Chapter 99: Six-magic seal formation!
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Both Sunna and Theia narrowed their eyes as they gaze gravely towards the southern seas that intersect and joined the kingdom of Lucian and Malaysia together. Within its depths there was a slightly transparent barrier that was erected by the goddess of magic.

Using their divine sense, they could clearly see that someone had somehow managed to breach the protective barrier. "I wonder who is crazy enough to attempt such a crazy act?" Despite her initial surprise, Theia's voice was as calm and soothing as ever. Yes, she was surprised that they had managed to breach the defensive barrier that the goddess of magic created herself, but that was all.

She was confident that no one could get to the deeper levels of the ruins. For those who tried the only fate that awaited them is their inevitable death.

After all, as long as the 'Six magic seal formation' Still stands there was no one capable of entering the barrier. Even the universal law of space cannot past through the barrier.

That formation was erected through the use of the blood essence of a goddess after all!

"... Some time ago, while I was attending to my duties in the upper realms, I could sense some activity coming from the ruins which caused quite a commotion with the upper echelons. I was then given the orders to come here to investigate which was when I sensed the law of life." Alioth explained.

"I see... So, the gods from the upper realms have already take notice, then."

"But why haven't they come here personally? Wouldn't it be easier if one of them just go directly towards the ruins?" Theia said, furrowing her brow into a sullen frown. "Are you forgetting about that thing sealed inside those ruins? If the artifact gets stolen and the infamous God killer gets released, they're also going to be in danger. Considering how bad it was last time I wouldn't be surprised if those guys are cautious and anxious." Sunna added.

With the possibility of the key for releasing the God killer leaving the seal, the gods of the upper realms couldn't turn a blind eye to the threat of retaliation looming over their heads.

It would be one thing if the God killer was just a regular enemy, but with his ability of being unkillable as well as his terrifying power to slay gods they naturally had to prevent him from breaking free from the seal no matter what.

This matter was even more important than the dangers of the God of death. As though realizing that Theia crease her eyebrow. "... Alioth take us with you to the ruins. Whoever breach the barrier outside should still be within the ruins. No matter what method they used, I refuse to believe that they could bypass the six-magic seal formation." Theia said in a soothing voice.

"... If I remember correctly that formation was created through the blood essence of lady Althea, right?" Alioth hummed and nodded his head. and with a wave of his hand the space around them began to distort fiercely!

In the sky Lize watch everything closely with her bright pink eyes. "Looks like they are about to go to the forgotten ruins, it's a shame I won't be able to join them. Inside the ruins my law of concealment would be weakened... I need to see how that kid is doing too." With that thought Lize looked over in a certain direction as her body flash and she disappeared into the distance.

She reappeared inside the temple of power and appeared within Kenta's room. However, the scene that she saw left her stunned. Kenta laid on his back, the tattoos that contains the energy of death and kept it under control was currently glowing brightly in a deep red color. Furthermore, souleater seem to be happy for some reason as it hovered before Kenta's body. Its pattern glowed faintly as the law of death seems to revolve around him.

Lize narrowed her eyes sharply, "Hmm.... He seems to be comprehending the universal law of death, his strength will increase in proportion to how much he has comprehended." She muttered as she observed Kenta's state. "Good, the more you comprehend the more of Hendrix's power you'll be able to use."

Lize sat down next to Kenta as she stared at his face closely. His slightly long golden hair was messy as it scattered against the bed. Lize caresses his face as she used her slender fingers to remove the strands of his golden hair from his face.

Despite still being 14 years old his face was handsome and refined. Signs of childness still remained there. However, as she stared at his face closely, she could feel a faint sense of attraction. It seems to pull her closer as she stared at his face. Once her face was only a few inches away from making contact she snapped out of it. 

"Wh-What am I doing?' Lize was taken aback!

When she saw how close her face was to Kenta's. "Sigh, I really can't let my guard down around this boy." She muttered. Her cheeks turned red when she remembers how close her face was to Kenta. However, her expression gradually became serious as she calls out. "Hey, little flame spirit why don't we have a nice chat."

The room went silent for a while until a soft voice resounded.

[... You were able to establish a mental connection with me.] Agni said, surprised.

He was able to communicate with Kenta through their soul connection. It was extremely difficult for it to communicate with someone it didn't have a sturdy connection with.

"Hehe... Who do you take me for? If I can't do something as simple as this, then I'd be a rather incompetent goddess, right?"

[....] Agni flickered intensely.

The temperature within the room suddenly rise as a tiny ball of flame appeared from within Kenta's soul and hovered a few meters above Kenta.

[... What does a goddess want with me?] Agni asked, reluctantly. If possible, it really didn't want to have anything to do with gods and goddesses right now, as it was extremely weak and feeble.

Lize smiled as she sensed the frustration within the voice, "You don't have to worry, I have no intention of hurting you, you know. I just want to clarify some things." She responded good-naturedly.

"Your presence feels very familiar to me, could you tell me who you are? Or rather who did you belong to before you ended up in the god of deaths hands?" Lize inquired.

