Chapter 100: Can’t break through?
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Inside a certain room on the lowest floor of the ruins there was a golden geometric magic formation placed on the ground.

The golden formation was written using the essence blood of the goddess of magic. 

At this moment, the formation that had been silent for several thousands of years suddenly became active as though triggered by something.

It lit up with a dazzling golden light as a powerful suppression radiated from the formation. The force of the suppression was so great that it even influenced the gravitational field in the surroundings.

At the same time the other rooms closest to the formation was also under the influenced of the suppression of the formation. 

The black-haired man and the silver-haired youth both gritted their teeth as their bodies were forced to the ground by the suppression.

An extremely ancient and mysterious profound power seems to press them down mercilessly!

"Tch, so this is the six-magic seal formation! It's even stronger than I estimated!" The silver-haired youth said as he tried to force his body upwards. The bones in his body made creaking sounds as he fought against the suppression.

"... You should stop. It's impossible for you to resist the suppression... This formation was created by the goddess of magic to prevent outsiders from going near the bottom floor." The black-haired man said bitterly.

'Sigh, I had expected the formation would show signs of activation, but I didn't think it would be this soon. And right when we were so close to obtaining that treasure.' The black-haired man thought.

After coming so far, he refuses to go back empty handed.

"We need to get away from the range of the suppression for the time being." He said as he subtly moved his hand inside his robe. Soon, he took out a ruby colored gemstone and crushed it.

Once the gemstone was crushed the space around them began to distort fiercely as they were both teleported away from the hallway before the bottom entrance.


They appeared in another hallway on the upper floors. It was roughly four level above the hallway they were at a moment ago.

Now that they were no longer within the range of the suppression they could finally move freely. "Sigh, now that the bottom levels are under the influence of the six-magic seal formation how are we supposed to get to that thing?" The silver-haired youth asked.

He was only a demigod with his current strength it was absolutely impossible for him to resist the suppression made by a goddess. As for the black-haired man he was different. While he was nowhere near as strong as the goddess of magic, he did have some artifact capable of escaping if necessary.

But even so he had no intentions of underestimating the formation left behind by the goddess of magic, even the true gods of the upper realms would find it difficult to get through the formation after all.

"Do you have any ideas?" The youth asked. The black-haired man became silent as he sunk into deep thoughts. 'Bypassing the defense of the formation shouldn't be easy, that woman had already thought of everything in off chance someone tried to get through the defensive prowess of the formation. But destroying it shouldn't be that simple either.'

The formation was constructed through the essence of a goddess. The essence blood of a God or goddess not only contains the power of the gods but also their wills. Even though so much time had passed the will of the goddess of magic was still very strong.

Her will showed no indication of dwindling throughout the passage of time at all. Another problem that troubled him was the risk of alerting all the other gods to their location.

As beings who were the embodiment of the laws, they were also a part of the world. If they showed up, he wasn't confident he could fend them off, in that scenario he would have to flee.

"... Sigh, is there really no way for us to move forward?" His eyes narrowed as he thinks deeply about the matter. The only known way to counter the power of a goddess was with another goddess's power.

"Master Arous, I want to try something." The silver-haired youth said in a serious tone. The black-haired man who goes by the name Arous looked at the silver-haired youth deeply before asking, "What is it?"

"I know of a sword technique that carries the power of a God from the distant past." He replied. "Hm, a sword technique that carries the power of a god?" Arous raised an eyebrow in confusion when he heard that. The silver-haired youth didn't say anything more and went further down the hallway.

After walking for some time, they both came to a halt. They were currently back to where they first felt the suppression. Only a step forward and they would be within the range of the suppression.

Arous's red eyes pierced the space there as he gazed at the silent formation that had seem to be in waiting for when the next activation would start.

Arous looked at the silver-haired youth next to him and said with some doubt, "Are you sure about this? Even if your technique has the power of a God if he is at the same level as the goddess of magic his techniques won't be able to destroy her barrier, it could even attract the attention of the other gods."

"We won't know until I try, though I am confident the attack would be able to damage the formation." He replied confidently. And at the same time, he unsheathed his sword.

The sword radiated with an ominous darkish energy that spread throughout the vicinity in a spiral motion. Soon, the silver-haired youth gazed deeply at the entrance before him and got into a stance with his sword raised high.

"The sword gods power shall bring ruined to those who opposed his indomitable will. His blade cuts down his enemies and even caused the destruction of heavenly ways."


