ch1. I your father, died.
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there was a person typing quickly on a PC, smirking.

Ranran: fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and your clan.

GrassToucher: cry about it.

anon1: LOL

anon2:  get rektd

anon3: fighting again?

Ranran: fuck youuuuu!! 

GrassToucher: Chill.

Ranran: you want chill? I'll give you fucking chill, a fucking cold dead body!

ManiacalChildren waged war against NazarickV2

anon1: this madman actually did it!

anon2: talk about a sore loser LOL

anon3: LOL

anon4: imagine losing a duel then waging war.

Unbeknownst to the observers and other players, the young man typing at breakneck speed while smirking is the owner of the two account bickering.

ManiacalChildren and NazarickV2 are the top 1 and 2 clan in the game, and every season their ranking swaps every single week.

making them THE swore rivals in the greatest MMORPG in history.


"JAY! get down from your room and throw out the trash!" someone shouted from downstairs.

"later mom! I'm doing something!" replied the young man.


Jay having 3 accounts in the top rankings in this greatest MMORPG that he is playing, and most of this accounts can't be even associated to him.

LordFarquad - his main account that is at the top of the leader board which is a solo clan-less account.

Ranran - ranked 70 in the leaderboard.

GrassToucher - ranked 60 in the leaderboard.


Jay has impeccable macro and micro ability in the game that he can use three account at the same time, including the unique personalities within these three accounts.


LordFarquad - who is silent and deadly, a clan-less solo account.

Ranran - a foulmouthed 'player'.

GrassToucher - a usually gentle 'player' but when provoked, extremely toxic.


his two accounts being inside both the strongest clans in the greatest MMORPG of all times and having a high ranking position in those two. Enabled him to control the 'political landscape of the game' at will.


Its also by his 'will' that these two powers that its power is equal with each other.


Jay having secretly balances the power structure of both clans to benefit his main account.


that whenever these two clans wage war with each other, his main account LordFarquad fishes in murky waters.


although it became known that whenever this two main powers in the greatest MMORPG of all times waged war with each other, the presence of LordFarquad is always present.


as if, he always knew that they are warring!


but they didn't know it was Jay after all!


He was playing them like a damn fiddle!


During the war between the two extremely powerful clans. He uses his main account to Kill and loot every single one in the field without choosing side, every single one fell from his sword. raking him allot of items looted from this poor players, it was so sad.


Anon2: RUN!

and this events added to the title of his main account as "WarQuad"  a mere presence signifies deaths and destruction.

no one can fight against LordFarquad's domineering might, and his invincible strength, as he always dare to fight solo vs clans. one against hundreds and even thousands.

Ranran has been slain by LordFarquad

GrassToucher has been slain by LordFarquad

Anon1: has been slain by LordFarquad





Jay who was gloating about his achievements to no one, was again disturbed by the shout that came from downstairs.



Jay stood up from his computer and went downstair.


looking around for where his mother put the trash bag, he soon found it near the kitchen.


he went outside his house and threw the trash bag at the designated location for the garbage collectors.


when he turned around he saw a dog looking at him.


it was a large dog named cupcake.


cupcake is a sweetheart of the neighborhood community, she is so sweet that every single neighbor have their treats ready, that whenever they saw cupcake they'll always give it to her, making cupcake even more friendly towards strangers.


cupcake's owner doesn't leash her, enabling cupcake to roam around the neighborhood.


cupcake essentially became the mascot of the community.


'fuck' Jay thought.


cupcake particularly likes Jay, and whenever she sees him. she always chases him around and bites him.


not to the point of cupcake mauling Jay alive, but more on painful, playful and eager bites.


"cupcake, sit.... now stay..... stay...." Jay tried to command cupcake and is slowly walking back away from her.


cupcake is an extremely obedient and good girl, so she listened to Jay's commands.


when Jay was far enough that he thought cupcake won't get to him.

he turned around, and ran for his life.


cupcake soon chased after him.

'HUFF' Jay quickly got tired.


cupcake caught up with him.

Jay fell down.


"AH, cupcake no! no! bad girl!" Jay panics while being bitten lightly by cupcake.

after cupcake had enough giving love bites, she then proceeded to slobber Jay with kisses, drenching him with saliva in the process.

"GAHHHHHHH" - Jay suffering.


"cupcake! want a treat?"

hearing the voice of an old man behind cupcake, she turned around and immediately ran to the direction of the voice.

this gave Jay the chance to make a run for it and entered his house.


covered in dog saliva, Jay went inside the washroom to bathe himself.


after a few minutes of washing up, he tried to go upstairs but was again called by his mother.

"Jay! have a snack!"


his mother gave him a banana.


going back to his room, he sat back down to his gaming chair continuing where he had left off.


after having fun for a few hours, Jay got hungry. he ate the banana his mother gave to him, throwing the banana peel to the floor.

a few minutes later, Jay got slightly thirsty and stood up to get water downstairs.


a few steps before he even got to the door, he slipped on the banana peel he threw a few minutes earlier and fell backward.

hitting his head to his desk and getting knockout.


he died, slipping on a banana peel.