Chapter 91: Sunna’s fury!
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The piercing cold wind tousled their hair which fluttered gently, Theia and Sunna both wore stern expressions on their faces as they stared at the red-haired woman before them.

However, the woman had a faint smile etched on her beautiful face as she observed them carefully and cautiously. Honestly, she had no plans to engage in battle with two goddesses at the same time.

'Sigh, it's just my luck if I knew they were here then I would have stayed instead of coming here alone. With my current strength I'm no match for a goddess, especially two of them at the same time.... No even if things turned into a messy fight, I still have him as my trump card.' She thought to herself.

It was impossible for ordinary beings to detect the aura of a god or goddess; this was because the difference between them were far too great.

Only beings of equivalent strength could sense the aura of another. Similarly, beings who possess strength far greater than another could easily sense and detect the aura of the weaker one.

Even against one of them her chances of winning were rather slim. After sighing faintly for some time, she finally opened her mouth and broke the heavy silence.

"Don't you think it's rude to stare fixedly at someone you are meeting for the first time?"

Theia's eyes narrowed slightly as she observed the unknown woman before her with some hostility shining inside her deep blue eyes.

She could faintly sense the aura of death coming from the red-haired woman, as a goddess who embodies the light, she hated all kinds of impure energies.

"Who are you?!" Sunna asked in a serious and authoritative voice. The space around her heat up as the snow beneath her feet began to melt instantly. However, "..." The red-haired woman didn't respond she merely kept a faint smile on her face.

Seeing that Sunna frowned deeply as she asked again, "Did you not hear me? I ask you to identify yourself!" A fierce pressure suddenly pressed down onto the red-haired woman's delicate body.

Her face change slightly as she felt a tremendous pressure fell over her body, it was as if a heavy mountain had fallen on top of her. It was difficult to breathe, let alone move.

But strangely enough her expression was still completely composed, as though the might of a goddess wasn't enough to scare her.

Seeing this Theia frowned deeply. 'Why is she so calm? Is she really that confident even before us both?' Theia couldn't shake the bad feeling in her chest.

"Sigh, You goddesses haven't change at all over the countless years, have you? Still as arrogant as always." The woman's red lips parted as she murmured with some vexation beneath her veil.

"What are your intentions for coming here?" Sunna inquired; her sharp eyes narrowed dangerously.

However, the red-haired woman didn't reply. Seeing that Sunna frowned. 'Sigh, how am I going to get out of this?' The red-haired woman couldn't help but sigh tiredly. She was secretly calculating various methods of escape. However, her current options were not so easy to achieve.

"... Are you working for Hendrix?" Theia questioned as she stared at the red-haired beauty who stood a few meters away.

"Oh my, what makes you think that I wonder?" The woman's eyes widen slightly in a show of great surprise at the sudden and unexpected mentioned of Hendrix's name, she gracefully places her hand towards her mouth as she chuckled pleasantly.

"You can stop feigning ignorance; I know you are an undead created by Hendrix... And judging by the powerful aura surrounding you, you are one of a really high status." Theia said with a serious expression etched on her face.

Sunna's cold and indifferent expression didn't change as she had also come to the same conclusion when she felt the faint yet subtle aura of death surrounding the woman.

The heat radiating from her body grew to several folds.

Strands of the woman's long flowing silky red hair fluttered messily in the cold breeze as she stared at both Sunna and Theia with growing interest. "Fufufu! Not bad, you are correct I am indeed an undead created by the great God of death."

The red-haired woman said holding the hem of her dress gracefully as she bowed elegantly.

"Hmph, you seem surprised." Theia spoke with a raised eyebrow. It was really difficult to see the expression of the woman who stood before her, as her face was completely covered by the veil that hid the top portion of her upper face, however, her glossy red lips were upturned.

"Can you blame me? After all it has been more than a thousand years since you lots decided to kill my Master, and here I thought we are destined to be forgotten by the passage of time." She spoke as she sighed listlessly.

For a moment many complicated emotions flash through her red eyes as she reminiscence about her master.

She eventually smiled self-deprecatingly before her eyes shone with a mysterious gleam. Sunna who stood a few meters before Theia glared at the red-haired woman before them. "You! It's funny how calm you are after confirming you are a member of Hendrix's undead army!" Sunna's delicate body trembled as she spoke. She was certain she destroyed that army a long time ago.

".... Yes, I am a general of his majesty's undead army." The woman responded bluntly.

"... However, now that you know I can't help but wonder what exactly you are going to do about it?" The red-haired woman cutely tilted her head slightly in what seem to be an innocent gesture.

"... If you are connected to that man, then the only fate that awaits you is the same as your master!" Sunna said in a rather threatening tone, fierce heat surrounded her curvy body as she prepared to launch her attack towards the red-haired woman at any moment.

"Oh, is that so? Then please do show this humble one how you are going to kill me." The red-haired woman said smilingly.

At that provocation Sunna extended out her flawless slender white hand and point her index finger towards the red-haired woman. From the tip of her finger a tiny ball of flame gathered there radiating with a terrifying amount of divine energy!

Seeing this the woman's smile deepened, she then carefully took out a small blue crystallized gem from her dressed pocket.

Seeing the appearance of the gem Theia narrowed her eyes sharply as she gasps, "That crystal is enchanted with summoning magic? Sunna wai-" Before Theia could finish, it was already too late.


