Chapter 93: Graveyard
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The earth shook and rumble for roughly several kilometers away as the battle between the sun goddess, Sunna and the undead general, Sasha intensifies!

Sunna struck outwards with her fist blazing in crimson flames, while Sasha followed up with her fist clad in the aura of death!


A fierce gale erupted from the point of collision with both Sunna and Sasha as its core!

They both looked warily at the other before they quickly gathered distance between them.

Sasha had sweat trickling down her brow, and the veil that previously hid her face had been removed during their fierce exchange. Her long darkish red hair was messy.

Her breathing was irregular, and her dress was in tatters.

While on the contrary, Sunna's breathing was stable and steady, her long flaming silky red hair was straight and fell down her back, her dress was in perfect condition. There wasn't even a single wound of her flawless smooth skin.

"Hmph, are you going to give up now? Face it you are completely outmatched here." Sunna said in a haughty tone.

".... Sigh. I knew I wasn't your opponent from the very beginning, despite your arrogance I have to admit the strength of you gods and goddesses really isn't to be underestimated." Sasha sighed tiredly.

She wasn't used to doing such strenuous activities. However, despite how low her chances are of winning Sasha's deep red eyes did not falter at all. The aura of death gathers beneath her feet as she prepared to launch her next attack.

With a light kick Sasha closed the distance between them and extended her arm outwards! Claws made from the aura of death converge on her fingers.

Sunna quickly created a shield made from crimson flames and block the claws coming towards her forcefully. Sunna's long hair fluttered softly as two hot flaming wings akin to that of a Phoenix appeared from her back as she launched herself towards Sasha.

Seeing her coming towards her Sasha kicked off the ground and accelerated towards Sunna. Claws of death met with a blazing fist as both the aura of death and crimson flames collided with the other!

A crater roughly several meters wide in diameter formed beneath their feet. However, both were pushed back from the recoil of their attacks. Sunna's flaming wings spread outwards and easily suppress her momentum, while Sasha was sent flying backwards and crashed against a tree trunk that had already withered away. "Cough." She coughs out a mouthful of blood as she glances at Sunna in the distant.

"... As expected, I really can't win." Sasha sighed as she wipes the blood from the corners of her soft glossy lips. The aura of death slowly began to take shape inside Sasha's hand.

Seeing that Sunna narrowed her eyes. "You, despite how low your chances of victory are you are still thinking of resisting?"

"Why of course, did you really think I'd just give up? I already told you don't underestimate me." The aura of death converges on Sasha's hand, it carefully took the shape of a black spear that radiated an oppressive energy that was harmful to the living.

In an instant Sasha's figure vanish from her previous position appearing right behind Sunna's back as she thrust her spearhead forward vigorously!

"Naive!" Sunna said coldly. Her body instantly broke apart and turned into crimson flames which burned intensely as she disappeared. Despite not taking the other side too seriously Sunna couldn't underestimate the aura of death, if their respective energies clash the aura of death would be able to weaken her crimson flames significantly.

Sunna didn't have a light base divinity, nor did she have a divinity that specialize in life energy either so. Her flames can be influenced by the aura of death!

Once Sunna had escaped her seductive body reformed from the crimson flames as she raised her vigilance. Sasha quickly got into a stance with her spear and pursue Sunna's retreating figure ready to thrust her spearhead at any moment.


Sasha closed in on Sunna from the front thrusting her spear! Sunna's body clad in crimson flames as she created a ball of flame and quickly hurled it towards Sasha's figure.


The spear of death collided with the ball of crimson flames as fierce wave of heat and death spread outwards in radiating shape!

The battle got more intense as the seconds passed. Eventually, they were exchanging blows in the sky as shockwave would erupt dispersing the clouds dramatically.

Meanwhile, on another area...

The undead knight and Theia were locked into battle. He swiftly tried to behead her by swinging his sword in a wide horizontal slash towards her delicate neck. However, Theia effortlessly shielded herself from his blade by creating a barrier of light!


The blade of his sword rebounded against the barrier of light without being able to scratch the barrier in the slightest.

"You should already notice you can't win against me already, no?" Theia spoke calmly. Her long silky white hair swayed gently behind her back as her silver eyes shone with disinterest. However, her efforts of peace talk were completely ignored as the undead knight readied his sword once again.

The undead knight swung his sword horizontally sideways toward the goddess of light, Theia. However, Theia effortlessly evaded all of his strikes with disinterest.

No matter how many times he swung his sword all he had managed to hit was her afterimage left behind from her fast movements.

".... Why won't you stay still!" He yelled in frustration. Theia's expression was filled with serenity as she observed him closely. 

"... You are wasting your time. Unless you have an attack that can move faster than light you won't be able to hit me." She said while sighing. Honestly, it wasn't in her nature to be bullying the weak but unfortunately, she had no other choice as they needed the information about Hendrix.

