Chapter 89: Meeting of gods (3/3)
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For what seem like an eternity Isis's expression remained in a dazed state for quite some time entering a perpetuity of silence.

Diana stared at Isis with a somewhat troubled expression on her beautiful face. This was definitely the first time she had seen her master in such a state in the last several thousands of years ever since she fell into depression.

For a moment Diana began to panic as she truly didn't know what to do when seeing Isis remained in that state for such a long period of time unmoving. However, after taking several deep breaths Isis regained her composure.

For a moment a strange glint flash through Isis's silver-colored eyes as a complicated expression suddenly filled her face. Her memories took her back to the "War of gods" During that war Isis was also one of the core group of goddesses who fought against the traitors who started the uprisings.

That war brought about so many destructions, so many gods and goddesses parish having their souls destroyed never to be reborn again. Isis was also one of the goddesses who held back the infamous "God killer" During that time. His strength was so impeccable that even using her full authority over life was completely useless against him!

He was truly a formidable opponent. Finally, after many difficulties they had managed to seal him away forever but now that temple was once again resurfacing. Isis's complexion became slightly pale, the goddess of magic had already parish during that war, without her it was impossible to create the "Six magic seal formation."

Diana furrowed her brow as she saw Isis's pale face and couldn't help but ask, "M-Master is there something wrong?" Diana was a powerful goddess. However, when compared with the ones who fought during the great war of gods, she was really young compared to them. Everything she knew about the war were either information's she learnt from reading historical books or hear from the mouths of other gods or goddesses.

So, she really did not know how terrifying the "God killer" Really was, seeing something and experiencing it with eyes are completely different after all. After a short moment Isis let out the breath from her lungs as her expression remained indifferent. "... I think I have grasped all the information I need, let's go." Isis said as she turned and was about to leave the room.

"Eh, we are leaving already, but the meeting hasn't ended yet." Diana said in surprised. Isis's figure came to a halt as she was about to open the door. "The other information don't interest me. In the first place we only came here to learn what they are planning to do to my brother. However, they don't appear to be planning anything execrable at the moment."

"B-But even so, what exactly are you planning to do my lady?" Diana questioned with a troubled expression. She really didn't want to anger Isis as she already know her personality very well, once angered only the higher ups can deal with her. However, Diana didn't want to do anything that could potentially put her position at risk.

However, Isis responded to her without so much as a glanced back, "With the goddess of light, and the sun goddess after him, even my brother would find it difficult hiding from them both. So, I shall assist him however I can..."

After saying that Isis casually glanced over her shoulder, peering at Diana's face closely before adding.

"Diana, I respect your loyalty and dedication. However, I will currently be doing something that would probably endanger my own position, so I can understand if you feel uneasy. If you want you can stay here, I really don't mind."

The door then shut with a soft sound, Diana's expression remained complicated as she stared at the closed door with a troubled face.

What was she supposed to do?

Isis was always the goddess who she looked up to the most and someone she swore she would serve for eternity. However, now when that person was at her lowest, she was hesitating to assist her. Diana sighed deeply as she clenched her fist. For a moment a look of uncertainty flash through Diana's light blue eyes as the strange markings on her skin began to emit a faint glow.


Meanwhile, back inside the meeting of gods. A serious atmosphere filled the room.

"What are we going to do about the forgotten ruins, do we have a rough estimate of when it will resurface?" Flora asked calmly as she twirled her long strand of deep green hair. She had completely gotten over her previous shock. Her expression was filled with grace and a great level of composure as she voiced her questioned.

At that everyone stared directly at Zephyr. "... I don't know I can only vaguely sense its presence.... But its presence is extremely weak at the moment so I don't think it will appear anytime soon."

"But even then, we need to get to it before anyone else who has bad intention, even though the war of gods has ended not all of those scums were killed. Some of them fled while some went into hiding there is no telling when they will show themselves again." Victoria suddenly spoke. Though her expression still remained indifferent and uncaring about the situation.

At that Flora, Rai, Eirene all had troubled expressions. Maverick frowned as he spoke. "With the current situation with Hendrix we can't afford to let our guards down that man would probably use this situation to his advantage."

".... That is one possibility, since Hendrix is currently hiding in the mortal world, he should also be able to sense it more clearly." Zephyr spoke seriously.

"What! Impossible he wouldn't! Hendrix also knew how dangerous the god killer is he definitely wouldn't do something like that!" Flora bellowed uneasily.

Even if Hendrix had done some heinous deeds in the past he wouldn't go as far as to free the "God killer" The god killer hated the gods his very existence existed only to annihilate them.

There was no way Hendrix would take such a risk of freeing the undying god killer. Even Hendrix who had complete control over death couldn't kill him after all.

"Sigh, let's stop here, we are only going around in circle at this point. Let's wait for Sunna and Theia to return before we come up with a solution for Hendrix." Zephyr said with a troubled expression.

No one objected as they each had their own thoughts to sort out.

After several hours of discussion, the meeting of gods finally came to a conclusion.

