Chapter 6: Little Roy
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"By the Obscura, what a mess," Nolan muttered under his breath. Now, he was undoubtedly on the shit list of the Dark Sovereign. At least he got the promise not to spill blood on either side. It was a small comfort in the grand scheme of things.

He shook his head, clearing his mind of the tangled web. There would be time to untangle it later. For now, he was walking through the bustling streets of the island, freshly released by Regina.

The narrow streets of the island wound through the slums, a labyrinth of dilapidated buildings and cobbled pathways. The buildings, made of weathered stone and decaying wood, leaned precariously over the uneven streets. Rickety market stalls were haphazardly set up, their wares ranging from tarnished trinkets to meager food offerings.

People hurried along the crowded streets, their faces etched with weariness and hardship. Ragged clothing clung to their frames, and the soot-stained air seemed to have settled permanently on their skin. Unsavory characters loitered in the shadows, eyeing passersby to search for their next victim.

Nolan blended in seamlessly with the downtrodden masses, his own attire no better than those around him. He have planned to meet his mother as soon as he got out. but decided to do some shopping first as eleen have decided to invest in him by dispatching a hidden guard to her mother's house.

He had the few coins in his pocket which he have gotten from the seas, and decided to purchase some good foods and clothes. He had to be careful, though, he can't shock his mother too much, especially with her condition.

Also he had to be careful not to be robbed as he grabbed the 3rd hand which have tried to poach his pouch.

"Little Roy, What did I taught about robbing me?" he said automatically after observing the little theif, but he didn't realise that his voice was a little thick with emotions.

Roy, one of his earliest friends who have died with Her. 12 year old orphan in this treachrous island. I don't know how he survived till meeting me. But it should be already three years since he stopped him from pocketing my money.

With a handful of coins in his pocket, the spoils from his little stunt at the prier, Nolan decided it was time to treat himself and his mother to some better food and perhaps a change of clothes. He had to be careful, though, he couldn't afford to shock his mother with too grand a transformation, especially given her fragile condition.

As he made his way through the crowded streets, he kept a watchful eye on his surroundings. This part of town was notorious for its petty thieves and opportunistic pickpockets. Nolan wasn't about to become a victim, especially not when he was one of the best in pickpocketing.

But he smiled as he felt a subtle tug on his pouch. Without thinking, he snatched the hand attempting to pilfer his money. "Little Roy, what have I told you about robbing me?" Nolan scolded, his voice thick with a mix of emotions that he decided to ignore.

The boy before him was a stark reminder of his regret in his past life. One of the many friends who have died with Her on what should be a friendly journey. Roy, a young orphan who had become one of Nolan's earliest friends on this treacherous island. Roy had been just nine when they first met, a survivor in this unforgiving place. It had been three years since Roy had first time tried to pickpocket Nolan, a testament of his skills that he was even successful at such a age, but only because Nolan decided to see the talents of this rising theif and acted like a normal person.

Roy grinned cheekily, his eyes dancing with mischief as he tapped Nolan's filled pouch. "Big brother, you should at least let me win sometimes, especially when you have this much coin in your pockets."

Nolan snorted, his voice warm with affection. "You're still too young to pickpocket me, Roy."

The boy pouted, a mock indignation on his young face. "I'm not young! I'm already twelve years old, and I'm practically a master pickpocket. I could even steal from the guards!"

Nolan chuckled at Roy's bravado. "Is that so? Well then, why don't you show me tomorrow?"

"Alright. But tell me, did you steal it from Regina?"

Nolan's expression shifted, surprise on his face. "Why do you ask?"

"I heard in the streets that Regina's goons were searching for you."

Nolan sighed as he can already feel the anxiety in the boy even though it didn't show in his demanour, "Well, we have a talk, so you don't have to worry about me."

Roy nodded, "As if I will ever. But I have to go now, I have to meet my friends."

Nolan stopped the boy. "Wait, come with me. I just came into some money. Let me treat you to a good meal."

Roy's eyes lit up with excitement. "Are you sure? Don't you want to save it for Auntie?"

Nolan tousled the boy's hair affectionately. "You worry too much about grown-up stuff, boy. Now, come on, let's enjoy a meal together. You can help me with some purchases later too."


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