(Announcement) Moving Forward
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Please read all of it. 

Wow, what the fuck? You are back doing this?! 
Yes and no. I will try to be as professional as I can without being subjective this time around. In an attempt to be transparent. 


The point of this useless announcement is to shed some light on things and the truth behind the story. No, it's not meant to be a spoiler nor be about the story itself, more about what is about to come for the story as far as it's health goes - updates and other things.

First of all, I would have to apologize due to lack of chapters, I got sick and literally spent a whole day in the bathroom throwing up. The second day I just felt unwell and while I managed to write quite a bit I was unsatisfied with the quality of the chapter. And now the chapter is pretty much done but I am considering if it's the right path of the story.


Ignoring that, I will be doing some "patch-notes". What are these patch-notes I talk about? Well, some chapters will be merged together and deleted. A lot of the announcement chapters are going to be deleted and moved into the glossary. I want this story to read well and not be swarmed with melodramatic author notes. As funny as that sounds. And for that this type of reform is required.

Cover Changes & Poll. 

Also, I like the story cover but I might need to change it back, since the story just keeps on getting darker and darker, without any sight of this so-called wholesome cover. It will happen but it's not near happening considering the current pace. Albeit you guys decide if it should be kept or not according to the poll.

The future of the story. 

I am going to be extremely blunt here. If the story does badly in RR it's going to be placed on pretty low priority and I will be moving into other projects. Due to life situations, I can't quite tell, my current life is threatened, and sadly life is always about money. While I would like to say I write out of pure joy, it's also correlated with the money, and as much as I like Leah as a project, I won't be able to justify the time I put into it if it doesn't pay-off. 

Which means, I am a piece of shit that cares about money. Why do I say this? Well, there is a high chance I don't get to finish my studies and end up homeless. To avoid that - you guessed it, I need that thing. So, if writing is my only way of getting such a thing then... I can't really justify passion and joy if it's not going to pay off. 

Which is why the future of the story relies heavily on RR. (RoyalRoad). 

I like being transparent. IF the story doesn't do well in RoyalRoad when the time comes then I can't justify it. Unfortunately RoyalRoad has something that ScribbleHub doesn't, as much as I hate to admit it. I can at least say that: 

The story will never be dropped. That is a promise. 

So there aren't that many things to worry about. I am simply desperate for success quite literally. Now more than ever after the things that have been happening in the past 2 weeks or so. 

Title change: 

As much as I hate to do this. The synopsis and title will be changed. Why do I hate to do this so much? Well, that is because we actually had a google snippet, aka: a preview. There was actually a google snippet for this title, and I don't know if it will kill it or not, but regardless it's something that kind of mattered to me on an egotistical level.

The title will be changed to The Misadventures Of a Malfunctioning Dungeon Core. Yes, that will be the new title. This is because it needs to shed some light on the actual contents of the story instead of being some clickbait. This is to avoid readers feeling baited as a lot of people have felt already — I can already tell. 

Overall insecurity 

Why am I saying all of this? Well, I am uncertain about the story, in spite of having a lot of faithful voices in the comment section frankly. The ratings on the story are the only thing I can use as a benchmark to tell if a story is good or not, and while I know this type of story isn't good for ScribbleHub, due to the NovelUpdates influence, since wish-fulfillment does better here. I am still worried about things. 

So if the story doesn't do well I can't keep writing it was frequently, or rather, give it the same priority as the next project. Another project will be started whether I want it or not, this is in an effort to have multiple good novels. But that's basically the idea. 

Thank you for reading. 

This is possibly the last announcement chapter I make for the remainder of march and april. 

Change back to the old cover?
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