Chapter 95: Finding its location
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Meanwhile, in a certain location two figures hovered silently above the surface of the raging sea. "It should be somewhere around here if I'm not mistaken." The man wearing a black robe said as his hood hid the top portion of his face from view.

While on his left was a youth with slightly long silver hair that reaches his back.

"In order to open the box said to contain the lost treasures the key inside the temple is necessary. But, considering what's inside that place those guys must have gone through a lot to keep it hidden, right?" The silver-haired youth said.

"Indeed, you are correct. The artifact used to seal that troublesome god killer is also there. As much as I'd like to see those annoying gods run around like scared bunnies it would be a problem for us if that thing gets freed, after all that monster is considered unkillable even that God of death couldn't kill him after all."

"It's best not to go poking the hornet's nest." The hooded man said as he narrowed his eyes. And with a slight wave of his hand the raging seas down below moved and churned with such force that large waves rose up and splash everywhere!

The sea moved as though it had a will of its own and parted into two halves. 

The hooded man along with the silver-haired youth walked through the center where the sea had left a narrowed passage.

"It should be somewhere around there if I'm not wrong." He spoke. But then...


A large serpent like creature suddenly jumped at them from the side. It opened up its large mouth and was about to swallow them. However, the silver-haired youth without so much as a glance he unsheathed the sword hidden within his robe and slash diagonally sideways.

The body of the serpent like creature was easily cut into two halves as its blood splattered everywhere. The lifeless body of the serpent fell to the ground with a thud as he sheathed his sword back to its scabbard.

"We should stay on our toes; it wouldn't be surprising if more of those annoying creatures attack again." The hooded man said as he sighed. Weak monsters were mostly unintelligent.

While there were some who were very intelligent, those were in the minority.

As the two continued on their path forward they were attacked by different kind of monsters living inside the sea as well as various sea beast but the two easily took care of them without problem.

After traversing a distance of approximately two hundred kilometers they came to a stop.

"Hm, there is a barrier here?" The silver-haired youth said as he touches the magical barrier blocking their path. "Yes, this was created by the goddess of magic. That woman's magic isn't to be underestimated. But with this tool I should be able to create a temporary path in the barrier." He said as he took out a small artifact. It was a dagger that had various runes carved onto the blade.

"Mm, that dagger has an absolute piercing rune carved onto its blade." The silver-haired youth said in surprise. That type of rune was extremely advance and difficult to draw. 

There were many different kinds of runes and rank for each type.

However, runes that were considered invincible such as the 'indestructible' runes and the 'impenetrable' runes or the rune that impose complete 'destruction' were all of the highest rank and were hard to draw on object.

He was naturally surprised that a mere dagger could endure the pressure of such high-level rune. "This dagger was built from a very special material. If not for that then it would have been impossible for it to hold such a high-level rune." The hooded man said, shrugging his shoulder.

And without missing a beat he pierced the barrier with his dagger and carved a path for them to walk through.

With the barrier out of the way the hooded man and the silver-haired youth walked through the barrier and headed straight ahead. In their vision they saw something shining brightly in the distant.

"So, this is the forgotten ruins." The silver-haired youth muttered as his eyes widen in awe.

In their gaze at a distant of roughly thirty kilometers away was a large temple that towered above their heads.

The temple seems to be made from a strong material as even though several decades had already gone by the stone walls showed no signs of decaying as its wall were still as clean and strong as though it structure was built just recently.

From either side of the door with statues of what seem to be a wolf like creature were place there.

The silver-haired youth narrowed his eyes warily as he observed the statues with caution.

Despite it being merely a small statue, it gave him a strong sense of danger as though he was standing before a predator!

However, the scariest part was the man who stood behind the two dogs. The man was tall and imposing. Even his statue gave off a feeling of danger as he stood there.

"Th-This is the infamous God killer?" He questioned curiously. The hooded man raised his head and gently removed his hood. His short messy black hair was sent free as his deep red eyes gaze at the statues. "... Sigh, I can still remember everything as though it had happened yesterday. During the battle of God's when the rebels' forces were able to turn things into their favor these beasts suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Along with that man... The God killer. A being beyond reason."

As for what his goals or motives were even to this day, they still had no clue. It took all of the gods combined to stop him. At that time even the God of death, Hendrix had no choice but to get involved even though he originally had no interest.

The goddess of magic had to sacrifice her own life to seal him away at that time, trapping him inside a barrier while the God of space sealed him away inside another dimension.

"We will only get the key and leave as quickly as possible. It would be troublesome if those guys sense the disruption of the barrier." The black-haired man said in a serious tone. Soon, both of them moved towards the entrance of the ruins and stepped inside.


