Chapter 96: Out of control emotions!
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Sasha's blood red eyes glowed ominously as she glared at the man who stood before her as though she wanted nothing more than to rip him to pieces.

"Oya, I like that look, why don't you reconsider my earlier offer and become my woman? I promise I'll show you comfort no other man can show you." The burly man said as he gazes at Sasha. "Fuck off!" Sasha retorted as she turned her face away in disgust.

With how things ended up her mood was not particularly good at the moment.

"Sigh, the situation had become troublesome. If those annoying gods decided to get involved now things will start getting complicated." Sasha sighed heavily as she gazes at the crystal still in her hand.

Gods and goddesses were beings beyond their current capability.

The outcome would have been different if Hendrix was still with them but with his absence their means of defending against the gods had weakened significantly. 'We only have a few undead soldier at the moment, it's not nearly enough to contend against those guys.' She thought to herself.

"Hmm... I don't see that undead knight you brought along with you; did something happen to him?" The man inquired, curiously.

"Tch, his body was destroyed by the goddess of light... You should already be aware of the weakness of the aura of death, no?"

"Ah, I see... Indeed, positive energy and negative energy don't mix. In a battle between two opposing energies, the one with the greatest advantage would overpower the other." He said, nodding his head in understanding.

"Sigh, it's going to be difficult to rebuild our undead army without the God of death around." He mumbled bitterly. "Don't worry about that. I recently found out that his incarnation has already been born." Sasha explained.

"What?! H-How come I'm only now hearing about this?"

"Hmph, that's what you get when you don't show up to meeting instead of playing with women all day!" Sasha snorted in disgust.

"Give me a break. I have my urges."

"You damned pervert! You are an undead, how could you have urges?"

As the back and forth between the two continued, a small shadow gradually drew closer to them unnoticed as it blended in with the dark surroundings.

"Forget it. Now that I have encountered the sun goddess and the light goddess, they will most certainly bring back information to the other gods. For the time being make sure not to do anything too conspicuous."

"Yeah, yeah. I get it. Though not being able to punch something is killing me, you know." The man sighed sadly as he scratches the back of his head.

"... Currently we have no way of defending ourselves against them. Especially the goddess of light, she is the one I'm most wary of. It's fortunate I was able to retrieve the void energy, something that master Hendrix will definitely need if he wants to succeed in his plans this time." Sasha explained as she glanced at the crystal in her hand.

"Hmm... Is the boy, master Hendrix's incarnation still not ready yet?" He inquired.

"No, not even close. At his current state he is too weak. Unfortunately, I can't make contact with him until his comprehension of the law of death reach at least 70%." Sasha explained, sighing as her brow furrowed slightly. With how slow his current progress is, she wasn't certain if the current time was enough for him to grow.

'No matter what I have to keep his existence a secret from those nuisances.' She thought inwardly. "Can you gather the 10 shadows and tell them to observe him from a distance. No contact is allowed to be made unless those guys get involves." Sasha said with a serious tone.

"Hmm... Understood. You guys heard that, right!" The burly man looked into a certain direction as he said that. On the ground there was a large shadow there that was so dark that it blended in with the surroundings.

"He hehe... You were able to see through my concealment, as expected of you, Tyson." The soft and melodious voice of a mature woman resounded. Soon, the figure of a person emerged from within the shadow. Following her appearance several eyes opened up from within the depths of the shadow as though there were many others living inside there.

The woman wearing a silky black dress with long waist length black hair that blended in with the darkness. Night black eyes, and her skin was pale as though she lacks blood.

She was an undead ghoul that had served Hendrix in the past.

"Eloise. I'll leave his protection to you, make sure he doesn't notice your presence while you are guarding him." Tyson's expression became stern as he gazes at her. "He hehe... Got it. I'm looking forward to seeing Hendrix's reincarnation." Soon, her body once again blended in with the shadows as she disappeared.

Sasha sighed as she used a space artifact to hide the crystalize void energy. However, a frown appeared on her face as she notices something strange. 'This... The crystal has been chipped. Has someone already taken a piece of the crystal?' She wondered to herself. 'Was it one of those two? No impossible. This energy is harmful to those who possess divinity, how could they have touch it?'

Sasha's brow furrowed as she thought seriously about it. Upon seeing that Tyson frowned slightly, "Hm, did something happen?" He inquired.

