Chapter 88: Meeting of gods (2/3)
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A heavy silence suddenly fell over the room when everyone heard Rai's unexpected suggestion. However, upon comprehending the meaning behind his words the gods and goddesses each had different reactions.

The gods deeply ponder over this idea with serious expressions etched on their faces while on the contrary. "..." The goddesses all looked at Rai with cold eyes filled with both disgust and contempt.

That is to be expected as the "Suppression collar" Was a forbidden item used to both suppress and dominate the wearer.

The collar would usually be used against slaves or a sealed to weaken the victim.

There were also many men who abused this collar and used it against multiple women to make them become meek and docile, so that they wouldn't disobey them.

"I can't agree to this proposal."

"Me neither... I don't know why but, the mere thought of using the 'Suppression collar' against a fellow goddess sounds rather flagitious."

"Could we even force such a thing around that woman's neck in the first place? Even with her abilities weakened she is still a powerful goddess who had managed to comprehend a universal law."

As both Flora and Sunna voiced their disagreement, Maverick asked about the likelihood of achieving such a feat with a dubious face.

He could still remember vividly how fearsome and domineering Isis was whenever she actually gets serious.

Her abilities over life were truly terrifying, she was probably as scary as Hendrix when fully released! Not only could Isis bestow life to others, but she could also take it as well something only the "God of death" Was supposed to be able to do.

"I refuse such a proposal; we already have the god of death as an enemy now you want the goddess of life too." Zephyr refused in a blunt tone.

"Are you saying we should just let her stay locked up doing nothing?"

"I'm not saying that, but I think we should choose a method that won't backfire on us if we fail."

"It was her brother who started this mess... She has the responsibility to make up for his wrong doings, am I wrong?"

Rai questioned, as he narrowed his eyes sharply. Zephyr's expression remained calm and firm as he spoke.

"... Regardless of their relationship my rejection won't change, we definitely will not use such an underhanded method against Isis, am I clear?"

To Zephyr's words Rai snorted coldly. "Hmph, from your overly adamant way of refusing my suggestion do you perhaps still have some feelings towards that woman?" Zephyr's brow twitched slightly as he heard that. Suddenly, everyone could feel subtle changes of the wind as it became restless.

"Enough, stop this you two. This is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves." A soft and melodious voice that could soothed the soul resounded. Subconsciously, everyone's eyes were drawn to the goddess of light as a serene aura of light was exuded from her curvaceous body.

"... The place where the aura of death was detected I shall personally go there to investigate." Theia said as she got to her feet, her long snow-white hair fell down to her waist. "Eh, you are leaving?" Flora asked, curiously.

It had been countless millennia since a high ranked god or goddess last left the divine island. Usually, they would never go down to the mortal world unless something happens that acquire their immediate attention.

"In this situation I have no choice... I shall investigate so that we can have a better understanding on the situation... Also, my divinity of light is also very sensitive against negative energy which the aura of death is known for."

".... I see. But can I ask you what you are going to do if by some chance you happen to cross path with Hendrix?" The sun goddess, Sunna asked. The faces of everyone became serious as they looked at Theia awaiting her response.

Theia's eyebrow curved slightly as she fell silent. After several second, she said in a firm and serious voice. "If by some chance our paths happen to cross then I... the goddess of Light, vow to capture him and he will explain himself whether he wants to or not."

The gods and goddesses all swallowed audibly as they felt a tremendous pressure being released from Theia.

In terms of power Hendrix was far superior to Theia. However, her authority of light isn't something to underestimate either. Her light makes her easily the fastest goddess in existence.

Though, Theia wasn't willing to engage in a frontal confrontation against Hendrix as she knew her chances of winning is below 50%.

"Continue the meeting without me, I shall head there now." Theia said as she walked towards the door. However, "Wait, please allow me to accompany you there." The sun goddess Sunna suddenly stood up.

She swipes her front bangs to the side as she said. "Although I do not doubt your strength, I don't think it's a good idea to go alone. Besides you remember what happened to Thora and Caia, right?"

