Chapter 122
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On the battlefield at this moment, there was Sengoku who seemed unsure of his abilities. Five monstrous entities loomed and looked menacingly at them directly, resembling giants. Five more were on the horizon, poised to join the fray.

But their arrival seemed imminent. The only conceivable hope rested with two women. At this critical juncture, Sengoku's gaze suddenly locked onto Tsunade and her counterpart. If they were as strong as the men in the group, he feared he might explode in anger. But circumstances had changed. He had made a decision.

It was clear that their attention couldn't be solely on these two women. The five colossal monsters alone were enough to give them a massive headache.

"Everyone, fall back!" Sengoku barked his order. "The enemies we are facing are beyond our capabilities."

Upon hearing Sengoku's command, the Marines swiftly complied. Retreating in unison, Vice Admirals included. They all opted for evacuation, recognizing that the current battle exceeded their capacity to fight. Only Sengoku, Garp, and the three admirals remained on the battlefield.

At this moment, the five of them stood before Ryan and his group, their faces etched with grave concern.

"Sengoku, it's impossible to stop these individuals!" the most experienced declared the voice of his instincts. "I'm not sure if I can win against this Madara!"

As for the others, words failed Garp. He couldn't even contend with one of them. The other four shared his helplessness.

Sengoku, on the other hand, harboured deep concern concerning Ryan's abilities. Facing the fearsome Uchiha Madara and the five imposing giants, they could at least perceive attacks. However, Ryan's attack defied his understanding. He could be standing right there, yet an imperceptible force launched the attacks. Observation Haki was equally ineffective.

Seeing that they couldn't thwart Ryan's group, Sengoku felt a growing sense of unease. Allowing Ryan and his group to depart would undoubtedly result in the wrath of the Celestial Dragons. Even as the Marine fleet Admiral, he couldn't withstand that burden, especially since it was the Celestial Dragons who had been killed.

While Sengoku wrestled with these thoughts, Ryan suddenly turned his attention towards Madara and his companions.

"You'll return to the ship!" Ryan exclaimed. "Leave the rest to me!"

Ryan's words prompted an immediate response. Madara and the others released their Susano and hurriedly returned to the ship together. Ryan now stood alone, facing Sengoku and the remaining admirals.

"Wait, what's happening?" Sengoku questioned in bewilderment. "They appear to be retreating!"

At that moment, several small Truth-Seeking Balls materialized on Ryan's wrist. As he slowly raised his hand, these orbs whirled wildly.

A brilliant golden light erupted from them, forming a massive golden sword right before everyone's eyes.

"Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion!" Ryan declared without hesitation, swinging the sword towards Sengoku and the admirals.

The sword sliced through the air with incredible force. The sheer speed left Sengoku and the others with contracted pupils, realizing it was too late to dodge.

Witnessing the sword closing in on him, Sengoku swiftly transformed into a colossal Buddha, positioning himself in front of Garp and the Admirals.

"Damn Pirate!" he exclaimed.

The sword and Sengoku's towering form clashed in an instant, unleashing a torrent of sparks from the Buddha. His Haki and Buddha form granted defences that enabled him to forcibly halt the advancing sword. Just as Sengoku believed he had succeeded, he noticed that Ryan had left the icy battlefield and returned to the ship. However, his cold gaze was met with an exclamation of alarm from the five of them.

The ensuing explosion consumed Sengoku and the marines in an instant, cleaving the entire sea surface in two with its devastating force. Even then, Ryan hadn't unleashed his full strength, leaving him pondering the potential of splitting the Pirate World in two with all his might.

Regrettably, it wasn't the time to experiment, as he had missions to complete and treasures to gather, including valuable Devil Fruits that could earn him points upon return.

"Is this the power of the Tenseigan?" Uchiha Madara pondered, deeply impressed by its might. "It feels stronger than the Rinnegan."

At that moment, Hashirama chimed in, "Madara, could it be that this difference is simply a matter of individual strength?"

