Chapter 117
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"I haven't seen anyone from Wano Country for so many years," the leader pondered with a hint of nostalgia in his voice.

"Boss are we going to catch these two?!" his underling exclaimed in frustration making his voice clear with irritation.

"If they're skilled swordsmiths, their value could be even higher," the leader noted, recognizing the potential profit.

Looking at Hashirama and Madara's distinctive attire, they stood out in the entire Area 01 like a sore thumb. The scene unfolded in a grim and sombre setting—a slave auction house, where lives were traded.

Within its walls, numerous hunters specialized in capturing exceptionally rare individuals. At this moment, all eyes were fixed on Madara and Hashirama, the spotlight on them.

Their presence intensified as the unique Sengoku-era armour they wore came into view.

Without a doubt, these two were from Wano Country.

"Such disgusting looks! Just a bunch of worthless fools!"

Madara's indignant comments drew the disdain of the others, but Hashirama remained strangely silent. Even he found himself deeply unsettled by the intrusive and lecherous gazes directed at them.

A visible crease formed on his brow, indicating his discomfort.

Before they could take another step, a circle of slave hunters closed in on them from all sides.

"Hello there~"

"So, you two are supposed to be from Wano Country."

"No bounties on you two, huh?"

"Do you even know where you are?"

The leader of the hunters looked at Madara and Hashirama closely and made sure they weren't pirates with hefty bounties. He suppressed his excitement for a moment, imagining the considerable Belli these Wano denizens could bring.

His underlings gathered around him, sharing his anticipation. Seeing the scenario in front of him, Madara's anger threatened to boil over. His name is enough to scare five kage but these idiots dare to look down on him.

Of all things to encounter in this new world, their first encounter had to be these four imbeciles. Madara's hands moved swiftly forming hand seals.

Chakra surged in his chest and surged from his mouth.

"Fire Style: Fire Extinction!!!"

The explosion that followed engulfed everything in a raging inferno and started consuming its surroundings. The circle of slave hunters was trapped amidst and they were swiftly engulfed by the flames.

Dancing fire silhouettes filled the air, dwindling to charred remnants.

In the Area 1 plaza, unrestrained flames roared. Only the leader of slave hunters was spared by Madara.

Staring at the horrifying scene before him, the blazing expanse above held him captive.

"Do you possess a Devil Fruit power?!"

Interrupting his impending rambling, Madara materialized before him, clutching his throat. His unique Sharingan bore into the trembling man's eyes.

"Spare me, please! Spare me!"

"I'm under one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea! I'm under Doflamingo's command!"

"Don't kill me! I beg you!"

A sharp "crack" abruptly silenced his pleas.

Madara released the lifeless form, snapping the man's neck without any mercy. Meanwhile, Hashirama retrieved a wanted poster from the fallen man's grip.

It was clear that these hunters checked for such documents before confronting them. Studying the images and descriptions of rewards Hashirama quickly assessed the contents.

On the sidelines, Madara surveyed their surroundings. Area 1 was now engulfed in chaos due to Madara's fire ninjutsu.

In the aftermath, the crowd dispersed in all directions. Several auction house managers and their security teams observed Hashirama and the unfolding spectacle.

Madara's initial display of fire mastery had rattled them.

At that moment, an auction house manager observed the scene and covertly extracted a concealed communication device.

"Pirururu," crackled the familiar voice as the connection was made.

"Fufufufu, what's happening at the auction house?" the voice on the other end inquired. As the voice resonated from the device, beads of sweat materialized on the manager's forehead.

Listening attentively, they responded with urgency and caution, "Young master, the auction house is secure. But two individuals resembling those from Wano Country have entered the first area!"

"They don't have bounties, yet their eyes can shift to a strange red hue! Moreover, these two have killed four members of our slave hunters!"

After receiving this comprehensive report from the manager. Doflamingo, stationed in Dressrosa, involuntarily raised an eyebrow.

The trademark smile that had adorned his face gradually faded away. Doflamingo was intimately familiar with Wano Country. His partner, Kaido one of the Yonko ruled over the land.

"Are you certain there are no bounties on them?"

"Without a doubt, young master!"

"How intriguing and entertaining! Eyes that can transform."

Doflamingo's curiosity was piqued at this juncture. Such an individual was unheard of in Wano Country. Given that Kaido held dominion and security over Wano Country. Escaping its borders was virtually impossible. Therefore, these two newcomers were unlikely to be Wano natives.

