Chapter 128
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"What are these Marines up to?" 

"Why don't you execute this Ace already?" 

"That's so boring!"

"Who said it wasn't?"

At Holy Land Mary Geoise, a gathering of Celestial Dragons flaunted their depravity, ugliness and power while watching a live execution, accompanied by their own enslaved individuals. 

When Whitebeard made his entrance, some female Celestial Dragons found themselves even more captivated.

"Is he the strongest man in the world?"

"He's incredibly powerful!"

"It can't be from a giant family, can he? He's so tall!"

"But it's a shame; he looks a bit old!"

"If he has been captured as a slave, he must be the strongest, right?"

As they looked at Whitebeard in the image, all the Celestial Dragons engaged in discussion. However, they shared a common perspective: they did not regard Whitebeard, the world's strongest man, with any particular significance.

In the eyes of the Celestial Dragons, they were the descendants of God and, therefore, these untouchables should be enslaved by them.

While all the Celestial Dragons were engrossed in the live broadcast, one of them suddenly raised his head and massaged his neck.

And then, out of nowhere, a dark hole appeared in the sky.


"Look, what's that?"

"How did a hole just appear in the sky?"

Their voices filled with surprise, and the Celestial Dragons on the square raised their heads in unison. When they saw the unexpected hole, everyone appeared perplexed, unsure of what it meant.

But at that moment, members of the Celestial Dragons' CP bodyguards reacted immediately.

At a glance, they recognized it as a Devil Fruit ability—the power of the door door fruit.

"This is bad!!!"

"We're under attack!! Enemy attack!!!"

"Protect the celestial dragons and retreat!"

The CP guard's cries filled the air, and the Celestial Dragons, who had previously been curious, now wore expressions of fear. The entire square descended into chaos in an instant.

And then, at that very moment, the dark door in the sky opened widely, revealing several figures emerging from within.

As the Celestial Dragons beheld these individuals clearly, they extended trembling fingers, pointing towards Ryan and his companions, who were suspended in mid-air.

"Yes... It's them!!!"

"The criminals who massacred Saint Roswald and his Family!"

"Why them?! This is disastrous! Run away!!"

"We'll be killed!!!"

Upon realizing that it was Ryan and his crew, panic spread among the Celestial Dragons on the square. While others might not pose a threat to them, the Ryan group was different—they were truly ruthless killers.

"Attack them! Kill them!"

As the Celestial Dragons scattered and attempted to flee they ordered all their guards to kill the intruders. A group of guards rushed towards Ryan and his companions in the air.

At this critical moment, failing to protect the Celestial Dragons would likely result in severe repercussions from the World Government, even if they managed to escape with their lives.

"Protect the celestial dragons!"


The guards who were trained from childhood in CP techniques, swiftly employed the moonwalk technique to close in on Ryan and his group.

Observing the situation, Minato, who had been waiting for an opportunity to showcase his abilities, acted swiftly. This time, he had to prove his strength, no matter what.

Facing the charging guards, Minato produced several specialized kunai in his hand and hurled them toward his foes.

"Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

As he threw the Hiraishin Kunai, Minato executed his seals once more. In an instant, the kunai in the air split into two, then four, and multiplied rapidly. A barrage of deadly projectiles filled the sky, heading straight for the Celestial Dragon guards.


As the guards of Celestial Dragons, it was evident that they possessed considerable strength. They were adept in the basic Marine Six Styles.

When faced with a barrage of Kunai, the guards, skilled in the Tekkai technique, promptly stepped forward to invoke its protection. The collision of Kunai against their bodies produced a continuous metallic clang. The Kunai appeared to be just ordinary hidden weapons, easily thwarted by Tekkai, much to the guards' relief.

However, at this moment, some members of the guard noticed that the Kunai they had blocked, with the words "Sword of Shinobi's Love" inscribed on them, emitted a golden glow.

"Ice Pop Inspired Nimbus Jiraiya Twin Whorl Sphere!!!"

In an instant, a flash of golden light illuminated the scene. Minato moved like a streak of lightning among the guards, claiming the life of a guard every time he appeared.

The destructive force of the Rasengan shattered the defences of those guards attempting to employ Iron Body, crushing their internal organs with a single blow.

Observing Minato's impressive display from their vantage point below, Ryan and his fellow Hokages initially admired his prowess.

However, when Minato announced the peculiar name of his technique, everyone was taken aback by its strangeness. They couldn't fathom where this talent for naming originated, and even Tobirama couldn't help but find himself exasperated.

If Second Hokage Tobirama had foreseen the future of the Fourth Hokage, he might have yelled at Minato, "You're needlessly complicating my techniques with these whimsical names!"

As Minato continued to engage in the battle with evident delight, both Kakashi and Tsunade from the two worlds, who had been relatively inactive until now, grew impatient. They joined the fray.

This marked the first occasion that Fifth Hokage Tsunade unleashed her unique power punches in this world.


When Tsunade descended from the sky with a powerful punch, the square in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise was instantly obliterated, leaving behind a massive crater. The entire square was riddled with fissures.

Simultaneously, Road to Ninja World's Tsunade landed on the square, drawing her Zanpakuto from her waist. Observing the guards before her, she slowly muttered to herself.

"Sode no Shirayuki!!!"

As Shinobi Tsunade's voice resounded, a terrifying aura instantly surged forth from her. This powerful presence had an immediate effect on the guards who had rushed towards her, causing them to nearly kneel in submission.

In Tsunade's grasp, her Zanpakuto underwent a complete transformation. Its entire form turned into a flawless, white masterpiece, resembling more of an exquisite work of art than a weapon. At this moment, Glasses Tsunade herself appeared incredibly beautiful.

With her Zanpakuto now liberated, Tsunade directed Sode no Shirayuki toward the guards before her. Four pristine, frigid gusts of cold air materialized in front of her.

"The second dance? Icy Wind!"


The chilling gales, akin to an avalanche, surged toward the guard members before Tsunade. For a moment, those standing in her path were encased in an icy freeze, a breathtaking sight in the sunlight. However, this fleeting beauty soon gave way to a grim reality.

As the ice shattered, the guard members trapped within it disintegrated into countless specks of ice, disappearing in an instant. This deceptively beautiful yet terrifying attack method left the remaining guards frozen in their tracks. Who could have anticipated that beneath this seemingly harmless beauty lay such a fearsome method of destruction?

Glasses Tsunade's demonstration of her Zanpakuto's power captured everyone's attention. No one had expected this weapon to possess such horrifying capabilities.

As Tsunade released her weapon earlier, observers noted that her aura had surged several times over upon its release. Ryan, in particular, found himself surprised by this revelation.

Glasses Tsunade's Zanpakut ability turned out to be Sode no Shirayuki, Soul Society's most beautiful Zanpakuto. This prompted Ryan to cast a curious glance in Madara's direction, wondering about the nature of Madara's own Zanpakuto ability.

Soon, the Celestial Dragon guards in the square met their demise. What was once a bustling plaza filled with countless Celestial Dragons was now deserted, with only a few retreating to the back rooms of their mansions.

Most of them fled in haste to Pangaea Castle, the centre of the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, where the Five Elders, the Knights of the Gods, and the most powerful figure, Im, resided. They believed that these menacing intruders would be no match for the formidable elders there.


"Someone, come to our aid!"

"Five Elders! We need the Five Elders!"

The desperate cries echoed at the foot of Pangaea Castle, drawing immediate attention. The Five Elders, who had been watching the live broadcast until then, furrowed their brows.

"What's going on out there?"

"Why is there such a commotion?"

This unexpected uproar outside Pangaea Castle had left them puzzled and concerned.