Chapter 86: Things are about to change
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After Lize had stepped inside the spatial rift she instantly appeared approximately five minutes after Lincoln and Alina had left. Hovering roughly five hundred meters above the destroyed snowy mountain Lize observed her surroundings.

Even now the aura of death continued to contaminate the surrounding area for roughly several kilometers. Many trees died while the air was thick with the scent of death.

The aura was so dense that not only had it completely covered the entire sky, but the surroundings as well preventing anyone from seeing what lies beyond.

"... This place is where Hendrix's mansion was once built, isn't it? Why is the aura of death here of all places?" Lize tilted her head cutely in confusion.

The aura of death should have long left this place...

At least she was certain that the aura of death wasn't here when she last came to this place, so why? She couldn't quite fathom the situation.

"I guess I should go and find the source of the aura of death." She muttered to herself as she gazed down below. However, for a moment a look of hesitation shone in her beautiful pink colored eyes as she sighed.

She could easily guess the other gods were probably in a state of uproar about now, she really wanted to go back and check on things but...

"Sigh, I hope this doesn't interfere with my naps too much." She muttered listlessly.

Soon, a slightly thin pink transparent barrier appeared around her body in the shape of a square, if the aura of death were to come in contact with her body even, she wasn't certain she could make it out alive.

The square shaped transparent barrier then slowly descended down into the depths of the abyssal hole left behind by Lincoln's previous attack.


Meanwhile, back inside the temple of power...

Kenta had tried leaving the room many times but no matter how many times he had tried opening up the door it wouldn't budge an inch.

"Sigh, it's no use it won't open." He muttered in frustration. He had spent quite a while here inside his room speaking with Lize that he had lost track of time.

He was probably here for at least half an hour or so, his lunch time will be up within the next hour, so he wanted to see what was going on, on the outside.

[Forget it... this entire room is now trap within an isolated space. It's completely free from the influence of the outside world.]

"Huh, an isolated space... th-that woman sealed the entire room in a subspace? H-How?! Is such a feat even possible?!" Kenta asked incredulously.

[Little Kenta, you need to broaden your view point a bit more, we are talking about an actual goddess here, such a feat is nothing special for beings who had already transcended the mortal realm.] Agni spoke, a little exasperated at Kenta's naivety.

Kenta furrowed his brow at Agni's words, indeed perhaps he had been Underestimating the gods a little, it was just that until now Kenta had been living the mundane life of a regular mortal. So, there were still many things he didn't know about them.

However, regardless of their strengths he will not fall to their hands, he clenched his hand into a fist as he muttered under his breath. "In that case then... I'll be the strongest!"

[An unachievable goal for your current self.] Agni's words hit mercilessly as Kenta's brow twitches slightly. And as though covering up his embarrassment he coughed and uttered. "So, can you tell me about the condition of my physical body now? I remember you said that my physical strength had increased, am I going to be okay now?"

[... No, you are not. It's true that your physical strength had increased due to your sudden awakening, but not only did it increase your physical body, but even your soul had an abrupt increase in strength.] Agni explained bluntly.

Agni's words were like a bucket of cold water as Kenta listened to his explanation. "What the hell! Are you saying I'm in even more danger than before?" He asked, fearfully.

[Indeed, I'd recommend you do not use soul eater anytime soon. At least not until you fix the current problem of your physical body, it would be a huge pain if your soul grew any stronger.]

"I see... yeah, you are right... it's a pity I can't use it but, I'll put it away for the time being... since Jessica had already found someone to teach me within a few days it should be fine now, right?" He inquired, a bit hopefully.

[... Do not take it too lightly, the 'demon strengthening physique' is normally not something an ordinary human can use. The strenuous training methods is so intense that some of the powerful demigods failed to learn it. It's already amazing enough that some mortals actually survived the intense training.] Agni warned.

"I see. I'll keep that in mind but... on another note, when are we going to be free from this subspace? I don't want to miss my class."

[I can sense the time in this place is moving a lot faster than the time outside, even if you spend a day in here in the outside world only an hour would have passed, so you don't have to worry.]

Hearing that Kenta's eyes which had returned to their usual light blue color widen slightly. "Eh, seriously?"

[Yes, that goddess probably did this on purpose to increase the amount of time you guys get to talk, fufufufu! You should thank her, isn't she considerate?]

Kenta didn't know how to respond to that as he let out a short sigh before sitting down on his bed.

He then looked at the book Lize had given him, and with a curious glint in his eyes he opened up the book and read the contents written inside.


Meanwhile, inside a dark abyss...

Lize continued to traverse down the dark path that led to the depths of aura of death.

The further Lize traveled the more uncomfortable she got as she felt an aura aside from the aura of death, this aura was much denser and darker as the aura of death.

Soon, a small gleam shone amidst the darkness. Lize's face was then illuminated by a violet glow as she drew closer to the source of the light.

However, when Lize's eyes made contact with a large, crystallized obsidian orb, her pink pupils contracted to the smallest possible size as she felt a feeling of fear that even the aura of death had never given her!

"... Th-This, void energy." Her lips trembled softly as she muttered those words.

However, when she processed the meaning of those words, she couldn't believe what she had just said. Void energy? The same energy that the once infamous God of destruction possessed.

The god of destruction was born in a space filled with chaotic energy; he was the only known God who could harness such destructive energy.

Luckily the gods were able to slay him with the "God slayer Sword" That was supposed to be the end of it but...

"Did Hendrix had something like this hidden the entire time? That man he really is trying to start another great war, isn't he?" Lize muttered as she observed the obsidian crystal from a distance.

She didn't even dare to take another step further fearing her divinity would be corrupt by the chaotic energy emanating from the void energy obsidian crystal.

Gods could generally survive many illnesses, but the corruption from the void energy were generally known to be untreatable.

She didn't know what Hendrix had planned but at the same time she really didn't want to risk it...

"As expected, should I kill him after all?" Lize wondered. Although she didn't quite understand why the void energy was here, hidden beneath the place his palace once stood, it wasn't hard for her to draw some conclusions of her own.

'There is no doubt that this obsidian crystal had been here for a long time... was he planning on using this at some point against the gods?' She wondered, as she made a conjecture base of the available information.

Indeed, having something like the void energy as a good trump card. The only weapon that could somehow counter the void energy was the "God slayer sword" But that sword was currently being detain by the "True gods" Within the upper realm.

Lize sighed as she gazed up towards the darkened sky a bit listlessly as she muttered.

"Why do I have a feeling that things are about to change..."


Meanwhile, inside a spacious room located within an extravagant looking palace of the island of gods a meeting was currently taking place.

A large wooden table was placed in the center of the room with ten chairs... occupying each of the ten chairs were ten powerful beings who currently stood at the apex of this world.

Regardless of power or influence they were the monarch! The being's worship by the mortals of this world...

Each had the aura of a god surrounding their bodies. five gods and five goddesses were currently seated around the table with serious expression on their faces.

Among them a rather handsome man with short black hair suddenly stood up and uttered. "... Well then shall we start this meeting?"