With this realization, Doflamingo promptly retrieved another den den mushi. Concluding the conversation his signature smile returned.

Meanwhile, at Marine headquarters,

"Marshal Sengoku! Vice Admiral Vergo of the G5 Branch reporting!"

"Reports indicate a group of ruthless pirates has fled the New World, seeking refuge on the Sabaody Islands!"

"These individuals have no bounty!"

Upon hearing this news,

Sengoku furrowed his brows in response. Pirates without any bounties Transitioning from the treacherous New World to the relatively calm Sabaody Islands was puzzling.

However, given the disruptive presence of the Celestial Dragons on the Sabaody Islands. Sengoku's options were limited.

Allowing these pirates to provoke the Celestial Dragons would lead to dire consequences.

"Must you report such trivial matters to me?"

"Inform the units stationed at the Sabaody Archipelago; have them increase their vigilance."

Sengoku found it puzzling that Vergo had to report such minor incidents,

Upon receiving the orders, the stationed Marines at the Sabaody Archipelago sprang into action. The resonating alarm prompted the Marines in Area 60 to swiftly mobilize and assemble in Area 1.

Meanwhile, in Area 41,

Ryan had recently arrived, accompanied by two Tsunades. Both Tsunades were captivated by the dazzling array of merchandise before them. Every garment and accessory on display mirrored those in their world.

One thing, in particular, caught their attention and its allure was irresistible.

Without hesitation, they eagerly indulged in their old Gambling habits. When it comes to the source of funds, there are always individuals who lack foresight. People around them with extra Belly were somewhat unlucky.

After a rough observation, Ryan meticulously surveyed the surroundings, ultimately spotting a tavern and stepping inside.

The moment Ryan entered the tavern, all eyes turned towards him, including the customers who were still engrossed in their drinks.

Upon taking in Ryan's appearance, his face irked the present pirates considerably.

However, upon noticing that Ryan lacked any sign of nobility and had no companions bodyguards, or crewmates with him, a chorus of taunts erupted in the tavern.

"Hey kid, are you still nursing on your mother's milk? This establishment doesn't sell milk for babies."

"Hahahaha, kid, get out!"

"This isn't the place for youngsters like you!"

Amidst the buzz akin to flies swarming around, Ryan found himself momentarily at a loss for words. He couldn't help but marvel at the peculiar mental processes of these pirates. And those eyes, devoid of empathy. As Ryan mentally revisited scenes from One Piece,

No matter how many Baileys are offered as rewards, Luffy always seems to encounter a group of clueless individuals upon entering a tavern.

Even the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates can't escape having booze spilled on his head when he enters a tavern.

Ryan couldn't help but wonder, do pirates in this world consistently display such arrogance? The tavern continued to buzz with clamour. Ryan's gaze suddenly focused on a particular spot.

"Shinra Tensei!!!"

A powerful wave of repulsion surged forth instantaneously.

The once lively tavern in an instant turned quiet and collapsed. Over half of it disintegrated into scattered debris that disappeared into the sky.

The formerly closed establishment has some lamps as its light source. At this moment transformed into an open expanse under the sun.

And now, Only one section of the tavern remained untouched.

At this juncture, silence enveloped the remaining portion of the tavern. Even the pedestrians strolling through Area 41's streets paused in astonishment.


An audible gulp emanated from an unidentified source. At that moment, the tavern's customers regained their composure.

Gazing at the half-torn tavern and observing the seemingly harmless Ryan before them. Fear gripped each individual which caused them to collapse to the ground.

"What kind of ability is this?"

"An unknown Devil Fruit power?!"

"It's a monstrous force!"

The initial mockers were also present. Witnessing this scene, Ryan couldn't help but curl his lips in boredom.

"I preferred your disobedient behaviour earlier. Now I don't like it anymore!"


Responding to Ryan's declaration, Shinra Tensei was once again unleashed. The remaining half of the tavern disintegrated into fragments, Leaving only the central bar intact.

At this moment, the tavern owner, stationed behind the bar, stared at Ryan as he advanced. Frozen in place, the tavern owner trembled in fright.

Meeting the gaze of the tavern keeper, Ryan took a seat in the lone chair that remained. He reached for the drink on the table and poured a glass for himself.

Studying the liquid within the glass, After a slight shake of his head, Ryan's gaze settled on the tavern owner.

"Now, answer my question truthfully. If I receive a satisfactory answer. You'll find yourself considerably lucky today."