Chapter 118
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The tavern owner, still in a state of panic, gazed at Ryan before him and sensed that he was not going to be killed. That's why relief washed over him. So he stood respectfully, poised to answer any questions Ryan might ask.

With a calm tone, Ryan began, "Let's start with the first question."

"Do you possess any information of the Straw Hat Pirates?"

Upon hearing this query, the tavern owner felt his mind race. Images of reconstruction and recent renovations of the tavern flashed by, intermingled with a cascade of reward orders. Swiftly, among them, appeared a reward poster featuring a distinctive straw hat.

"I do, I do! This reward order was updated recently!" the tavern owner exclaimed.

"Those pirates are from East Blue," he added.

Upon hearing this response, Ryan nodded approvingly. It appeared that, in the current timeline, Luffy had initiated the Straw Hat Pirates' grandline adventures. However, the trajectory of the plot remained unknown.

For his second inquiry, Ryan inquired, "Since the last update on bounties, what is the current bounty for Straw Hat Luffy?"

Upon processing this question, the tavern owner hastened to locate the bounty poster tucked beneath the bar. Thankfully, these items adorned the counter, not yet lost in the rubble. Recalling that Straw Hat Luffy's bounty poster had been recently revised and should be at the top, the tavern owner hurriedly began to search. Before long, he located the bounty and placed it with respect before Ryan.

Upon observing Luffy's beaming face, his wide grin revealed prominent teeth and the bounty of 100 million Belli stated below. A sense of recognition dawned upon Ryan.

"A reward of 100 million belli," he stated.

This particular sum held meaning. Notably, the timeline was after the Enies Lobby arc. Post this arc, Luffy's bounty was predicted to soar to 300 million Baileys. Armed with this knowledge, remaining in the Sabaody Archipelago became unwise.

"Thank you," Ryan said, content with the provided information. Naturally, he saw no need to further inconvenience the tavern owner. Hence, he handed him the miscellaneous plunder, including gold and belli which he had earlier acquired. With these, he left the destroyed tavern.

Observing Ryan's exit, the tavern owner turned his attention to the substantial cache of treasures before him. Suddenly, a smile of deep delight adorned his face. These treasures could help him in the renovation of his tavern. He could even decorate it more lavishly.

Having left the tavern, Ryan joined the company of the two Tsunade. At this juncture, they had accumulated a plethora of goods, mixed in varying sizes of bags. Witnessing this, Ryan found himself resigned to the inevitableness of the stereotypical shopping tendency of women.

"Shall we move? I am now aware of the location of strawhat pirates," Ryan articulated.

"Let's call others," he declared.

Upon hearing Ryan's proclamation, the Tsunade duo promptly used the storage scrolls to hide the clothing and jewellery they had procured. Simultaneously, Ryan activated the Flying Thunder God imprint. This activity did not go unnoticed by those still gathering intelligence on the island, signalling their impending departure.

In Area 1, Ryan instantaneously emerged beside Madara and Hashirama.

Gazing upon Area 1 now ablaze, Ryan couldn't help but feel taken aback. Amidst the chaos, he observed the Marine personnel rapidly converging, prompting Ryan to opt for a swift solution.

His impatience prevented any desire to waste time. Employing the Flying Thunder God technique, he promptly transported himself and the duo to Area 41. Following suit, Second Hokage Tobirama and Fourth Hokage Minato also used the Flying Thunder God, rejoining them swiftly.

However, the scene that Second Hokage Tobirama unveiled rendered everyone momentarily speechless. Alongside him lay a bag filled with guns, ammunition and even a stack of books.

"Given that all of the time here, finding something useful and new is only natural," Tobirama responded earnestly in the face of the onlookers' curious gazes. The items had been sealed for safekeeping.

Without delay, Ryan vanished once more. Upon his return, two additional figures materialized beside him: Obito and Kakashi.

In short order, Ryan activated the Flying Thunder God technique once again, disappearing on the spot. When he reappeared beside the two, he immediately sensed something amiss. Civilians lined on both sides of the streets, trembling on the ground. while Kakashi and Sasuke regarded a group of individuals with displeased expressions.

"Hey! What manner of ability is this? He appeared out of nowhere in an instant!"

"Father, fetch them for me; I wish to make them my new slaves!"

