a tier 3 or 4 world. The earth world where Goku's adventures had begun might be a tier one world. Akin to the hierarchy distinguishing the world of Hokage's timeline.

With this realization, Ryan found himself slightly intrigued. To what extent could one ascend in the Dragon Ball universe, a world graced by the presence of Universe erasers, creators and Super Saiyans Gods?

Having concluded Ryan's initial reward selection, The stage was now set for the turn of the second-place recipient,

【Second Place: Parallel World, First Hokage Uchiha Madara World】

【Optional Rewards: Choose Two out of Three】

[Reward 1: Zanpakuto (random ability)]

【Reward 2: Kido Encyclopedia】

[Reward 3: Perfect Super Divine Water (Stimulate your potential and quickly improve your strength)]

Faced with the three rewards presented. Observing the outcomes for both Ryan and Madara. A growing inclination stirred to follow suit for the other members.

However, upon realizing that investing in gambling he might lose the rewards from the secondary world. Madara's urge to gamble waned.

Extracting abilities in the third-tier world isn't an option yet, making selection from given options more appealing.

With these considerations in mind, Madara weighed the pros and cons and promptly voiced his decision.

"I choose Zanpakuto and Perfect Super Divine Water!"

In comparison to Kido's Encyclopedia. Madara's interest leaned towards the Perfect Super Divine Water; it might unveil unexpected results. After all, he already possessed an array of offensive means.

The Kido's Encyclopedia, though enticing, was merely a bonus.

【Selection Successful!】

【Congratulations on obtaining Zanpakuto and Perfect Super Divine Water!】

【Rewards will be distributed after the meeting concludes!】

Having settled on Madara's choices. All eyes shifted to Glasses Tsunade. Unexpectedly, The third place was claimed by Road to Ninja Tsunade.

[Third Place: Road to Ninja, Fifth Hokage Tsunade World]

【Optional Rewards: Choose One out of Two】

[Reward 1: Zanpakuto (random ability)]

[Reward 2: Perfect Super Divine Water (Stimulate your potential and quickly improve your strength)]

Facing the two options, Tsunade promptly selected Zanpakuto without hesitation.

As for the lottery aspect, Tsunade's personality in this world diverged and bold actions were foreign to her conduct. Moreover, she lacked substantial offensive abilities. She directly opted for Zanpakuto.

【Selection Successful!】

【Congratulations on obtaining Zanpakuto!】

【Rewards will be distributed after the meeting concludes!】

Having completed the initial three selections; The guaranteed rewards for the remaining participants were unveiled on the light screen.

【Fourth Place: First Hokage Senju Hashirama World】

【Fifth Place: Second Hokage Senju Tobirama World】

【Sixth Place: Fifth Hokage Tsunade World】

【Seventh Place: Tsukyomi World, Fifth Hokage Uchiha Obito World】

【Eighth Place: Sixth Hokage Kakashi World】

[Ninth Place: The 5.5-Hokage Uchiha Sasuke World]

【Tenth Place: Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato World】

【Eleventh Place: Former Third Hokage Kakashi World】

[All the above Hokages will receive guaranteed rewards: Super Divine water (use causes intense pain, but no fatality and awakens your untapped potential)]

Regarding these guaranteed rewards no one exhibited surprise; the rewards gradually diminished beyond the top three placements, an expected outcome.

Painful it may be the awakening untapped potential made it bearable. Since when do the likes of Uchiha who change their eyes like a light bulb afraid of pain?

With the announcement of all rewards. A familiar prompt resounded within the chat group.

[Ding! Chat group member count: 11/10.]

[Activate the Multiverse Travel Function!]