Chapter 2: I want you
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After walking through the portal, they found themselves in a beautiful white sanctuary. 

She immediately expanded her senses to scan her surroundings only to notice that they couldn't bypass the walls of the sanctuary,

That realization immediately put her on high alert "What is this place," she asked 

Seeing her reacting Maeron couldn't help but flash a smile 

"Do you like queen, it's my sanctuary, I built it myself, he is made specially to trap god once they get in their power gets significantly lower and is nearly undetectable from the outside," 

Her heart began to beat faster as she indeed felt that her power was lower than usual, she was about to deploy her powers and attack when "snap"

With a snap of his finger she found herself in the mortal world with all her power back 

"Huh," looking at his face she could see a smug smirk that he wasn't even trying to hide on his stupidly handsome face which angered her

"You little brat, do you think this is…" 

"Easy there queen," said Maeron cutting her off 

"I tampered with the wall to stop divine powers from spreading beyond them…" he said pointing around 

"…but it won't do much if you release it voluntarily," 

Looking around she noticed that she was in the outside world, and more precisely she was in what she recognized as the wall of the royal palace of the country of Argos. 

"Cough, welcome back, my lord," said a man standing in front of them

"Oh, Argus, I brought a guest, hope you don't mind, you know her this is the magnificent queen of Olympus, Hera," saying that he turned to Hera and continued 

"Hera, you may have forgotten him but this is Argus third king of the beautiful country of Argos and like you a fellow cuck.. I mean betrays spouse, tried to get along"

Even though he tried to rectify his sentence both of them understood what he was about to say, and while Argus was busy trying to hide his pain shame, and a myriad of other emotions welling in him, Hera was struggling to control her anger so not to blast him right now.

"Anyways, are there there" asked Maeron a little more seriously, that change in behavior changed the atmosphere to a more serious one, 

With pain in his eyes and voice he answered

"Yes my lord, yes!!" he said gripping firmly the hilt of his sword

"Let's go then," said Maeron as he walked past Argus with Hera

After a few minutes of walk they found themselves in a secret room protected, Hera could feel a powerful and carefully crafted barrier capable of completely hide their presence from the outside world once inside

"It's like your sanctuary!" she said 

"Not really it's just a more refined version of what I used for the palace carefully forged with special material and my space abilities, it will just hide our presence even from someone like your dear husband," 

'I can no longer feel the servant outside those walls' thought Hera 'Even if I release my powers here he won't notice us here, this is an incredible work' 

"It took a lot of skills time and effort to make, this is what that cost to be able to spy on the great Zeus without being discovered," he said walking toward the wall 

"They are beyond that brick wall," he said and with a swipe of his hand on it, a part of the wall became transparent.

"They can't see us,"

In front of her, Hera could see the other room, she could also see on the bed a woman and a man passionately sleeping together in a feral embrace. 

Walking weakly step by step torn, between different feelings, she arrived at the wall where she placed her hands on the surface to have a better look and them, she was sure that it was her husband Zeus king of Olympus with Messenia the queen of Argos.

She could recognize Zeus' divine energy his voice, his appearance, his habits, everything was saying that it was him, she had been his wife for so long that she knew his habit in bed.

'If that is true then everything that he said may be true as well, did they betray me too, how many…' In just an instant a myriad of possibilities went through her mind 

"So do you believe me," asked Maeron seeing her in deep thought

"No," answered Hera firmly she still had a little hope in her mind 

"This, those images, they may very well be the fruit of another of your abilities I will only believe it once I see them with my own eyes without trickery," saying that she started walking toward the exit when she heard a strange noise 

Turning around she saw Maeron casually take a part of the wall out.

It was a small opening into the other room but for a goddess like her it was more than enough

"And if you wonder why he didn't hear anything when I removed that part of the wall" he pointed at something that she recognized

"Sound barrier," she said weakly before returning her eyes to the couple on the bed in the other room.

She looked at them having sex on the bed for a few seconds, which seemed like hours due to the amount of information and confusion in her mind.

After staring at them for a minute without reaction like she was no longer entirely there, something snapped and anger began to manifest itself, 

"It's him, it's really him, this piece of shit is really cheated on me again after everything I did for him!" after that she began to walk forward releasing a wave of purple energy and flying forward the wall to destroy it and reach them but

"wosss" Instead of destroying the wall she flew through a portal that appeared in front of her

"Huh!" at that moment Zeus who was in bed with his mistress abruptly turned his head and looked at the wall to his right, his piercing gaze passed through the wall, but he saw no one there

"Did I dreamt it?" he said

"What the matter babe." asked the woman with him

"Nothing," he said, "soo, where were we?" Hearing the woman's voice, he threw his doubt to the back of his mind and got back to business.

What he didn't see was that from the other side of the wall Maeron was looking at him was a cold and vicious smile before disappearing into one of his portals. 


"bang" Hera who had come out from the Maeron portal was going on a rampage destroying everything around her throwing balls of energy everywhere on the mountains, and uprooting trees.

It continued for a while and when she seemed more calm a portal opened beside her and Maeron walked out,

"Hope you're feeling better," he said looking at him calmly 

"Where am I? Where did you send me? Send me back!!" she screamed using her powers to throw him crash against a wall, 

"Your ability is really interesting," he said flying out of the debris that were created completely intact 

'Is it gravity manipulation, but she uses it like telekinesis, I always wondered if they really don't know their own abilities,' is it because they are born with them or is it the lifestyle.' he thought analyzing her powers

Looking at the enraged goddess in front of him he said calmly "I can't let you do that! confront him! That will jeopardize ruin everything,"

Listening to Maeron's cold tone and looking at his indifferent expression just made Hera even more furious than she already was 

"so you came to find me, show me that my husband was cheating on me and now you're asking me to let them continue so that I do not disturb some kind of sick plan you have!?"

"Basically, yes!"

Just after he said those words, all around him the ground began to shake and in an instant, he was surrounded from all sides by enormous rocks threatening to crush him.


"Send me back right now or you will be the one to suffer for them instead!" she said sternly looking at the enormous bolder where she could feel Maeron resisting 

"Twing" While she holding tightly Maeron teleported not far from her 

"Ouch, it hurt calm down," he said patting the dust off his clothes 

"If I send you send, what will you do?" he asked 

I will kill them both! I will make them suffer!" she said angrily with a swift move of the hand the earth began to move like a wave to catch him 

Reappearing beside he looked at Hera who had tears in her eyes and said "Make him suffer, how? Be realistic you are too weak to do anything to him you don't have the strength I mean how many other children do you think that he has around the world and I don't mean those that you know about,"

"Shut up…" she screamed launching waves of energy at Maeron who just disappeared and appeared somewhere else

"…I can tell this is more than what you think, tell me how many of your friends he slept with and your subordinates how many did he sleep with that you know and don't know about,"

"Bang, bang, bang…" Explosions resounded everywhere in the field

"How many of the people that you trust are betraying you every day, smiling in front of you while sleeping with your husband behind your back…"

"Shut up, shut up, Shut UP…" She screamed with all his might destroying everything around

After a few minutes when the dust settles down a bruised Maeron appears in the crater where Hera the mighty queen of Olympus was crying like a little girl, he sat down beside her and slowly comforted her.

After nearly an hour she finally stopped crying on the ground she asked weakly "What do you want from me?"

He slowly looked Hera in the eyes and said "You, I want you."

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