Chapter 97: Law of life vs Law of space! (1/2)
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Space cracked and shattered dramatically as tiny fragments of glass flew everywhere! Sunna and Theia both instinctively held out their hands creating barriers of crimson flames and light that easily blocks the fragments of the fragmented space!

As a small spatial rift opened up a tremendous pressure suddenly erupted, filling the surroundings in terrifying divine aura. Soon, the leg of a person stepped out of the crevice, followed by his hands. Until his entire body left the spatial rift.

Isis's silver eyes reflected the figure of the person who suddenly appeared, and a frown couldn't help but appear on her face when she saw the figure that had appeared. 

It was a man dressed in pure white clothing, the man had short white hair and blue eyes. His feet floated a few inches above the ground, as though the ground was unworthy.

His expression was cold and indifferent, his eyes carried a strange light that seem to resonate with the heavenly ways. His body was clad in a divine aura as he floated mid-air.

"... Y-You, why are you here?!" Isis asked, as she gritted her teeth in fury! The man was the God who embodies the Supreme universal law of space. Alioth, he was also the one responsible for hindering her movements last time preventing her from saving Hendrix when he was being attacked by multiple gods at once.

Her eyes burn with a blazing fire that seems to want to burn everything to cinders! 

"... It was you! All of this happened because of you! If you hadn't gotten in my way, my brother wouldn't have died that day! He died because of you!"


A terrifying pressure erupted from Isis's body! Her silver-colored eyes were tinted with a slightly red hue as her fist clad in a divine energy struck outwards! A fist as big as a mountain that seem to be made of pure divine energy was launched towards Alioth with a terrifying might!

Wherever the fist past space twist and bent as the atmosphere was being ripped apart. 

However, Alioth's expression remained indifferent as he snapped his fingers. Soon, the space around him began to bend and distort fiercely as the giant size fist was swallowed up by the void, disappearing completely!

The place where Alioth stood wasn't effective by the shockwave caused by the fist of Isis's attack, it was as if he stood in an entirely different place compared to where Isis had attack mere moments ago. 

"Isis stop this! By attacking me, you are creating a conflict between two universal laws, you should know the consequences of disrupting the balance, no?" Alioth asked, as his brow furrowed into a frown. However, Isis completely disregard all of his words. Each of her fist struck outwards fiercely and viciously as multiple fists made from divine energy was sent towards Alioth.

Seeing this Alioth sighed as the space around him grew more distorted as he sent each fist into a different dimension!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Multiple fists clashed against the unstable spatial disruption as Isis continued to punch outwards with such ferocity that space distorted with each punch as her divine energy surged forth!

But the God of space easily dealt with each of her attacks perfectly, sending them into another dimension and preventing her attacks from harming the surroundings!

However, despite that he was unable to completely dispersed the resulting shockwave from spreading with each of her attacks as too many was coming at him at once.

The light goddess, Theia had no choice but to create a barrier of light to seal them away as the energies of the two kept damaging the surroundings!

"Goddess of life... Do you know what you are doing? You are turning the heavens against you." Alioth said with a stern expression on his face. Alioth was a high-ranking God who served the Supreme rulers of the higher world. He is also the one who maintains the spatial barrier of the higher world. Attacking him is easily considered as a great offense.

Both Sunna and Theia wore anxious expressions on their faces as they observed the scene before them. They didn't think Isis would do something as crazy as this. "This woman, is she not afraid of receiving the divine punishment of the heavens?" Sunna muttered, as her brow furrowed.

Theia turned her gaze towards the sky and attentively paid attention to any sudden changes. But when she saw that there weren't any noticeable changes happening in the sky, she let out the breath she had been subconsciously holding in.

Divine punishment was definitely the worst form of punishment a God could ever receive from the heavens. While it isn't enough to kill them, it can weaken their divinity for a large period of time, the nerve-racking pain of having their divinity attack is also something they never wanted to experience.

"Hmph, I have thrown away this title of mine many centuries ago, even if I'm hit with divine punishment, I'll definitely make you regret getting in my way!" Isis bellowed.

Divine energy surged wildly as the atmosphere became chaotic! Seeing this Alioth sighed to himself. "Very well then... Shall we go somewhere else?" He said with a snap of his fingers.

