Ch3. I your father, Is a son of heaven! or maybe not….
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Jay was bored after a few days of traveling.

"are we there yet?" Jay asked the old man.

"not yet son." the old man replied.




a day after.

"are we there yet?"

"not yet."




another day.

"are we there yet?"

"not yet"




then another.




'grandpa chill, I'm just asking if we're there yet.' Jay thought in his head, not saying it out loud and possibly angering the old man more.

But to be fair, Jay kept asking the same question around 20 times per day to the old man for a week already.


dusk came and the carriage stopped to camp out the night.

each members in the group had their fair share of responsibilities, some were tasked to get timber for fuel, other's tasked to gather food, and other's was made to guard the group.


after the group had their meals, most not part of the early watch duty group prepared their sleeping quarters. Jay prepared his sleeping tent, and easily went to dream land.


Jay dreamed as someone who cultivated the Dao, he easily sweeps gods and devils, left and right  as  easily as someone drop kicking children. with his guandao in his left and a sword in his right, his unparalleled might bulldozes enemy cultivators within the same realm and higher.


"gahahahaha weaklings, face my unbeatable might! ghahaha" -Jay sleep talking.

luckily for jay none of the other entourage was able to hear his sleep talk, else they might really die of cringe.


after a while, Jay was awoken by a sharp scream.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BANDITS."



startled, Jay stood up quickly and went outside his tent.


witnessing the carnage, what he saw was multiple bandits.


'its time.' Jay thought nervously, his very first fight in this cultivation world.

"HYAH!" Jay charged forward to one of the enemies near him.


he punched at the enemy with all his might.





the person he punched, stood dumbfounded by the fact that a person who haven't even cultivated had the audacity to attack people...

"what the fuck are you thinking." said the bandit.

he soon raised his hands to punch Jay in the stomach, easily propelling him backwards a couple of meters.



blacking out momentarily, Jay looked at the bandits in a daze. thinking this is the place where he might die.


Jay closed his eyes accepting his fate.


Gacha System Activated

welcome host!


'what?' Jay was really surprised by a sudden window that appeared Infront of him.


I am the ultimate gacha system

I can strengthen you host, to become the most domineering powerhouse in all the realms!




in a desperate battle of life and death, the protagonist will rise from the ashes and be born anew to crush all enemies under their feet!


and the protagonist is I, Jay!


'quick! give me the most powerful buff you have!' Jay immediately demanded, not understanding the main function of the system.



System gave *newcomer ticket pack

+10 tickets

-system note.
you can open the gacha and use the tickets to pull items from the systems reliquary, by just thinking 'gacha.'


'okay, 'gacha''


a new panel showed up Infront of Jay, and he Immediately pulled for 10 pieces.


Congratulations you got!

[Mortal Coin Box]

[a random amount of mortal coins from 1 copper to 1000 jade slip]


[a sword made from the power of the sun, can inflict high burn damage to enemy and purifies evil spirits]

[couple of bronze coins]

[bronze coins worth 1 jade slip]


[A Legendary hammer, very strong, emits lightning when struck]


[a sword made from the power of the sun, can inflict high burn damage to enemy and purifies evil spirits]

[Immortal Realm Pill Pouch]

[a random assortment of Immortal Realm Pills]


[A Legendary hammer, very strong, emits lightning when struck]

[mid grade spirit stone pouch]

[a pouch of mid grade spirit stones ranging from 1 piece to 1000 piece]

[Small Point Pack]

[give 2 points to the host when used]


[a legendary sword. [Indestructible], supremely sharp, burns enemies]


LEGENDARY ITEMS! for the first 10 pulls!

'system how do I equip the legendary items!'


You are too weak to wield the legendary weapons, the minimum requirement to wield them is to be at the realm of a true immortal. In your current strength it is recommended to recycle the items for pull tickets.


as Jay already is in a precarious situation, It forced him to sacrifice his early legendary items to get more items.

'DO IT!'


Ding* recycled 5 legendary items

  1. [Radiance] x2
  2. [Mjolnir] x2
  3. [Clarent] x1

Items left in inventory

  1. [Immortal Realm Pill Pouch] x1
  2. [mid grade spirit stone pouch] x1
  3. [Small Point Pack] x1
  4. [Mortal Coin Box] x1
  5. [couple of bronze coins] x1

granting host 10 more pulls!




Ding* the host got


[a cooking skill]


[A bag of Potatoes weighing 10kgs]

[can of coke]

[a can of coke]

[lovely flower]

[when given to women, they have a hard time to reject your request.(the request have a hard limit that depends on the woman.)]

[Foundation Realm Puppet]

[a semi-autonomous puppet controlled by the system (has the cultivation strength and rank of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator]


[A bag of Potatoes weighing 10kgs]

[phoenix body]

[a body that can fully transform into a phoenix, and have domineering cultivation talent]

[Totem of Undying]

[fully revives the owner if they somehow die.]

[Totem of Undying]

[fully revives the owner if they somehow die.]

[toy box]

[a box of toys extremely popular with children]


'Finally a body! system quickly, give it to me!'


Ding* apologies host, you do not have the capability to hold a 'body' as your soul is an affront to nature deemed by the heavens.


'activate the puppet!'


You do not have Qi to activate the puppet



Jay's blood pressure shot up tremendously.


  1. [Mortal Coin Box] x1
  2. [couple of bronze coins] x1
  3. [Immortal Realm Pill Pouch] x1
  4. [mid grade spirit stone pouch] x1
  5. [Small Point Pack] x1
  6. [Cooking] x1
  7. [Potato] x2
  8. [can of coke] x1
  9. [lovely flower] x1
  10. [Foundation Realm Puppet] x1
  11. [phoenix body] x1
  12. [Totem of Undying] x2
  13. [toy box] x1
FR Jay got 5 legendary items for the first 10 pulls on my spaghetti gacha code.... IDK how he did it but he did.
also please help me by giving suggestions on Xianxia-esque names for weapons and techniques to add to the gacha pool. sect names, and other names are also welcomed.