For an instant part of the snowy mountain lit up with a resplendent light as the ball of flame was shot outwards like an arrow leaving its bowstring! Wherever the ball of flame passed through the space would heat up for a split second. However, before the attack could reach her the red-haired woman quickly put strength into her hand and crushed the small gemstone in her hands.

Once the gem was crushed a powerful pressure suddenly descended!

For a moment the entire surroundings seem to have lost its sound as the ball of flame closed the distance between them at a frightening speed!


However, just at that moment when the attack was about to land two piercing cold red eyes shone brightly as a sturdy metal shield easily blocked the attack and effortlessly deflected the ball of flame. The flame lost its previous intensity and dispersed softly into the atmosphere like a candle being blown in the strong wind. Sunna's expression changed drastically as she felt the powerful pressure locking onto her body.

Standing between them was an armored middle-aged man with short black hair clad in knightly attire, he was equipped with a sturdy shield and a long silver sword that was twice the size of his own body. His face was extremely pale.

His dull eyes carried no sign of life as he stared at the two women before him. Theia's face became increasingly stern as she observed the undead knight. The aura that surrounded its body was nothing to scoff at. Just by standing there unmoving its undead aura permeated the surroundings giving her chills.

"Fufufu! Although I'm not as strong as you goddess, don't think you can bully me using your immeasurable powers as a goddess. I also have some methods of dealing with you." The red-haired woman said smilingly. Her eyes then reflected the broad back of the man before her as she said coldly.

"It has been a while since my friend here last had a good fight, why don't you two entertain each other a bit?"

However, Sunna casually ignored the woman's playful words and observed the shield with an attentive and cautious gaze. 'Even if that attack didn't have half my real strength behind it, a normal shield would still be turned into scrap metal before it. Which means that shield must be one of really high quality, or perhaps a god tier shield.' She thought to herself.

Her crimson eyes then reflected the sight of the sword in his hand and a frown appeared on her face. If the shield was of really high quality so much so that it was able to easily withstand and effortlessly deflect her attack, then the sword must also be of similar quality.

"Sunna... Allow me to deal with the undead knight. As a light user I'm more effective against his negative energy." Theia suddenly said from behind Sunna.

As the personification of light, Theia embodies the purist kind of energy. Her pure energy cannot be tampered with by the aura of deaths negative energy. Theia casually stepped forward appearing before Sunna.

Theia's long silky white hair swayed gently along with the gentle wind. "I do sincerely apologize if my friend here has offended you. I am willing to talk peacefully if you are willing to compromise. However, if you are going to be hostile then I will be acting accordingly." Theia's voice was soft and pleasant to the ear. Just hearing it would make one feel enchanted just like the soothing melodic sound of nature.

However, a few meters behind the undead knight the red-haired beauty smiled cutely behind her veil as she heard what Theia said.

"... Oh, aren't we way beyond the point of peace talk?" The red-haired woman asked, tilting her head curiously. Her voice was filled with a hint of mockery, as her deep red eyes flash derisively as her clear red pupils reflect the figure of Theia.

However, Theia heaved a long sigh as she shook her head gently, "No, there are still room for negotiations." Theia wanted to avoid a frontal confrontation if possible, so she earnestly tried to search for possible way to make both parties satisfied.

"You seem to know something about why the aura of death suddenly appeared here, are you willing to share your information with us?" Theia asked.

"Hmph, you want to negotiate? Then give me the heads of each of the gods and goddesses who were involved in the death of my Master. If you can fulfill this request, then I don't mind giving you the information." The red-haired woman uttered coldly.

She held a great amount of resentment towards the gods responsible for Hendrix's death, this hatred was one that needed to be repaid with blood!

Upon hearing her request Theia's light blue eyes lost a lot of their initial gentleness and became piercingly cold. "Unfortunately, we can't make such promises. Of course, if you have any other requests then I'd be happy to fulfill them as long as they're within my power."

"How shameless... You want me to fulfill your own requests and yet you bluntly refuse mine? I never thought you proud goddesses were such hypocrites." The red-haired woman said with a derisive sneer. Hearing that Theia furrowed her brow slightly in displeasure.

As a high-ranked goddess she wasn't used to being casually insulted like this, even though she wasn't showing her emotions openly she was naturally fuming on the inside.

"Honestly, I really don't care whether you fulfill my request or not, your destruction is only a matter of time anyway." The red-haired woman said smilingly.

However, Theia's face hardened slightly when she heard that but just then...

A powerful killing intent suddenly permeated through the surroundings! Theia instinctively looked over her shoulder and saw the figure of Sunna who was clad in bright red flames.

Her long red hair seems to have a mind of their own as they fluttered wildly, while being completely covered in scorching hot flames. The light in Sunna's crimson eyes shone with a vicious gleam as she glared at the red-haired woman.

She couldn't believe someone would have the audacity to threaten them, and a weak little undead no less. She couldn't help but find this hilarious.

"Our destruction is only a matter of time you say? Hahahahaha! Interesting, very interesting, a filthy undead think she has the right to threaten us!"

Sunna chuckled pleasantly as she gently placed her hand against her luscious red lips as though she had just heard something truly funny. "I do wonder what exactly is stopping me from turning you to ash right now? Do you think Hendrix will come back and resurrect you from the ashes?"

".... Maybe not, but I'm at least confident in dragging one of you down with me." The red-haired woman's red lips curved upwards as she replied.