Chapter 3: Exchange
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In his sanctuary, Maeron was seated on a throne in deep thought, it had been a few days since he had sent Hera back to her room in Olympus

"Forgive me my lord!” said Argus getting Maeron out of his thought

“What is it Argus,” he asked his subordinate

“It may seem disrespectful, but I have to ask, is it really a good idea to implicate the Queen of Olympus of all people, what I mean is that it isn't the first time that Zeus betrayed her and yet she always ends up going back to him." Stated Argus, his tone lace with incertitude

“Do not worry about her, she will not tell anything about us I have already made sure of that," Maeron's answer was able to calm Argus

“I understand, sorry for troubling you with my questions,” he responded more relaxed

“It’s fine, it is a valid question, you know even though she is Queen of Olympus with enormous influence and power! the real power is still in the hands of Zeus, he has the power to do whatever he desires, like come here to sleep with Your wife,” Maeron said taking a jab at Argus

“He can cheat on his wife, sleep with wives of his own subordinate, party as much as he wants and kill those who resist because in the end, his might is unquestionable,” he said looking at Argus seriously who had his head lowered processing what was said to him

“And this is what I want, this is the power that I seek,”

"Forgive me for questioning you my lord, that won't happen again," he said respectfully bowing his head

"I said that it was fine, I’m not the kind of god who kills his when I’m questioned, but why now, she left days ago, why do you voice your concern only now," Asked Maeron eyes still fixed on Argus

"she is pregnant, my bitch of a wife is pregnant,” he said with fire in his voice and even though his head was down Maeron was able to feel his anger and pain, and yet

"Congratulations!" said Maeron with a cheeky smile on his face

"Please don't joke around with that my lord, that is not a good situation to be in,"

"And yet that pregnancy means that in a little more than 9 months you will no longer have to pretend, you will no longer be as helpless as you are now, and that your revenge, our revenge will begin," he said smiling

"You mean that the child is part of the plan, how?!" he asked,

 Maeron could see that had a new fire in his eyes which pleased him

“Not now, this is too soon for you to know, what you need to know is that that child must be delivered safely, do you understand me,” he asked firmly,

“Do not fret, your patience and paint will be rewarded in a way that you do now yet comprehend,”

“Yes my lord,” he answered deciding to put all his thrust into the mysterious entity in front of him

"Now, you shouldn't stay idle in time like that," getting up he threw a sword at Argus

“Get back to your training, you are gonna need it,”

“Understood,” after taking the sword he turned around and walked toward a massive door, one of the hundreds of doors standing tall in the sanctuary

after passing through the door Argus began to hear the sound of clashes, he was in an entirely different location

“This is always a strange phenomenon no matter how many times I walk through that door,”

Looking at the beautiful sky above him he took a deep breath before walking toward a group of men in front, the army of hundreds of warriors fighting harmoniously, as a warrior himself he could see how well-trained they were and it always brought him great pride as they were his most trusted warriors

Seeing Argus appear they halted their training, turning to face him, they stood in order, and in one voice they screamed,

“We salute our leader, King Argus,”

"My warriors, the best of the best, those that I personally select from around the world and who followed me in battle even if you have to face death you are my most trusted men, once again we will fight together in nine months and during those months we will train harder than ever, understood," said Argus before walking toward his warriors.

“Yes”!!” they screamed in response

That has been a few days since Hera learned about the full extent of her husband's betrayal, or was it after so many years she thought that she learned to deal with her husband's infidelity but once again she was proven wrong, this betrayal was even worse than the others because she realizes how alone and poorly surrounded she was.

Laying on her bed she was thinking of what Maeron had said was true then she was betrayed not only by Zeus but by those that she considered her friends and subordinate

“I suppose that I shouldn’t even be surprised, but I can’t help it, if it’s true then who can I even thrust, that Maeron, and now I am filled with anguish, fucking hell!” getting up from her bed she slowly walked to her bathroom, taking out her clothes revealing her exquisite body before slowly getting in her massive bathtub

“I spend too much time drinking and wailing, now need to find who those traitors are and I need to make them pay for their betrayal,”

After her bath, she changed into a beautiful dress before sitting down on her throne

Seated on her throne she calls "Serea, come here!"

A beautiful woman clothes in a beautiful dark dress appears by her side

"My goddess, what can I do for you?" Ask Medea in a respectful tone

"Serea, you have been with me for many years now you are one of the few people I can fully trust, and consider a friend," she said, at this point, the expression of Serea became more serious she could tell that something wasn't right and that the matter Hera was about to talk was important.

"Thank you for your trust my goddess it's an honor and a privilege for me to hear that,"

"I think that my husband Zeus is once again cheating on me, one of my crows saw him by coincidence sneak out of Olympus, I was not able to find where he went but after years of that, I can recognize the pattern,” she said seriously

"Huh, but my goddess we have put in place a good system of surveillance together, if sir your husband, if he is cheating someone would’ve known about it by now!!" she said after a moment of silence Serea said

“This is why I think that he may have infiltrated our subordinates to help cover for him or find a way to trick our surveillance," she said

“If he has found a way to bypass our surveillance it’s awful but I can deal with it it wouldn’t be the first time, but if someone betrayed me,” Hera said releasing an amount of energy that terrified Serea

“Huh,” after taking a few breaths she calmed herself 

"I want you to find who has betrayed me identify them and also find who he is and who has cheated on me with this time so that I can personally send them all to Tartarus myself!" said Hera firmly

"That will be done my goddess," she said and quickly disappeared to escape from there.

Looking at the spot where the woman disappeared she said softly "I hope that he is mistaken about you Serea,"

(Hera's flashback)

"it's you that I want."

"What?" exclaimed Hera when she heard him

"You heard me!" he replied

Getting up she dried her tears "So that's it hm, you are hoping to be the one who put me in his bed." she said coldly

Standing at her level he said "What I am hoping is to be the one who helps you regain your dignity among gods and mortals alike, something that you seem to have lost, you have a lot of value and that's what I want, of course, I would love to be the one to put the beautiful queen of Olympus in my bed," he concluded with a radiant smile

offering her a handshake he said, "Anyway, now that you are calmer you can leave, but before that I need you to vow to never reveal anything about today's events to anyone no matter the circumstances,”

“I can do that, but I also want you to reveal who are the ones who betrayed me,” she said looking him in the eyes

“I would like to help you, but if I do that, I lose all leverage,”

“It will be a gage of good faith,” she rebutted

“The gage of good faith was to bring you here and show you what you miss, make you realize that you had been tricked by those that you thought loyal, now, I would like to make a pact with you my dear queen!”

“What is it,” she asked

“I will give you the names of those traitors who infested your nest, all those who betrayed you and you will give me one of your power, one of my choice!”

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