Chapter 126
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Inside Naval Headquarters, in a spacious meeting room, the gravity of the situation surrounding Ace's capture hung heavily in the air. The world government had just unveiled a shocking revelation to Sengoku. Ace was none other than the son of Roger, the Pirate King.

Upon receiving this news, Sengoku's mind immediately turned to Garp, who had secretly raised Ace without divulging this information. However, even though Garp's intentions had been noble, it was now clear that the world government, once informed, would not let the blood of the Pirate King go unpunished. Ace's fate appeared to be sealed.

Sengoku couldn't help but feel a deep sense of regret and sympathy for Garp. He could only hope that Garp would uphold his inner sense of justice and refrain from taking any reckless actions.

Just as Sengoku was about to discuss the grim task of executing Ace, an intelligence agent rushed into the conference room, urgently exclaiming, "Sengoku-sama! There's critical information!"

Sengoku's tension escalated as he feared that more complications were arising at this critical juncture. He hastily accepted the information from the agent and, after a quick perusal, found himself taken aback by what he read.

The base camps of the Big Mom Pirates and the Kaido Pirates had both been attacked, and evidence pointed to the unknown crew, the same group responsible for the murder of the Celestial Dragons. The towering figure of Susano was a distinctive marker.

"Why would these individuals target the Yonko?" Sengoku pondered aloud, his thoughts racing.

This sudden turn of events left Sengoku deep in thought, especially concerning Ryan's group. The wounds on his own body served as a painful reminder of the ongoing struggles within the Marine ranks.

With the three admirals still nursing their injuries and Garp incapacitated in the hospital, there were no available strong enough individuals to discern the true motives of Ryan's crew.

"Set this aside for now," Sengoku instructed firmly. "Our top priority remains Ace's public execution."

While the Marine meeting room buzzed with activity, Blackbeard, one of the Shichibukai, observed the proceedings with great interest. Among the Shichibukai, Doflamingo stood out for his remarkable intelligence.

Soon, a report reached Doflamingo, informing him of Ryan's gang's attacks on the territories of Kaido and Big Mom. Doflamingo, too, found himself taken aback by this development.

"What's happening in the New World?" Blackbeard inquired, intrigued by Doflamingo's reaction.

Doflamingo didn't hold back and began disclosing the events unfolding in the New World. Blackbeard's interest was piqued when he learned that the new pirate crew was targeting the Yonko.

Comparing them to the inmates in Impel Down, Blackbeard desired to recruit a group of formidable individuals like them. However, he knew that such a venture was currently impossible. Recruiting powerful prisoners from Impel Down remained the more expedient option.

As time passed, the Marine and world government's focus shifted away from Ryan and his crew's attacks, as their immediate concern was the impending execution of Ace and monitoring the Whitebeard Pirates' movements.

Regarding the other Emperors, their conflict was confined to clashes with the remaining two of the Four Emperors. Meanwhile, on the island of Zou, the Whale Forest appeared to have suffered a devastating lightning strike, leaving it charred and in ruins. The ground was scattered with members of the Mink Tribe.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, the leaders of Zou, currently faced Obito and Kakashi, who were not presenting any real opposition. Obito and Kakashi stood before Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, one wielding the power of the Mera-Mera no mi and the other possessing the Goro Goro no mi abilities.

This duo posed a formidable challenge in terms of tactics alone, not to mention that both had Kamui, an ability that made them almost invincible in the Shinobi world.

Thought the Logia Devil Fruit powers alone proved insufficient to defeat these Mink Tribe warriors, who possessed Haki to counteract Logia's abilities. Their only recourse was to rely on Kamui, which ultimately brought the battle to an end.

After all, Kamui was impervious to most physical attacks, and the Mink Tribe had no effective means to combat it. They were soon overpowered by the overwhelming strength of space dojutsu.

Upon securing their objective, Obito and Kakashi turned their attention to a massive red Poneglyph with historical knowledge in an ancient script.

Obito instantly activated his Kamui, drawing Poneglyph into the Kamui's space dimension. Once they had obtained it, they wasted no time and promptly disappeared from Zou.

