Chapter 116
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"Alright, everyone, let's go!" Ryan's voice echoed through the room.

Instantly, a vibrant light door materialized within the conference room. All eyes turned to the newly formed doorway.

Everyone understood its significance: crossing through that door meant entering a whole new world.

Following Ryan, they tentatively stepped forward while their excitement mingled with a touch of nervousness.

As they crossed the door, a transformation occurred. The chat group world web expanded to encompass the One Piece World channel connecting their realities.

Eleven figures vanished within the meeting space, only to reappear on the outskirts of District 23 in the Sabaody Archipelago of the One Piece world. The air shimmered as the light gate dissipated, revealing Ryan and his companions.

Gazing at their surroundings, Ryan immediately recognized their location. "Sabaody Archipelago," he proclaimed, a sense of familiarity washing over him.

Though Ryan had seen this place in a previous life, Hashirama and the others marvelled at the new world before them. Their eyes widened in astonishment.

A sense of wonder overcame them as they observed their new surroundings. The two Tsunades were particularly enthralled, their enthusiasm infectious. "Such beauty!"

"Could this be the Otherworld?"

"The scenery here is breathtaking!"

The allure of floating bubbles captured the hearts of the two Tsunades, their girlish spirits uplifted by the enchanting scene. After all, the breathtaking view was irresistible, regardless of age.

Yet, as they revelled in the moment, they eventually regrouped around Ryan, realizing their purpose.

"Alright, let's gather information," Ryan asserted. "Our first task is to find out about recent big events!"

"First, let's find out where the Straw Hat Pirates are. Then we can plan our next move."

His words were met with unanimous agreement, a nod from each member of the group.

For a team of skilled ninjas, gathering intelligence was never a simple task. Understanding this, Tobirama and Minato swiftly marked each member with the Flying Thunder God's imprint, enhancing their ability to communicate and regroup.

The time had come to locate their target.

However, before they set out, there was one more order of business: claiming their ranking rewards.

"Claime rewards!"

In unison, their hearts brimming with resolve, a vivid glow enveloped each individual.

Ryan, as the leader, experienced a unique sensation as the Limits Breaker's power surged within him. The force emanating from his body caught the attention of everyone present.

"Incredible! The Limits Breaker is beyond extraordinary!"

With the newfound power coursing through him, Ryan's satisfaction was palpable. The speed of his advancement was astonishing.

The horror of Limits Breaker can be seen when Gaaro fights with Saitama after the trip to Jupiter's moon, every move of Gaaro does not affect Saitama. During the fight, Gaaro gets stronger at an exponential rate. While Gaaro's growth was extraordinary Saitama's was even higher due to this one skill.

Reflecting on the capabilities of this newfound power, Ryan realized he now stood on equal footing against the adversaries he'd struggled with not long ago.

Among the group, Uchiha Madara wielded an Asauchi at his waist, a testament to his strength. Likewise, he held a beautiful jar containing super-divine water of perfect quality.

The talents revealed their latent potential by using the super divine water. The true abilities of Zanpakuto were only unlocked through communion with the soul and the revelation of its true name. Before this revelation, it was merely an ordinary blade.

Additionally, in the world of Bleach, there exists the path of the ninja. As exemplified by Yoruichi Shihoin. Yoruichi has a Zanpakuto, but she has never been seen using it. This is because she can easily resolve any conflict with her speed or fists. As the "Flash Goddess" of Soul Society.

Upon laying eyes upon the Zanpakuto at Road to Ninja Tsunade's waist. The bespectacled Tsunade couldn't contain her excitement and immediately delved into studying the Zanpakuto.

As for the rest of the group, Each individual held a jar.

However, when compared to Madara's perfectly preserved jar of super divine water. The disparity was not vast.

Observing the divine water held by his comrades. Madara glanced at the Perfect Super Divine Water in his hand. Without hesitation, he unsealed the lid and gulped the super divine water.