"It doesn't seem like your friend over there is willing to cooperate with us, how about you? Are you willing to talk peacefully?" Theia glance at Sasha who was currently exchanging blows with Sunna in the distant before asking the undead knight.

The undead knight ground his teeth as he made an expression as though he has just been insulted. The blade of his sword shone with a resplendent light as he bellowed. "Slashing torrent!" A fierce wave of light was released from the blade of his sword as it shot towards Theia with great speed.

However, Theia's indifferent eyes didn't change as the light came towards her. She slowly raised her slender hand and with a snap of her finger, the slash of light broke into several tiny specks that remained suspended in the air.

"Impossible!" The undead knight roared. "Sigh. I'm disappointed, you are actually using light base attacks against the goddess of light... I honestly don't know if you are overestimating yourself or underestimating me." Theia's soothing voice sounded.

And with a wave of her hand all of the tiny specks of light gathered together before subsequently hurling towards the undead knight.

On pure instinct he quickly used his shield to block the attack. 



Without him noticing Theia had stealthily appeared behind him and thrust her hand clad in light outwards, piercing his chest from behind. The undead knights face grimaced as her light energy rampage inside his body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Due to the intense pain, he was unable to raise his shield as the ball of light collided with his body from the front sending him flying.

As an undead energy with positive auras had a great deal of effect against him, it was his greatest weakness.

His dull eyes reflect the figure of Theia who gaze at him in the distance with her arms around her small back. He clenched his fist tightly as anger began to arise within him!

Seeing her looking down on him with eyes which carries nothing, but indifference infuriated him to his core!

He punched the ground as he roared, "Earth spikes!" The ground beneath Theia's feet began to shake violently and cracks began to appear! Theia furrowed her brow as she leapt away from that place.

No sooner than she did spears of earth rose up from the land for several kilometers. Theia's figure flashes around the area constantly as she evades the earth impalement with graceful movements.

"How irritating." Theia frowned in annoyance as she waved her hand creating a wave of light that mowed the earth spikes. Her hand shot outwards at the speed of light as she caught the undead knights face in her hand.

"I shall ask again, are you willing to tell me why the aura of death suddenly appeared here?" She spoke calmly as she waited his answer. However, "G-Go to... H-Hell." Was his response, hearing that Theia could only heaved a sigh as she squeezes his face. Soon, she injected his body with her light energy. 

"ARRRGH!" A loud agonizing scream of pain rang out!

Soon, the undead knights body exploded dramatically into bits of rotten flesh.

Theia covered herself in a screen of light shielding herself from the rotten flesh.

Theia glanced over her shoulder and gaze at the aura of death which continued to spread through the surroundings unhindered. 'I should do something about that aura for now, I can't allow it to spread any further.' She thought to herself.


The aura of death swept through the atmosphere as Several of what seem to be hundreds of thousands of tombstones stood tall in an orderly manner.

The surroundings were dark there wasn't anything that could be used as a source of light in this place. It was as if the concept of light didn't exist here.

Lying in the center of the gravestone was a small teenage boy with slightly long silky golden hair. Kenta's eyelids twitch slightly as he slowly opened up his bright blue colored eyes.

When his vision regained clarity all he could see were several gravestones before him.

Kenta quickly raised his upper body and quickly observed his surroundings vigilantly.

A look of confusion became apparent on his face as he saw the gravestones. 'Where am I?' He wondered.

He clearly remembers he was inside his room in the temple of power moments ago before he blanked out.

"H-Hey, Agni are you there?" He called out however, "..." He received no response no matter how many times he asked. Kenta sighed in agitation. He tried summoning soul eater, however. Soul eater also didn't respond to him either. 

He was truly alone.

"Sigh, don't tell me I got pulled to some mysterious place while sleeping again... Although I don't remember going to sleep." He muttered to himself. The sensation he felt was similar to back when he first met Elena inside his dream.

Kenta got to his feet and brush off the dirt from his clothes as he quickly started to walk in a random direction. He had no clue where he was or what he was supposed to do so, all he could think of was to leave the graveyard as soon as possible.

Being in a place like this gave him chills he really wanted to leave as soon as possible.


As he walked a frown appeared on his face as he realized there was no end to these gravestones. He walked and walked but all he could see in his vision were the gravestones of the deceased.

"... Strange is there no way out?" A puzzled expression became apparent on his face.

The air was permeated with the dense aura of death which filled the atmosphere.

However, it didn't seem to be having any negative effects on Kenta's body.

"What should I do?" His steps halted as he sighed.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Kenta's ear perked up as a distant voice resounded inside his ear. 

"Why must I die! Unforgivable!"

"They must suffer!"

"Why do the unjust live while the innocent die!"

The distant voices gradually became louder and more sinister.

When Kenta carefully observed his surroundings, he notices a slight change. Ghostly figures could be seen hovering over each of the gravestones, males, womans and child their hearts were filled with hatred!