Chapter 87: Meeting of gods (1/3)
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"... Well then shall we start this meeting?" A black-haired man asked as a faint smile adorned his handsome face. This man was the god of wind and despite his actual strength being below most of the gods and goddesses present here, he had a little more influence than most of them.

"... Yes, regarding the matter of the aura of death I think there are a few things that doesn't quite add up." A soft and melodious voice sounded as a woman with long green hair decorated with various flower embroidery suddenly spoke.

Everyone turned their eyes towards the owner of the voice, the "Goddess of nature" Flora, and kept their silence. Understanding the meaning behind their silence Flora once again opened her mouth.

"I mean... it's strange the Hendrix I knew would have attacked already for the sole purpose of getting revenge. Don't you think it's strange he hasn't done anything since a thousand years?"

A heavy silence suddenly filled the room as the gods and goddesses from both sides held their tongues with a troubled expression on their faces. Indeed, what Flora pointed out was precisely what they were struggling to understand.

Why hasn't he made a move yet, shouldn't he desire revenge for what happened to him?

They couldn't understand why the usual arrogant and hot-headed Hendrix would stay silent for so long without turning his fury against them...


Suddenly a handsome man with long waist length black hair slammed his arm against the table. "What are you talking about, isn't it obvious that bastard must have gotten weaker since his defeat and is slowly increasing his power while plotting ways to get back at the gods who had managed to stop his scheme!"

The god of darkness, Drake roared!

His black eyes which was as dark as the starless night sky that even with the lighting of the room it was impossible to see beyond the darkness. Some of the gods agreed with Drake's words, if Hendrix really had been weakened, then it would make sense why he doesn't want to show himself out in the open.

However, the "War goddess" Victoria furrowed her brow slightly as she frowned. "Impossible, Hendrix's soul was destroyed... can you explain how it is possible for someone to survive without a soul, Drake?"

"... Thats." Drake held his silence as he frowned. But then a smirk appeared on his face as he said not hiding his disdained.

"Maybe you guys were just too incompetent, if you had informed me about your plan then I would have killed that fucker myself!"

"You're just using your own grudge and hatred against Hendrix. That's precisely why we didn't involve you, knowing you, you would have allowed your own petty emotions to get the better of you and messed up."

Victoria's voice was as cold and indifferent as always, however, upon hearing the mockery and ridicule within them darkness gathered around Drakes body and swirled as though threatening to come out.

At the same time Victoria narrowed her indifferent eyes sharply as she held onto the hilt of her divine sword preparing to draw her blade at any moment.

"Victoria, you!" Drake's eyes were like two black holes as he glared at Victoria as though he wanted to rip her to pieces. However, Victoria only looked at Drake as though his very existence meant nothing in her eyes.

A tense atmosphere gathered between them as they both gazed at the other. The goddess of nature, Flora frowned slightly as she observed both Drake and Victoria who looked like they were about to attack each other at any moment.

"Umm... shouldn't we do something about this?" Flora whispered towards a red-haired beauty who was the closest to her. That red-haired beauty who had been silent for some time finally sighed as her crimson eyes shone with a fierce gleam.

"Enough... you two, could it be that you guys have forgotten where you are at the moment?" Suddenly, the temperature rose within the room as a soft, yet fierce voice sounded.

Meanwhile, sitting gracefully in the seat on the left side of Victoria the woman with long fiery red braided hair spoke.

The woman was the "Sun goddess" Sunna. Another goddess with long snow-white hair seated beside Sunna with her eyes closed not bothering to pay any attention to the skirmish of the other god and goddess before she opened her mouth.

"I also have something I need to address regarding Hendrix."

"Oh, and what is that?" The god of wind, Zephyr turned his attention towards the white-haired beauty. "After I sensed the aura of death, I checked the reincarnation cycle and..."

After saying that much the white-haired woman, the "Goddess of light" Paused... "... What happen, is it working now?" Zephyr asked. However, the goddess of light, Theia, shook her head before sighing. "Unfortunately, it's still not working."

"What, how is that possible?"

"If he is alive, shouldn't the reincarnation cycle be active?"

Various voices of disbelief sounded around the room. Theia observed the expressions on everyone before sighing to herself. Then her light blue eyes suddenly turned to a particular god who had been silent until now as she said.

"You, Maverick, should already be aware of this fact, right?"

Maverick frowned slightly as he sighed, "What gave me away?" He asked greatly amused. However, Theia casually shrugged her slender shoulders as she opened her mouth.

"As a fellow Universal law user, you are also granted the same privilege as me, right? Wouldn't it be strange not to check whether the reincarnation cycle was active again if the god of death was actually alive?"

"... You are correct. I had checked, the only two beings capable of manipulating the reincarnation cycle are those troublesome siblings." Maverick sighed as he spoke. To which Theia nodded her head gently before speaking.

"I know for a fact that Isis definitely won't start the reincarnation cycle, as she has been depressed since Hendrix had died way back then... and even with the joined efforts of countless gods they had never been able to convince her. Considering that the balance of power that once maintain "order" has collapse those guys from the upper realm will make contact in the not-so-distant future."

Theia explained in a sullen tone. At her statement the others present had troubled expressions on their faces. The "True gods" Were the true ruler of the universe. The gods on the lower world were replaceable for them...

Maybe those with universal laws would be fine since they were necessary for the stability of the universe but, the others with minor divinities were easily replaceable.

However, as though to throw oil onto the fire Zephyr said while not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "About that... I received a message from the upper realm some time ago."

"What, you did?"

Everyone presents turned their gaze towards Zephyr with a serious expression. Even though no one said anything, it was obvious to Zephyr what they were thinking.

"Relax they don't know that the balance has become unstable... are you forgetting the barrier which surrounds the upper realm? Even if we attack that place with our strongest attack, I doubt we could break the spatial barrier which has been protecting it since the beginning."

"... I see. Considering how unstable the flow of time is currently moving due to the instability of the aura of death and aura of life, the rough estimate I can give it at least three years before they start to notice the abnormality."

Sunna said in a bitter tone. To which Theia nodded her head with a troubled expression.

"In that case can you tell us what the gods living in the upper realm wanted?" Theia asked, as her light blue eyes stared fixedly at Zephyr.

"It seems there is going to be a marriage ceremony held between the god of space and the goddess of time soon."

Hearing this piece of information, the room once again fell silent.

"A marriage between two beings of the highest rank, isn't this something unprecedented?" Sunna commented. Marriage between two low rank gods were generally common but, never in the history of the universe had there been a marriage between a god and a goddess who currently stood at the peak of both power and influence!

"Sigh, I see... so we are expected to be present during the marriage ceremony, am I correct?" Victoria inquired. Zephyr nodded his head in confirmation.

"... But doesn't this put news of the instability of the universe at risk of being discovered? Once the ceremony starts, they will most definitely open the spatial barrier." Flora muttered with a bitter grimace.

"Tch, all of this happened because of that bastard! And that woman isn't so different... she also refused to do her job. They're just a bunch of troublesome siblings."

"Sigh, Drake I can understand your frustrations but please calm down." Flora said as she held her head as though enduring a terrible headache. However, at that moment someone else who hadn't been a part of the conversation until now suddenly decided to speak.

".... Why are you guys depressed over a situation that can easily be solved?" A handsome man with slightly long blonde hair spoke.

"You, Rai what do you mean?" Zephyr asked tilting his head.

Rai the current god of lightning and thunder said in a mocking tone.

"Why not just grab that bitch by her neck and forcefully bind her and use that collar on her? It was her own brother that created this mess shouldn't she compensate?"