Chapter 94: An agreement from the past
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Kenta's face darkened when he felt the subtle killing intent emanating from each of the ghostly figures hovering an inch above the grave stones.

Each murderous intent was far stronger than the rest.

Their eyes were filled with a strong sense of resentment and fury that seem to burn like magma. However, somehow Kenta didn't felt as though these feelings were being directed towards him but someone else, someone unknown.

Each of the ghostly figures were illusory and weak, they all looked like they would disappear at any moment.

Kenta looked at each of the apparition closely, if not for the fact that he had the experience of dealing with these ghostly figures once he would have panic the moment he saw them. However, strangely his body was completely calm, Kenta somehow felt this was normal as though he had delt with these kind of beings many times in the past.

"Who are you people?" He asked, curiously. However....

"Kill! You must kill them!"

"They deserve death!"

"Why must we die, while they live!"

"The gods blessed us death and yet why must we!"

"Unforgivable! They must never be forgiven!"

Kenta sighed as he scratch the back of his head. It didn't seem as though he could have a normal conversation with them. They were consumed by hatred and were being driven by their own emotions!

He couldn't quite understand what was happening.

Who were these people?

Why are they here?

What connections did he have with them?

These questions brew inside his head like a storm but no matter how many times he asked they kept saying the same things.

"What am I supposed to do, does this place have some kind of connection to the law of death?" Kenta ignored the angry muttering of the apparition and sunk into his own thoughts.

'Before I woke up here I remember I was thinking about the concept of death, could that be the trigger?' He wondered, however...

"Hehe... you are a long way from understanding the Supreme law of death young man." Suddenly the sweet voice of a mature woman responded.

Kenta's body shuddered, he quickly turned his head to look over his shoulder as the voice sounded right behind his ear.

However, when he looked around aside from the apparitions there was no one there.

Kenta observed the apparitions to see any noticeable changes but there was none, they kept muttering the same lines as before with no changes.

"Who are you?!" He asked as he quickly got on guard. "Hahaha... there is no need to be so tensed. Even if you raise your guard you won't be able to do anything, you would die without even realizing it." The voice of a middle age man responded.

Kenta's brow furrowed when he heard those words as though whoever spoke was mocking him. Though if they could easily sneak up on him so casually then his words did held some weight to it. Kenta also didn't have his soul eater on him right now, he also couldn't use magic he was completely helpless at the moment.

"Ahahaha... do not worry we won't hurt you after all you are that big brothers reincarnation. He would be really angry at us if we do." The playful voice of a young boy resounded.

".... Big brothers reincarnation, do you mean Hendrix?" Kenta asked, with a puzzled expression. "Ding ding, very good you are correct. I am indeed talking about Master Hendrix." The boys voice resounded.

"So, I was right this place really is connected to the reason why I ended up here." Kenta looked around as he muttered to himself.

"Welcome to the space between life and death, we have been eagerly awaiting your visit, if you want to comprehend the law of death then you would have to do so here where the aura of death is the most densed." The woman's bewitching voice resounded once again.

'The space between life and death, so such a place actually exist.' He was really intrigued however, he decided to put that matter aside for now and ask a question he was really curious about.

"... Is there a reason why I have to comprehend the law of death here and not the outside world?" Kenta's voice was laced with curiosity as he asked. "Of course. It is possible to comprehend the law of death in the world of the living however. Doing so would take a lot longer than doing it here in a place where the law of death is most influenced." The middle-aged man said.

".... I see. Sigh, so that's how it is. Does this also applies to the other laws as well?"

"Indeed, all laws has their own spiritual plane where the law is mostly influenced..." The woman responded.

Kenta sighed in relief. Usually, comprehending a universal law would take up to thousands or even millions of years if someone tries to comprehend them from scratch. Especially, if that law was of a Supreme law that made up the universe.

Learning that he could comprehend the law of death faster here naturally made Kenta feel greatly relieved as though a big load had been removed from his chest. "However, whether you actually succeed in comprehending the law of death is going to be left to how talented you are in the law of death." She continued.

"I see.... if I succeed in comprehending the law of death then my strength will greatly improve. My control over the soul eater will also receive a great increase. No matter what I will obtain more power!"

"Ahahah... what determination. You really do remind me of that troublesome boy." The middle-aged man laughed echoed. "The current you is weak. No, calling you weak isn't even enough when compared to your true enemies, but with enough time, training and determination even those beings will no longer pose a threat to you." He added.

A frown appeared on Kenta's brow when he heard what he had just said, 'My true enemies?' Kenta's light blue eyes shone faintly at that.

The sound of a sigh resounded, "Hey, old man how could you make such a thing slip? He wasn't supposed to know about that!" She said as she sighed in exasperation. "..." The middle-aged man did not respond, the atmosphere became awkward as a heavy silence fell until Kenta tried to speak up, however....

"Don't even think about asking us anything, we have already come to an agreement with that person a long time ago.... we can't tell you." The woman said as though she had completely seen through him. "Why can't you tell me? Th-This is about me too, right? Who are my true enemies?" He inquired, curiously.

"Forget it. We can't talk we made a promise with big brother that we wouldn't tell you." The voice of the boy resounded.

"Tch, isn't that unfair? Even if the one who made that promise with you is my previous self aren't I also involved in whatever is going on?!" Kenta clenched his fist in frustration. Why were they hiding things from him when this also involves him as well, he didn't understand.

"Naturally, you will learn during the day of awakening... until then you must focus on getting as strong as possible, that's all you need to know." The middle-aged man said, bluntly ending the conversation.

The voices no longer responded to him after that. Whether they were ignoring him, or whether they were no longer there naturally Kenta did not know.

He sat down on top of a smooth rock and closed his eyes trying to comprehend the law of death as much as possible, he didn't understand it completely. However, he instinctively knew he didn't have a lot of time here. 

"I should try and comprehend the law of death as much as possible." He mumbled.

The angry roars of the apparitions gradually quieted down until he could no longer hear their voices.

His mind became calm like a tranquil sea.

His tensed body relaxed and became comfy as he sat in a meditative posture. Despite being alone he was strangely comfortable.

The aura of death moved and swept around Kenta's body as though doing a dance. The tattoos on his skin glowed subtly as the tattoos absorb the aura of death!

This process continued for quite some time.

Meanwhile, in the distance....

"Do you think he will succeed?" A burly man with short white hair asked the woman standing next to him. The woman had long black hair that was tied in a braid. Her sharp black eyes reflected the figure of the young blonde-haired boy who sat in the distance as she spoke. 

"Who knows, that day Hendrix seem fairly confident in his success. Even if he comprehend 20% of the law of death it will definitely be a great step towards the desired goal."

"Indeed. Only Hendrix can revive us, back then those bastards were the ones who attacked us. We had successfully escape them with the cost of our physical bodies. Thankfully our souls were not destroyed." The burly man said.

"Sigh, that princess should have already completely comprehend that unusual concept ages ago, Kenta isn't strong enough to face that woman. It's best that he doesn't get involved with the gods that will ensure his safety."

"Agreed. Let's hope his existence remain hidden until the day of awakening." The two continued their conversations until their figures gradually disappeared.