[I was once the divinity of flames. Before I became sentient my master was the goddess of flame, Caia.] Agni replied.

"Eh, Caia was your master. So... My guess was right. I'm curious about how you became self-aware, do you know?"

[Unfortunately, I do not.] Agni replied as he flickered. He knew his sudden evolution had something to do with the energy he came into contact with once he had entered Hendrix's body, but he also felt like it had something to do with Kenta as well.

Lize frown slightly, whether it was Hendrix or Kenta both existences were abnormal and beyond her comprehension. One was an unruly god who possesses boundless abilities, while the other was a mortal with boundless potential. 'I still can't figure out Hendrix's intentions when he stole the divinity of Caia, I also heard the god of darkness hates him for killing the goddess of lightning and thunder.'

"... Wh-Wait a minute does this boy also have the law of lightning?" Lize asked, curiously as she turned her gaze to Agni. Agni flickered once again before answering reluctantly.

[You are correct, he does indeed have the law of lightning and thunder.]

"Wh-What... Th-three universal law! The law of death, the law of fire and now, the law of lightning and thunder." Lize's face turned cold by the implication of this news. 'Three universal law, was Hendrix trying to create a true god?' She wondered.

[I hope you won't reveal my existence to the other gods. As you can see my current master's strength is still weak and insignificant, if he encounters a god or a goddess, he will most likely die with his feeble strength.] Agni suddenly said sternly.

Lize snapped out of her reverie when she heard Agni's words and at the sometime her eyes narrowed.

"... Indeed, you are right. This boy is far too weak to come into contact with the gods as his current strength is too weak to assure his safety. However, you do realize I'm currently affiliated with the gods, right?"

[... Of course, I am aware. But I know you won't reveal his identity to those gods.] Agni said with confidence.

Hearing that Lize arched her eyebrow and couldn't help but asked in curiosity, "Oya, what makes you think that?"

[Because you seem fairly interested in this child's existence.] It responded bluntly.

"Hahaha! Indeed, you are right. I am interested in his existence, so what you don't want me to reveal is your own existence, uh." Lize gazed at the tiny multicolored flame hovering a few meters above Kenta as she asked.

[That's right, with my mutation it would be troublesome if they end up taking an interest in me which would also direct their attention to this boy as well.]

"Hmmm... Indeed, you are a divine flame that had somehow managed to gain self-awareness through some unknown means." Lize said, then she directed a meaningful gaze towards the sleeping Kenta and continued, "While this boy just so happened to be the reincarnation of the god of death, his existence itself is unnatural. If those guys found out about him, his life would definitely be in danger and big sis Isis may not be able to save him alone." Lize said nodding her head in understanding.

"You have nothing to worry about, little flame I have no intention of revealing your existence. However, it would be better for him to grow stronger as soon as possible, after all its impossible to keep secrets from the gods forever, the God who specialized in predictions and foresight has already found out about him after all." She mumbled.

At that Agni flickered intensely.


Meanwhile, inside the forgotten ruins...

"Th-These formations." The silver-haired youth narrowed his eyes as he gazes at the formation. So far, their travels through the forgotten ruins had been smooth and peaceful. He thought it would stay that way until the end, but a powerful formation suddenly triggered and blocked their path.

A pale blue geometric magic formation stood in their path!

The black-haired man studied the formation with deep interest before his red eyes shone, "Attack it with a powerful sword technique. You should be able to destroy the formation."

"I see... In that case." A smile appeared on the silver-haired youth face as he drew his sword. The silver blade shone as the many runes carved onto its blade glowed faintly. 

"The sword god embodies the will; the blade embodies his spirit. And a strike from his sword shall destroy the world!" He bellowed out as he swung his sword in a horizontal slash! His attack contains a powerful sword force that attacked the formation mercilessly!


The formation shook fiercely as it flickered. With no one to power the formation it was unable to endure a powerful attack that contains a powerful sword force that was charged to the limit. The formation was destroyed and dispersed with a single attack!

With the formation out of the way they continued on their path forward.


"Just how far down does this path goes?" The silver-haired youth complained. They have been walking for several hours now. "Be patient. The artifact we are looking for is almost within our grasps." The black-haired man said good-naturedly.

His red eyes shone as he stared straight ahead, or rather his gaze seems to pierce the space there as he gazes at a certain object that resembles a key.

His lips curved upwards as they got closer.

"The princess has been eager to obtain that artifact but now, your wish will be fulfilled with this key." He smiled as he thought that. However, at this moment something happened...

A powerful and ancient suppression force was released!

This force was as if a powerful God was about to descend from the heavens and all mortals shall bow in reverence of their appearance!

Both the black-haired man along with the silver-haired youth were forced to their knees before this suppression!

"Th-This... What is this?!" The silver-haired youth panicked; he couldn't move his body no matter how much he struggled. 

"Tch, I didn't think we would be within the range of the six-magic seal formation! Damn it even in death that annoying goddess really enjoys screwing me over!"