As he started to recite the incarnation to activate the sword technique, a powerful sword intent was released and permeated the surroundings!

Arous narrowed his eyes as his body felt chills. 'This technique, don't tell me... This is a technique left behind by the sword god of the past.' He thought sternly.

"His sword is an invisible blade. It possesses an indomitable might that is capable of cutting through all adversities and obstructions." As he continued the sword intent in the surroundings only grew more intensely and chaotic influencing the space there!


Meanwhile, hovering above the raging seas.

Alioth, Isis along with Theia and Sunna stared at the parted sea that was separated in two halves.

"Hmm... That breach was cut with a sharp tool." Alioth said as he observed the cut made in the barrier. "We should go the longer we stay the more time they have to reach the lower floors." Isis said as her expression became increasingly stern.

Despite her irritation she also couldn't allow the god killer to be freed as this also involves her as well.

"Right. The faster we get there the higher our chances of preventing that abomination from gaining his freedom will be." Alioth said, nodding his head.

"Though I'm curious who would be crazy enough to attempt to free that thing." Sunna creases her brow as she mumbled to herself.

"Hard to say there are a lot of crazy people in this world, Hendrix in particular." Theia responded, only to receive a cold glare from Isis as she mentioned her brother's name. Theia coughed as she elegantly turned her face away.

Alioth sighed as he saw Isis like that and shook his head before saying. "Let's go." His figure turned into a streak of light as he launched himself towards the opening of the barrier. Soon after Isis, Sunna and Theia also chased after them as they flew towards the ruins.


Meanwhile, back inside the ruins...

The silver-haired youth had just completed his incantation and was about to swing his sword. However, at this moment the formation suddenly became active once again. Before he could complete the motion of his swing, his face winced as he felt a powerful pressure that weighed heavily on his shoulders.

As a result, his attack was disturbed and dispersed into the atmosphere. He had failed to use the attack successfully.

Arous and the silver-haired youth were once again forced down to their knees. "Wh-What happened, why did the formation become active?!" Frustration became apparent on his face as he asked. "Tsk, it's the will of the goddess of magic, she must have sensed that your attack could have harm the formation and increase the range of influence of the suppression." He explained as he took out another red gemstone and crushed it!

The space twists and distorted fiercely as they disappeared once again, leaving the lower floors.


Meanwhile, back inside the graveyard...

Hundreds of thousands of gravestones could be seen lined up in an orderly manner.

Seated on a large rock that was placed in the middle of the gravestone the figure of a young blonde-haired youth could be seen there as he sat with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

His slightly long blonde-haired partially covered the front portions of his face as the aura of death revolves around him.

At that moment his presence surged as his body became obstructed by the dense aura of death circulating continuously around him. In the distant three figures silently watched over him as they stared intensely at his hazy figure.

"His comprehension is going smoother than I thought." The voice of a burly looking middle-aged man with white hair resounded.

"Indeed, his talent definitely is impressive. But whether he can reach 100% is up to him. Reaching that level is more than just being talented, luck and fate also has a big role as well." The voice of a black-haired woman with a seductive body resounded through the space.

"Hahaha... Amazing big brother Hendrix's reincarnation is really impressive." The voice of a child resounded. "Anna, do you think it was a good decision to place our hopes in this boy?" The white-haired man asked, as he turned his gaze towards the woman with long black hair.

"Who knows... Whether we made a mistake or not isn't something we can decide this early in the game. Don't you agree?" She asked as she turned her gaze towards him.

"... Indeed, you are right. The kingdom of Oura maybe no more but we shall continue to exist so that it doesn't fade away from the world forever. As for that little princess what she did is unforgivable! If not for her then she wouldn't have died..." The white-haired man said, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Anna observed him from the corners of her eyes and sighed. "Let's just hope things will end differently with this boy, Hendrix may have failed but this young man, Kenta shall be our new salvation." Anna said, as she stared at Kenta's face.

However, at that moment the aura of death suddenly pulses violently as the space began to distort fiercely. An extremely powerful and oppressive pressure was released!

At this moment Kenta who silently sat down on the rock until now finally opened his eyes. However, instead of their original light blue it was currently blood red!

Akin to that of vampires!

The markings on his now slightly paled skin only moved and spread more through his body as he was wrapped in an oppressive aura that seemed harmful to the living.

The current Kenta seems more like a god of death that had just awakened from his long sleep.