Turning to Ryan, who had emerged out of thin air, beseeched St. Roswald with an elated countenance. In response to his daughter's request, Roswald St. was naturally inclined to comply.

As per his decree, three untouchables were summoned. According to St. Roswald, his daughter could take them home if she wished, though they were merely playthings that she would soon tire of.

"Very well!"

"Proceed and apprehend those three individuals!"

As St. Roswald issued his command, the guards protecting the Celestial Dragons advanced in unison. Swiftly, they encircled Ryan and his companions, leaving the surrounding civilians—kneeling in fear—all the more petrified and motionless.

"Disaster has struck; these three are doomed!"

"Who can deny it? Cross the Celestial Dragons and your days are numbered."

"They're just toying with us, trying to put on a show."

"Enough chatter; take care not to burn yourselves!"

The voices of the nearby civilians reached the ears of the trio, prompting a brief moment of speechlessness. In this world, they were, once again, rendered wordless. Surveying the Celestial Dragons who resembled swine. It was evident that their status far exceeded their actual power.

Ryan noted a striking resemblance between these individuals and the daimyo in the Hokage world—equally wasteful and porcine. The realization elicited a surge of disgust within Ryan; he harboured no regard for such figures.

Before Ryan could intervene, Sasuke took the initiative to attack. "I am the proud son of the Uchiha clan, a Hokage of Konoha, and the possessor of the Eternal Mangekyou," Sasuke declared confidently.

Concurrently, Sasuke was lately meeting formidable monsters like Tobirama and the other Hokage. In the midst of this confrontation, Sasuke found renewed vigour in facing these weak idiots.

As he faced these individuals, Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan eyes began to churn, and a spectral, purple skeleton hand manifested instantaneously. Utilizing his Susano, Sasuke fanned out the guards arrayed before him.

His attention then turned to the three Celestial Dragons, and he extended control over Susanoo's skeletal form. Swiftly, he captured all three of them.

"Leader, they're neutralized!" Sasuke announced triumphantly.

However, the celestial dragons trapped within Susanoo's grasp were not willing to yield. What do you untouchables think you're doing?!?" they protested amidst their confinement.

The continuous clamouring from St. Roswald triggered Sasuke to tighten his grip. The Celestial Dragons' defiant façade soon crumbled as their resistance weakened. The bubbles that had protected them were shattered.

The bones of the Celestial Dragons creaked, overwhelmed by the excruciating pain. Their earlier bravado dissolved into near-unbearable agony, leaving them nearly incapacitated. The sound of their anguished wails resonated, filling the air. In response, Sasuke further intensified his hold, causing audible cracks.

The Celestial Dragons' wails subsided abruptly, replaced by a resounding thud as their bodies were crushed into a mass of minced meat. The gory spectacle painted the sky with a crimson mist that dispersed from Susanoo's skeletal grasp. Sasuke's face bore a satisfied smile—finally, the three pigs were silenced permanently.

In the aftermath, an eerie stillness enveloped the scene. As the surrounding civilians raised their heads, witnessing the tragic demise of the Celestial Dragons, they found themselves momentarily entranced. It was as if they were glimpsing departed loved ones, beckoning them towards an ethereal embrace.

For an instant, the air seemed to hum with an otherworldly connection. Whispers of their grandmother's voice echoed in their minds, inviting them to join her. The words promised a reunion, "Come down now; I'll be waiting for you."

The moment shattered with a collective scream that erupted from the crowd, igniting a fervour in the masses. Panic cascaded through their ranks like wildfire.

"They've killed the Celestial Dragons!"

"Run, run! It's a death sentence!"

"This is the end! This area's history is sealed!"

"RUN! Marines will be here soon!"

Kneeling civilians abandoned the streets and homes. Started running in every direction. Chaos consumed the scene in an instant.

Observing the turmoil, Sasuke found himself bewildered. "Aren't they just three pigs? What's causing this chaos?"

Ryan cast a casual glance at the remains of the three Celestial Dragons. "You'll understand soon enough," he assured Sasuke. "Let's go. Return to Area 41 and regroup."

With that, he whisked Kakashi and Sasuke back to Area 41. Meanwhile, in the Marine residence at Area 60, an urgent message rippled through the atmosphere: "Trouble! Urgent news! Celestial Dragons have been killed!"