Ch2. I your father, is a mere mortal.
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Jay reincarnated In the battle star world.


'I don't want to live here anymore... huhuhu... I miss my pizza and chips... I wanna go home...' Jay laments at his sad reality.


Jay was both sad and extremely excited as he reincarnated in a cultivation world to a poor farmer family, no pizza and chips and other modern leisure. And very eager to join a low rank sect for 'mc rights' as he was still 6 years old, he needed to wait 10 more years to be eligible have his potential tested and to join a sect.


Jay waited and waited, as each passing year grew closer to his perceived destiny to become a son of heaven.


his poor parents also looked forward as they enthusiastically assist Jay in his endeavors.


then the day finally came, Jay was of age he was now 16.


extremely exited, Jay went to the station where they check the spiritual roots of eligible participants.


The line was so long that it stretches far into the horizon, signifying the popularity of becoming a cultivator.


luckily for Jay he went to line up a few hours earlier and was in the 'front'. said front was not exactly a front because there are still a long line ahead of Jay.


the sun was setting, and the testing stations was nearing its closing time to recontinue the testing process for next week.


"move! make way for our young master Jing Wei!" a man shouted confidently.


the man Jing Wei cut through the line and went straight to the testing station.

"Hey! that's not fair! we're waiting here!" a man a few heads away from Jay shouted.

and Jay also tried to Speak


"beat him up" Jing Wei said lightly.


the unknown man got beaten up by Jing Wei's entourage and got left bloodied, that made Jay stop talking, afraid of experiencing the same fate.

after Jing Wei's bodyguards had beaten up the unknown man, Jing Wei proceeded to enter the testing station with no more minor annoyances.


a few more hours of waiting it was finally Jay's turn to get tested.

"Wu Lin, is this you?"


His parents named him Wu Lin.

"Fellow Wu Lin, please enter the testing premise."


Jay entered the testing  area. excited by the fact that he'll discover his destiny, he might get the divine Dao body, or even a starlight vessel body! Jay doesn't know if those bodies actually exist. but, they might!

but Jay as a reincarnator deserves such domineering future! sweeping all the realms like an undefeatable GOD! taking all the fairies and saints as his wives! he deserves it as the protagonist of his story!

filled with sense of determination, Jay went to the center of the formation to stand in front of a stone.


"place your hand in this testing stone, It will determine your spiritual roots and your innate potential." said the examiner in charge of testing locals.


'this is it, my life will change drastically. I shall now rise through the heavens, and become an unparalleled genius that will shake the whole realm!' Jay thought before touching the testing stone.


a few moments passed by and there was no reaction from the testing stone






'maybe it broke because of my unparalleled potential?'


as this kinds of thoughts whirled inside Jay's head, his ego began to inflate more and more. by looking at the examiner's speechless reaction, He should be the first one to break a testing stone.


"Wu Lin. no spiritual roots whatsoever, fail." Dismissively said by the examiner, clearly disappointed on Jay, not living up to his name.


"I-It can't be, I might've broke the testing stone!"


not believing the none-sense Jay is spouting, the examiner placed his hands on the testing stone. A few seconds and the testing stone reacted to the examiner's innate potential.


"see, the testing stone works fine." the examiner gave a side glance to our protagonist Jay.

"this meant you failed."


'n-n-n-no-NO it can't be! I-I-I should be the son of heaven! father! mother! I your son, failed you!' Jay lamented by the fact that the parents in this life tried their hardest to support him, as much as a peasant farmers can provide. even naming him Wu Lin as they had hoped him to be an unparalleled genius under the heavens! but he as an unfilial son failed their expectation!


Jay sank down to his knees despairing at the sad truth.


"off you go." the examiner used his Qi to carry Jay and threw him out the testing station.


while Jay was unresponsive due to shock, the sky began to wept and rain began to fall from the cloudy sky quickly drenching him.


'the heavens must be weeping for me.'

'If I'm not the protagonist who have a heavenly talent template, then I must be  a protagonist who have Unparalleled comprehension. Or maybe even luck, getting an unparalleled potential, Inherited from a secret realm.

'I must notify my parents about this matter, I'm going to travel the world to unlock my full potential.'


Jay went home to his current family, notifying them about his plans for the future. Withholding the information that he doesn't even have an ounce of cultivation talent within him.


Jay went to the village center to board a traveling carriage to embark on his adventure to become the unparalleled master.


while Jay was waiting for other fellow passengers, he heard a voice behind his back trying to talk to him.


"hey young'un how old are ye?" the coach master curiously asked.


"have ya' get yer' potential tested?"

"I have."

"waddya get?"

"average potential"

"where ye goin?"

"I'm thinking of going to Heart Sword School"

"tough luck young'un with your average potential you might only reach the outskirts of outer discipleship"

"is it that bad?"

"yer right, it's very hard to join any tier 5 rank 4 sects with an average potential."


"when I was still young, I also have an average cultivation potential. and I tried to join multiple tier 5 sects, and only managed to join a rank 4 sect as an outer disciple. I tried my best to get stronger, but I was bullied by an enemy sect disciple and got my cultivation base crippled."

"..." the immediate shift to a depressing talks made Jay unable to speak, while felling bad the old man kept talking.

"In my opinion young'un, If ya really hafta cultivate. with an average potential, yer just be embroiled in battles between sects. yer just gonna suffer, I prefer ya to be a rogue cultivator and just be weary around ya."

although the fact that the weak gets eaten by the strong, made Jay nervous. being a rouge cultivator  is a bad idea, not having a potential allies is already an extremely detrimental disadvantage for survival in Jay's opinion.

"oh, everyone's here now. aye, let's depart" said by the old man when he noticed all passengers have arrived.


the carriage departed.