"... N-No I used up most of my remaining death energy during my fight against the sun goddess. I'll need time to recover." Despite her doubts she chose to answer with those words. Sasha's figure swayed as she disappeared. In the distance she could be seen heading towards a castle that towered high in the distant.

"Hey, next time it will be my turn to face those gods, you got it!" Tyson exclaimed. However, Sasha didn't even glance back at him as she replied while still continuing on her way.

"Do as you please. Just don't forget our main objective while you are at it." Her silhouette gradually grew smaller in his gaze as she left. Tyson remained in his current position for some time until he clenched his fist. "... We have been in hiding for far too long, it's about time I train this body that had gotten stiff." And with a light kick he leapt high into the air and crashed heavily onto the ground, causing the earth to rumble fiercely beneath him.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the vast sky.

A woman with long white hair that had pink tips at the edges flew at an impossible speed as she gazes down at the mountainous regions below.

"The aura of death I sense came from somewhere around here, if I'm not mistaken." Isis mumbled to herself. 

As the warm rays of the golden sun shone down splendidly onto her gorgeous figure.

Her long silver dress that clung tightly around her curvy body fluttered in the soft wind. 

Her eyes as silver as those of the finest pearls shone as though there were thousands of stars glittering within them. 

She truly looked like a divine being who had the right and qualifications to look down on all others.

Life energy began to emanate from her body as she turned into a beam of light and flew into a northern direction.


Standing on top of the destroyed mountain that was partially destroyed due to the intense battle between the sun goddess and the undead Sasha.

Both Sunna and Theia continued to investigate the surroundings for any other suspicious energy. "There doesn't seem to be anything else hidden here." Theia said after scanning the surroundings using her "Divine sense"

Sunna nodded her head before clenching her fist in displeasure. However, contrary to Theia's expectations Sunna did not become angry, instead once she inhaled and exhaled a few times her eyes which were filled with flames became as calm as a lake. "Hm, strange?" Theia muttered absentmindedly.

"What?" Sunna tilted her head in confusion. 

"I thought you would become angry... You know like always."

A vein bulged on Sunna's head as she displayed a forced smile and asked, "I really can't help but wonder how you view me?"

To such a question Theia gaze at Sunna with a blank expression, 'How I view you, if I have to answer that honestly I'd say you're a complete psychopath.' She secretly thought as she looked around the surroundings filled with giant craters and burnt lands.

"I really don't like that blank look your giving me." Sunna complained.

"Anyway, we should go and explain-" As she was trying to change the subject Theia stopped and gaze into a certain direction. "Is something wrong?" Sunna asked, as she notice the change in Theia's expression.

"Haah. That woman is here, though I shouldn't be surprised considering she is also extremely sensitive towards the aura of death." Theia's expression became complicated. "Hm, this presence, someone is coming." Sunna said as she sensed a powerful presence heading towards them.


In less than a second the figure clad in an energy that was bubbling with life showed herself as she landed before the sun goddess, Sunna and the goddess of light, Theia.

"... Why are you here, Isis?" Theia questioned in a calm tone. Isis gaze at both Theia and Sunna for some time before she shifted her gaze to the destroyed surroundings.

Her clear silver eyes narrowed faintly as she tried to perceive the lingering death energy in the atmosphere. 'Tch, it's not him. This energy is too weak.' She thought as her slender shoulders fell.

"... Isis, I already told you a long time ago please forget about him." Theia said as she saw the gloominess returned to Isis's eyes.

However, a powerful pressure erupted from her body that caused the atmosphere to shudder fiercely as Isis glared at both Sunna and Theia.

"Y-You ask me to forget about him! Do you think that is easy! Someone like you who have never had anyone precious taken from you would never understand how I feel!"

The energy emanating from her body, far from causing harm to the surroundings was only helping the environment instead. From the ground fresh green grass started to sprout outwards in vast quantities.

While the trees that had become dead and lifeless began to resuscitate under the influence of the universal law of life. New leaves began to grow onto their branches. Both Sunna and Theia frowned as they saw how unstable Isis was.

"This isn't good. There is a limit to how much energy we are allowed to use while we're down here. If she keeps this up, then the heavens will punish her. We already lost the God of death, losing the goddess of life would only make things more difficult for us." Sunna said as she heaved a sigh.

'Seriously, these siblings are really troublesome.'


Just as Isis's energy was going out of control space cracked as a figure emerged from within the void.