Madara's irritation flared, and he almost engaged in a heated argument with Hashirama. However, the recent blast by Ryan had already shattered the frozen sea, pushing them to focus on their mission.

"Let's go!" Ryan declared. "Complete the missions swiftly and gather Devil Fruits from all corners of the world. We can return after that."

His comrades nodded in agreement. Tobirama, particularly keen on obtaining Devil Fruits, positioned himself at the ship's bow, employing ninjutsu to harness a water current.

"Water Style: Riding Waves!" Tobirama cast his jutsu.

Underneath the ship, a powerful sea current lifted it, propelling it forward at a speed several times faster than before. The group rapidly vanished into the horizon.

Meanwhile, an intelligence officer observing the departing Ryan's group and the uncertain fate of Sengoku and the marines eagerly clutched a bunch of photos in his hand before swiftly fleeing.

Beneath the sea, numerous Marines initiated a search for any traces of Sengoku and the Admirals.

News of the Marines' defeat swiftly reached the upper echelons of the World Government. As the status of Sengoku, Garp, and the admirals remained uncertain, and with the Marines suffering substantial losses, the gravity of the situation was apparent. The information was urgently relayed to the Five Elders.

"Are these pirates truly this strong?" one Elder queried. "Even Sengoku and Garp couldn't defeat them."

"It seems the seas won't stay calm," another remarked. "But what about the Celestial Dragons incident? Can we simply let that slide?"

In response to this critical question, the Five Elders lapsed into a contemplative silence.

Even with Sengoku, Garp, and the three Admirals, they were still outmatched. Who could they possibly send now? What's the difference between sending them in and sending them to their doom?

"It seems like our only option is to contain the situation. Inform those fools! They mustn't leave the Holy Land anytime soon! They should just wait!"

With no other viable choices, they had to remain by Lord Im's side.

Soon, the orders from the Five Elders were disseminated, and the Celestial Dragons in the Holy Land began to voice their protests. However, the Five Elders paid no heed to their complaints.

As for those Celestial Dragons who openly defied the orders to leave the Holy Land, the Five Elders chose to remain silent. After all, if they were determined to meet their death, there was little that could be done to prevent it.

Just a day after the Celestial Dragons' demise, the latest issue of the World Newspaper caused a global sensation.

"What? The Celestial Dragons were killed?"

"Is this for real? Let me see!"

"Oh my goodness! Marine Fleet Admiral, the legendary Marine hero Garp, and the three Admirals couldn't defeat them, and their fates are unknown?"

"Who are these people? They're incredibly tough!"

People eagerly read the newspaper to learn the full details of the Celestial Dragons incident that had transpired the previous day. The entire sequence of events, including the sea battle, was meticulously documented in the report.

The world went into a frenzy, with everyone clamouring to purchase this particular issue of the newspaper. They were eager to discover who was responsible for the killing of Celestial dragons that had shaken the world.

The newspaper featured only photographs of the killers, with no additional information provided. However, even with just the images. The group had gained countless fans worldwide, spanning from children to old people, all captivated by their deeds.

This newfound popularity stirred the ire of a self-absorbed pirate in the Grand Line, who swore to kill Ryan and his group.

In the New World, within the territory of the Red-Haired Pirates, Shanks expressed his exasperation as he read the newspaper.

"Killing Celestial Dragons? That's fearless. What truly concerns me, though, is the sheer strength of this group. Defeating Sengoku, Garp, and the three Admirals and emerging unscathed..."

"The seas are about to get chaotic once more!"

Meanwhile, aboard the Moby Dick, Whitebeard was reading the newspaper when he heard his son's cry from below.


"Look at the latest newspaper! Something big has happened!"

Whitebeard, who was tending to his health, glanced sideways and accepted the newspaper. As he read the contents, his eyes widened in astonishment.

"Gurararara! Something huge will happen soon!"