The room became tensed as the names of both Thora and Caia were mentioned. Drake's brow furrowed slightly as his eyes became darker as the name "Thora" Was mentioned.

"Curse that bastard!" Drake roared as he clenched his hand into a fist!

Flora watched his expression and heaved a small sigh, "Very well, shall we leave?" Theia looked at Sunna and smiled kindly at her. Sunna nodded her head as she gracefully walked after Theia's departing figure.

The door then closed softly as they left.

"Now then there is something else I'd like to address." Zephyr suddenly spoke. "What is it?" Flora inquired.

"It's about the forgotten ruins." Once those words were mentioned the faces of those present changed drastically.

"What about the forgotten ruins, had something happen there?" Victoria's face remained unchanged as she asked. Zephyr sighed as he said, "The temple has showed signs of emerging back to the surface."

"..." The room fell into twilight silence as they all looked at Zephyr with stunned gazes.

Zephyr wasn't surprised after all he was in the same condition when he first felt the subtle present of the forgotten temple. "Impossible! That place was sealed by the god of creation and the goddess of magic, wasn't it? How could it be resurfacing?!" Rai exclaimed, from where he sat.

Zephyr sighed to himself as he looked at Rai's horrified expression. After all the thing that was sealed inside the forgotten ruins wasn't something anyone wanted to face ever again!

The treasures used to free the infamous "God killer" Was locked inside the temple.

During the "War of gods" The god killer couldn't be killed as many of the "True gods" Decided to seal him away.

They purposely sealed the temple in a subspace deep beneath the ocean to ensure those artifacts would never be found again to free that monstrosity, but now the temple is showing signs of emerging back to the surface.

Flora's beautiful face was as pale as a sheet of paper as she recalled back to the "War of gods."

"Th- This is more serious than I thought, we should inform them!" She said in a serious tone.

"Sigh, it seems the false peace has come to an end. Well... I have been itching to get the rust off my blade for some time now." Victoria's eyes shone as she muttered to herself.

"I will inform them on the upcoming ceremony, as for the matter regarding Hendrix I shall leave it to both Theia and Sunna."

"... But what about Isis, as the goddess of life she is also sensitive to the aura of death, right?"

As Zephyr was about to wrap things up Rai pointed out another problem. "Do you really think that woman will stay still now that there is a possibility that her brother is still alive?" Rai asked, staring at Zephyr.

Zephyr's face became a bit complex as he pondered about the matter. "... I will talk to her once the meeting ends, I had already sent someone to keep her busy."

"Eh, you have?" Flora's emerald, green eyes widen in a show of surprised as she gazed at Zephyr.

"You, who exactly did you leave to keep an eye on her?" Maverick asked, curiously. Isis wasn't a goddess just anyone can deal with. "... A minor god with the divinity of perception." Zephyr answered.

"What, do you really think a lesser god could handle that woman? Are you crazy!" Maverick looked at Zephyr incredulously as he was clearly underestimating Isis. Victoria heaved a sigh as she leaned back onto her chair.

"Do you really think a mere lesser god could handle that woman? It took five high ranked gods to stop her from rampaging last time she snapped." Victoria said in a tired voice. Zephyr's face darkened as he realized he may have miscalculated somehow.

"Sigh, it's fine... I doubt she would cause us any damage." A soft and melodious voice sounded. sitting gracefully on her designated seat was a woman with long magenta hair, Eirene. The goddess of peace. "Are you sure?" Zephyr asked dubiously.

"Yes... I can't sense any disturbances so; I can guarantee that you have nothing to worry about." Eirene answered with a faint smile.


Meanwhile, Inside another room...

Both Isis and Diana were attentively watching the sequence of the meeting through a hologram projection. "Lady Isis, won't we get into trouble if anyone finds out about this?" Diana asked, in a worried tone.

"..." However, Isis didn't respond to her question instead her mind was occupied with various thoughts. Although she was mostly interested in her brother, she also learned information she couldn't ignore.

"The forgotten ruins is resurfacing..." She muttered to herself.