"Surprisingly sweet!"

Madara's utterance caught Ryan off guard.

Unexpectedly, this perfect super divine water not only lacked the anticipated pain but also had a pleasant taste, all while directly enhancing one's abilities.

Under the watchful gaze of everyone, Madara's eternal Mangekyo Sharingan whirled rapidly.

Leveraging his existing Sage Body. Aided by the power of the Super Divine water, Madara's eyes underwent a metamorphosis.

In an instant, a pair of Rinnegan manifested within Madara's eyes.


"Is that the Rinnegan? Just like the Sage of Six Paths?"

"Could the enhancement brought about by the super divine water truly be this huge?"

Observing the transformation in Madara, the entire group was equally shocked. Especially upon witnessing Madara's Rinnegan, coloured in an enigmatic shade of deep purple. Their excitement escalated even further.

After all, they too possessed a jar of super-divine water.

Driven by this sight, they didn't hesitate to consume their divine water.

Ryan, situated on the sidelines, contemplated intervening. But before he could voice his concerns, they had all swallowed the super divine water.

This spectacle elicited a helpless shake of Ryan's head. Without delay, a chorus of agonized cries echoed through the air.


"What in the world is happening?"

"Why is the pain so excruciating?"

Witnessing the writhing figures on the ground. Ryan sighed inwardly.

The super divine water had even caused Goku, a being of inhuman patience and tolerance, to writhe in torment. The super divine water was living up to its notorious reputation. Before being drunk by Goku 14 people had drunk but not a single one survived. Every single one was a skilled fighter enough to be taught by Korin but alas.

Indeed, its notoriety was well-deserved. It was a fortunate instance of chat group optimization, Otherwise, imbibing this super divine water could potentially result in fatal consequences.

Thankfully, these rewards had been fine-tuned. Gradually, the agonized cries subsided.

As the effects of Super divine water subsided. Everyone regained their composure and as they glanced at the now empty jars of Super Divine water, a residual unease lingered.

Nonetheless, Surviving the ordeal of consuming the divine water. When Compared to Madara's Rinnegan, their growth appeared relatively modest.

Ultimately, their physical resilience had increased and the quantity of Chakra had surged by nearly twofold. Having secured their rewards, The collective promptly dispersed to gather information.

Teams of two or more embarked on their separate quests, Ryan, accompanied by the  Tsunade duo ventured forth.

According to the duo, "In your world, I am your sensei, and now, in this alternate world, I am committed to your safeguarding. As your sensei, I must accompany and protect you."

In response to this dual proposition, Ryan couldn't help but roll his eyes in mild exasperation. Nevertheless, he refrained from protesting. For who would willingly reject an offer of protection, regardless of the source?

"Ah, darn it!"

"This world is already playing tricks on me; I started sneezing the moment I set foot here!"

"You don't have a cold, do you?"

Madara strolling along the street, found himself momentarily speechless at the Hashirama's words.

The god of the ninja world, expressing concern about catching a cold—what an unexpected twist.

However, Madara opted for brevity, merely guiding Hashirama toward the bustling heart of the area.

Indeed, a crowd's density often correlates with the abundance of information.

Separately, Obito and Kakashi, as well as Sasuke and Kakashi, along with the Fourth Hokage, spread out in groups across the Sabaody Islands. All in pursuit of gathering valuable intelligence.

Within the area 1,

"Hey, hey, quick, look at those two!"

"Their attire is so peculiar!"

"Their clothes are unique too! They kind of resemble something from Wanokuni!"

In hushed tones, a cluster of onlookers fixated their attention squarely on Madara and Hashirama, freshly arrived within Area 1.

The intrigue grew, especially upon taking in their distinctive attire, Fueling the excitement rippling through the crowd. Yet, unbeknownst to these spectators.

Each movement of these spectators was meticulously observed by the perceptive duo.

"It's been ages since we saw anyone from Wanokuni."

"Should we go talk to these two?"