Soon, Isis raised her guard as the space around her began to distort fiercely, in less than a second, they had been transported into a different location. Both Sunna and Theia didn't even have time to react to the sudden change.

Isis cautiously observed her surroundings, gazing at the myriad of stars glittering in the vast space.

In order to prevent the wrath of the heavens he had forcefully transported them into outer space where there was no one around. Here they can go all out without any restrictions to hold them back!


Realizing that Isis didn't hold back her energy anymore! She lunged towards Alioth at a speed that was three times faster than the speed of sound.

However, Alioth reacted immediately as he moved both his hands to intercept Isis's punch that was clad in a divine energy.


A fierce shockwave erupted causing the surrounding space to distort fiercely under the chaotic energies of both sides! Alioth's face grimaced as his body was forced backwards from the shockwave, Isis was also pushed back a few steps under the assault of the shockwave that had erupted from their attacks.

However, a faint light filled with life energy surrounded her body as all her injuries and fatigue were swept away in mere seconds. Seeing this Alioth had a bitter smile on his face.

This is why he really didn't want to have to face her. As the goddess of life, she has more energy than anyone else. It was practically impossible to kill her as no matter how badly she is harm, her divinity of life will be able to heal her without trouble.

"... Lady Isis can you please just leave matters of past in the past and move on? Your brother declared war on the gods of the lower world, even without my intervention once the gods of the higher world found out they would have arrived and personally killed him themselves, you should already be aware of that too, no?"

"Tsk, shut up!" Isis roared. Her figure became illusory as she vanishes from her previous location. Soon, she appeared behind Alioth and attacked his back with her fist clad in a destructive energy.

As a goddess who used the universal law of life, she wasn't combat oriented. However, while she wasn't much of a fighter, she had ways of dealing with certain opponents.

Instead of using life energy that would only help her opponents she channeled her divine energy into a destructive attack! However, just as her fist was about to make contact with Alioth's unprotected back the space between them rippled.

Before Isis could notice she was now standing roughly one hundred meters away from Alioth. "Tch, will you stop running away!" She screamed. Alioth was a very troublesome god to face in a frontal confrontation, as he could switch the space between two area or even separate himself into a completely different dimension all together.

But Isis didn't let up on her attacks at all! A powerful white destructive energy surrounded her body, while it was inferior to true destructive energy it could still cause quite a lot of damage if used effectively.

The destructive energy took the shape of a tiger with darkish patterns on its body.


The tiger roared ferociously as it gazes at Alioth with not so friendly intentions. Soon, it's hind legs moved with such speed that it literally became a blur as it closed in on Alioth slashing with its sharp claws.

Space was easily ripped apart as its claw's tore through it as though it was nothing but a thin sheet of paper! However, before it could reach him Alioth's body distorted as he moved through space easily evading the attack.


As though she had predicted that Isis launched a fist made from destructive energy towards Alioth who had just came from within a spatial rift. Alioth's eyes widened in a show of surprise as he never expected she would attack personally after she had created the tiger from destructive energy.

As the fist of destruction grew larger in his eyes, on pure instinct his hand struck outwards fiercely towards the incoming attack as he destroyed the space before him!

The fist of destruction cracked and shattered into countless pieces of fragmented glass as the very space where it had once existed collapse under the attack of the God of space.

However, before he could celebrate Isis appeared behind him once again as her palm glowed with life energy, but contrary to the soothing feeling the life energy would normally give someone Alioth felt chills as he hurriedly shifted the space between them appearing several kilometers away with a serious expression etched on his face.

"You... You were really trying to kill me just now, weren't you?" Alioth asked, as his gaze became stern. Isis was generally known to be one of the more friendly goddesses out there. However, when it came to her brother even the most powerful gods would not dare to anger her.

As a goddess capable of bestowing life, she could also take it back if she desired. It was essentially similar to Hendrix's aura of death, and how he could absorb the life energy of any living thing. Of course, Isis could only do that while making contact with a living being. It isn't something that happens naturally like with Hendrix's aura of death.

"Hehe he... Why are you running away, Alioth? Don't you have any pride as a God? Come show me the might of the one who holds the title of 'guard of the true gods'." Isis taunted, with a mocking sneer.

"Tch, this bitch! If I don't take this seriously then..." After taking several deep breaths Alioth's expression became indifferent. "Very well... I shall do my best not to hurt you too much, Isis." He said in a cold tone.