Meanwhile, ...


The aura of death and the crimson flames both clashed for the umpteen time. The air shuddered, the ground shattered and broke to pieces and the aura of death and crimson flames spread outwards in a sphere shaped as the fist of Sasha and Sunna collided together!

The crimson flames was gradually being weakened as the aura of death sapped away its life force. While the crimson flames seared intensely, burning the ground for roughly twenty meters around them!

The two beauties both looked warily at the other as they backed away to gather distance between themselves. Sasha's breathing was rough and uneven. Her previously long straight red hair was now swaying messily as her dress had burns in several places.

While on the contrary, Sunna's expression was as indifferent as before. Her breathing was steady and as fluid as a lake. Her hair straight and glossy as before. While her Beautiful dress clung to her body beautifully.

Compared to Sasha who was breathing heavily as sweat trickled down her brow Sunna was in perfect condition. "... Accept your defeat. You should have noticed a long time ago now, no? You cannot beat me." Sunna said with a mocking sneer.

Sasha didn't retort to her words that seem to be mocking her. Instead, she turned her gaze towards Theia who stood calmly in the distance as though what was happening here had nothing to do with her.

'Sigh, this is what I was afraid of. Gods and goddesses are on a completely different level. Even if I bring that thing out now it wouldn't have change anything.' She secretly thought to herself.

Sasha reached inside her breasts pocket and took out a small pill. Sunna narrowed her eyes at the sight of that.

Without glancing at Sunna, Sasha place the pill into her mouth and swallowed it with a light gulp. Soon, she felt her exhausted body gradually recovering stamina. "Sigh, how bothersome this is. You know instead of bullying me you should save that strength of yours for when the real deal appears you know."

"The real deal, what are you talking about?" Sunna inquired. However, Sasha merely shook her head gently as she waved her hand.

A giant sword made entirely from the aura of death condensed in her palm as she grasps the hilt. "Unfortunately, I cannot say, not right now at least. However, I will only say one thing." Sasha glance at Theia before turning her attention back to Sunna before her. "The moment you proud gods and goddess feared the most is slowly approaching. Fufufu... I shall look forward to that day!"

 Sasha swung the blade of her sword downwards, striking the earth!


The ground exploded dramatically sending bits of stones and dirt flying as the aura of death spread throughout the surroundings. 

Absorbing the life energy of every living thing it could find. Sensing the danger Sunna's flaming wings spread outwards as she flew into the sky.

Theia's delicate body was shrouded into a veil of warm white light as she stood indifferently.

The aura of death swallowed her body, but it couldn't harm her body no matter how much it tried as the purity of her law of light easily reduced the effects of the negative energy of the aura of death.

Her vision turned dark as the aura of death swallowed everything. 

"Tsk, I can't allow this repulsive aura to harm any more of the living." Theia mumbled annoyedly to herself.

As a goddess who embodies the light, she naturally hates all impure attributes.

"White nova!" Her soft lips parted as she muttered aloud. And soon a sphere of white holy light expands outwards with Theia as its core and easily erased all of the aura of death as though it was just a joke!

In less than a second all the area where the aura of death had spread had receded until it was drowned out by the pure energy of the law of light.

Once the scenery became clear Sunna landed onto the earth as she looked around. 

But after searching and using her 'divine sense' to check the surroundings thoroughly she clicked her tongue as she notices Sasha's presence had left.

Meanwhile, Theia checked the bottom of the trench and frowned as she notices something.

"Th-The energy emanating at the bottom had disappeared!"

"Hmph, that woman must have used the aura of death as a cover and taken it while we were momentarily blinded!" Sunna said as crimson flames surrounded her body.

"Haah... Sunna please calm down. We need to go back and report this to the others. The fact that one of Hendrix's servants is here gives me a bad feeling." Theia said with feigned composure. Despite her calm disposition she was naturally shaken up on the inside. 'That man just what is he planning?' She couldn't figure it out no matter how much she thought about it.


Meanwhile, in another location.

Inside a dark cave that was so dark that even the light of the sun couldn't pass through a spatial rift opened up.

A woman with long red hair emerged from within the spatial rift as she carried an obsidian crystal in her hand.

"Hahaha! Look at you Sasha you're all beaten up, was getting the void energy really that difficult?" A burly looking man with a huge built with short white hair said as he laughed heartily.

The man had a large body and his muscles bulged in places showing incredible physical prowess. His skin was pale as though his body lack enough blood to flourish.

Sasha gaze at him with an annoyed expression as she said indifferently, "Hmph, then why don't you go there and face them yourself? You stupid muscle head!"