The gods and goddesses all dispersed and went their own way, going back to their daily activities. The god of wind promptly decided to check on Isis who was supposed to stay locked up inside her room.

After many twists and turns, he finally arrived before the door. "Mm, there is no guard, strange didn't I tell him to stay at her door." Zephyr frowned deeply as he knocked on the door a few times. However, no matter how many times he knocks there was no response. Only an eerie silence.

"W-Wait don't tell me she!" Zephyr promptly used his divine senses to scan the entire room. However, he couldn't find a single trace of her presence inside her room. Zephyr quickly extended his divine senses to search the entire palace. However, no matter where he looked or how far he searched he couldn't find her anywhere!

Isis was a goddess who had long since reach the peak of strength, on top of that she had comprehended the universal law of life, she was a goddess who had long since surpassed Zephyr in both strength and authority!

Let alone Zephyr who was a mere low-ranked god in terms of strength even the high-ranked goddesses would struggle if she remained hidden with her aura completely suppressed.

After searching the room Zephyr clench his fist, a fierce glint shone through his eyes as his voice bellowed through the hall! "Lance! Where the hell is Lance!" His voice reverberated and created a powerful shockwave that easily spread through the entire hall!

Many weaker gods or demigods had blood oozing from their ears with painful expressions on their faces. After waiting several minutes Lance finally arrived before Zephyr. Lance's face was covered with cold sweats. Lance promptly bowed his head respectfully towards Zephyr. However, at that moment all Lance felt was a strong impact against the center of his forehead.


A deafening sound resounded as Lance's body was sent flying backwards like a broken kite through the hallway slamming against the hard walls. Even though it was just a casual flick of the finger Lances body had already traveled a great distance. He smashed through several walls in his path before eventually coming to a stop. And with a single step zephyr had easily closed the distance, arriving before Lance in an instant.

Lance had blood oozing from the corners of his mouth even his nose and eyes had blood flowing out in copious amount. As a god an attack like that wasn't enough to kill him but, his internal organs were severely damage from the sudden attack. Zephyr looked down on him from where he stood. "Didn't I tell you not to move or allow that woman to leave? You had one job and yet, you!"

Zephyr's angry voice rang out along the hallway, from the back his attack had already drawn other various gods' attention. They all looked with their eyes filled with either curiosity or interest. "C-Cough, cough! P-Please forgive me... but I have no idea what you are talking about!" Lance coughed out blood as he prostrated himself onto the ground.

"Guh!" But suddenly lance's expression changed drastically as he found it hard to breathe! When he gazed around, he noticed he was now trapped inside a compressed barrier of hundreds of wind blades which had him surrounded from all sides.

Not only was it getting hard to breathe but even the surroundings were becoming unstable as though the very space was being ripped apart by the compressed wind! "P-Please show mercy!" Lance began to plea desperately. "..." However, Zephyr's expression remained icy cold as he gazed down on him, his eyes flash with a hint of mockery! At the same time Zephyr's hands slowly clenched into a fist and following that gesture the barrier of wind slowly closed.

Lance's face contorted greatly as a feeling of fear began to appear deep in his heart.

Yes, it was 'Fear' The feeling he had long forgotten along with the endless river of time. He could sense it; he could feel it. If he is hit with this attack all that awaited him was death!

No rebirth!

Only endless silence!

At that moment Lance truly sank into the pit of despair!

However, at that moment something happened!


A tremendous pressure descended downwards like an unrivaled storm!

The pressure was so great that the weaker gods and goddesses all dropped to their knees and spurted out droplets of blood. Zephyr's expression changed slightly with the appearance of this person. It was a small child, a boy who seem to be no less than ten-year-old. The boy had a childish face, short black hair, his eyes were reddish blue. He wore simple clothing, however, anyone who underestimate him would surely end up dead.

"What can I do for you, Sir Ezra?" Zephyr asked with a respectful bow of his head. Against this person even Zephyr couldn't underestimate him. Ezra the god of storm gazed at Zephyr with a stern expression on his face. "Zephyr what is the meaning of this?" Ezra's voice was both cute and childish. However, his voice also carried some mysterious power behind them. Even someone like Zephyr couldn't resist it.

"I was just disciplining someone who failed at their job and had put in little effort."

"... Is that so? Don't you think your way of discipline was over the top?" Ezra asked, his eyes narrowed. "Hmph, he failed at the little task I gave him, he was supposed to keep Isis inside her room, but he failed, aren't I allowed to punish him for his incompetence?"

"What you ask him to keep the goddess of life locked up, are you insane? Do you really think a mere minor god could control that goddess?" Ezra looked at Zephyr strangely. However, after observing Zephyr carefully for some time he notices something. Zephyr hadn't lost his mind; quite the contrary he was completely sane.

He was merely venting his anger and frustration out on Lance purposefully to appease his inner rage. Soon, the tremendous pressure that Ezra was exuding gradually receded until finally the atmosphere returned to calm once again. Ezra opened his mouth and calmly said, "You are completely wasting your time here, Isis has already left for the mortal world some time ago."