Their journey continued to Cake Island, where a colossal purple Susano raged ferociously. Uchiha Sasuke, the one using Susano, laughed maniacally as he observed the chaos. Before Sasuke, countless members of the Charlotte family lay incapacitated on the ground, while Big Mom, Katakuri, Cracker, and Smoothie struggled to hold their ground.

"Damn! What kind of power is this? It's defence is impenetrable!" Katakuri exclaimed in frustration.

"Where did these monsters come from?" Cracker wondered aloud, his bewilderment mirrored by the others.

Facing Sasuke's overwhelming force, Big Mom and the remaining Charlotte pirate crew members found themselves temporarily helpless. Even Big Mom's most potent attack, Cognac, which was able to shatter Sasuke's defence in one blow, proved futile against the might of the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Soon, Susano restored itself, leaving Big Mom and the others infuriated and powerless.

Just when their desperation peaked, two figures abruptly materialized on Sasuke's Susano shoulders, accompanied by a golden flash. "I have found it!" one of them announced. "It's time to depart!"

Seeing Minato and Kakashi's return, Sasuke understood they had found the road poneglyph they sought. Without hesitation, he took control of Susano, spread its wings, and departed from Cake Island, leaving Big Mom and the others helplessly watching as he made his escape.

"Quick! Return and inspect! Find out what's missing! These intruders must have come for something!" Big Mom urged, her expression darkening.

Soon, Katakuri returned from the treasure house, realizing that the red poneglyph was missing. Big Mom's complexion shifted drastically as the gravity of the situation sunk in. "They are going towards Raftel!" she exclaimed, recognizing the significance of their actions. In response, Big Mom hastily returned to the castle, intent on informing Kaido of the unfolding events.

Amid the chaos in Wano Country, the entire land lay in ruins, marked by vast craters created by meteorite fragments that had rained down. Kaido, in his dragon form, struggled valiantly to withstand the relentless barrage of falling meteorites, smashing them to pieces.

However, before Kaido could even catch his breath, he was under a direct assault from Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama.

Madara and Hashirama simultaneously summoned their gigantic attacks like Susano and Thousand Hands Buddha. Despite his formidable dragon form, Kaido was merely seen as being on par with a tailed beast in the eyes of Madara and Hashirama.

They wasted no time in launching their attacks, with Hashirama activating Sage Mode and summoning Myojinmon, causing several massive red torii to descend from the sky and seal Kaido to the ground.

Madara, on the other hand, manipulated Susano to smash Kaido. The attack shattered Kaido's formidable scales, and blood sprayed forth as his body suffered severe damage. But even in his injured state, Kaido managed to break free from the Myojinmon.

Just as he was about to retaliate, an enormous wooden Buddha materialized in front of him seizing Kaido by his neck. He was left utterly helpless as the duo of Madara and Hashirama subjected him to a relentless beating. The sudden turn of events left the three disasters watching in stunned silence, unsure of how to react.

Meanwhile, Senju Tobirama swiftly located the red poneglpyh hidden in a secret cavern at the foot of the submerged Mt. Fuji in old Wano. After sealing it within a scroll, Tobirama promptly vanished from the scene. Hearing his instructions, Madara and Hashirama ceased their assault, leaving Wanokuni unsatisfied with their victory.

Kaido, reeling from the intense beating, could only struggle to maintain consciousness. Nevertheless, he displayed remarkable resilience, a testament to his status as one of the most formidable pirates in the world.

As the three monstrous figures departed, the three disasters rushed to Kaido's side to assess his injuries, calling out anxiously, "Kaido-sama!"

In the New World, the villages on Whitebeard's island remained unharmed, but the Whitebeard Pirates' base suffered greatly at the hands of the Ryan and Tsunade duo. The pirates stationed there proved no match for their assailants. Once they had dealt with these pirates, Ryan's group began scouring the island for the final red Poneglyph.

Fortunately, their search proved fruitful, confirming that the last Poneglyph was on the island. Ryan retrieved it without hesitation. With all four Road Poneglpyh in their possession, Ryan and the others swiftly returned to the Thousand Sunny to regroup.

They were now ready to follow the coordinates the four red poneglpyh indicated, guided by Robin's interpretation. Nami, using these coordinates to pinpoint the intersection of the four islands, had identified the location of Raftel, the final island.

"Then, it's time!" Ryan declared. "To the Raftel!"