Awakening Dragon
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Douluo Star.

This is a lively planet, inhabited by countless humans and soul beasts.

Inside the core of Douluo Star, there is a vast magma space.

The magma rolls and emits extreme high temperatures. Such temperature would surely turn even a Titled Douluo on the surface into ashes within a breath's time.

Within the rolling red magma, an incredibly massive golden figure appears and disappears.

Each scale on the golden figure is terrifyingly large in diameter.

At this moment, the red magma suddenly rumbles violently, and a gigantic dragon head emerges from the magma sea.

The dragon head is as large as a house, and hundreds of meters long dragon whiskers swim in the magma like small dragons.

The golden figure stretches out, and the colossal creature beneath the magma is actually a tens of thousands of zhang long golden dragon.

At the moment when the mighty dragon's body rolls, the entire Douluo Star begins to tremble.

Countless volcanoes erupt with scorching magma, covering the sky and earth.

The sea roars, forming hundreds of meter-high tsunamis that engulf the only two continents on the planet.

The continents shake, seemingly about to disintegrate at any moment.

At this moment, all living beings on Douluo Star tremble with fear, prostrating on the ground.

Whether they are ordinary people, top-ranked Limit Douluo, soul beasts of tens of thousands of years, or various fierce beasts, all can't help but tremble with fear, feeling as if doomsday has come.

"Oh, Angel God, please show your miracle and save your faithful followers."

In the Elder's Hall of the Spirit Hall City, an old and devout voice resounds.

"Oh, mighty Sea God, please descend upon this world and save your billions of subjects."

On the Sea God Island, a voluptuous woman in palace attire kneels in front of the altar, praying devoutly.

In the Divine Realm, countless terrifyingly powerful gods immediately sense the disturbance.

In the Divine Realm Council, the avatars of the five major powerful gods gather together, solemnly sensing the events happening on the Douluo Continent.

Evil God says, "Asura God, you go with the Goddess of Kindness and Goddess of Life to Douluo Star immediately. Save as many as you can."

"Leave it to us." Asura God was about to descend to the mortal realm with the Goddess of Kindness and the Goddess of Life to save the world. However, in the next instant, all the disasters on Douluo Star vanish in an instant.

The spewing magma disappears without a trace, and the roaring sea becomes incredibly calm. The abysses that opened up on the continent, the collapsing houses, are all restored to their original state.

All life remains in the state they were in just before the disaster occurred.

Just now, everything seemed fleeting, as if it had never happened.

No, it wasn't an illusion. All the lives on the Douluo Star still remember that trembling sensation in their souls.

The five deities of the Divine Realm were also certain that everything that just happened was absolutely real.

However, they couldn't understand why such a world-ending calamity disappeared suddenly without a trace.

Asura God said, "Just now, the Douluo Star was on the verge of disintegration, but it instantaneously repaired itself. What power caused this?"

The five deities were incredibly shaken, and this power filled them with fear.

The Evil God said in a deep voice, "There are too many unknown mysteries in the universe, Asura. I trouble you to go down to the mortal world and investigate the Douluo Star incident."



Within the depths of the magma, a colossal golden dragon rapidly shrank in size, eventually transforming into a six or seven-year-old boy, floating in mid-air above the sea of magma.

The surrounding earth elements surged, and a smooth, mirror-like stone platform with a diameter of five meters rose from the magma.

The boy gently descended, his bare feet smooth as jade, landing on the stone platform.

His skin radiated a golden light, luminous and dazzling like polished white jade. His long black hair cascaded down his clean back, his eyebrows sharp as swords, his eyes as deep as the starry sky, occasionally being filled with flashes of golden lightning.

Although he appeared to be only six or seven years old,

His countenance resembled something heaven-sent, flawlessly impeccable.


The boy exhaled, and the space before him quivered and shattered within a terrifying airflow, revealing a pitch-black void.

"This planet is still so fragile." The boy muttered to himself, and with a wave of his hand, the space returned to its original state.

Sensing several powerful divine thoughts scanning the surface of the planet, a slight smile appeared on the boy's lips.

"After an endless slumber, finally some interesting little fellows have appeared."

A trace of joy appeared in his deep eyes. "Finally, humans have been born. It's only with the existence of humans that this world becomes interesting. Hmmm... how many years have I been sleeping?"

The boy closed his eyes, contemplating for a moment before opening them again. "During this slumber, I must have slept for more than five hundred million years, give or take. Five hundred million years... closing my eyes and opening them already passed."

He sighed, his thoughts drifting back to countless years ago.

His name is Ao Tian, hailing from Earth. His soul was reborn in this star, becoming a dragon hatchling.

After cultivating for countless years, he became the most powerful existence on this star, ruling over numerous primitive creatures.

However, with a human soul residing within him, he was always lonely, tormented by endless emptiness and solitude, forcing him to choose slumber.

Five hundred million years later, humans were born on the star, gradually awakening the empty and lonely heart of Ao Tian.

"Then let's enjoy ourselves thoroughly..."

Mysterious ripples spread across Ao Tian's body, and upon him appeared a garment identical to those in the Douluo Continent style.

Taking a step forward, his figure disappeared into thin air.

On the surface, there were no fluctuations in space. Ao Tian's figure reappeared.

He appeared within the Spirit City, as he discovered there were more "strong individuals" in this city compared to other places.

In his view, these so-called strong individuals were nothing more than slightly stronger ants.

"Weak, too weak..." Ao Tian shook his head continuously.

Looking up at the sky, he muttered, "When did another world appear above? Hmm... those divine thoughts must be from there."

Sensing the intensity of the divine thoughts raking over, Ao Tian curled his lips in disdain. His interest waned significantly.

"Weak, still too weak."

Spirit City was the location of the Supreme Pontiff Palace of Spirit Hall. Though not as grand as the capital cities of the Heavenly Soul Empire and the Star Luo Empire, it possessed far superior facilities and strength compared to the capitals of these two empires.

At this moment, fervent shouts erupted from the central Sacred Mountain of Spirit City, instantly spreading throughout the entire city.

"Long live the Pope, long live, long live!"


The entire population within Spirit City was excitedly cheering. They faced the direction of the Sacred Mountain, their faces turning red as they shouted with all their might.

Ao Tian raised his head, his gaze passing through all the buildings and obstructions, fixating on the Sacred Mountain.

There stood a magnificent golden palace, and in front of it stood a large group of people.

Leading them was a man in a golden robe, appearing to be in his thirties, tall and handsome, with an aura of arrogance in his eyes.

The man spoke, his majestic voice echoing throughout the entire Spirit City:

"Everything that just happened is a manifestation of the Angel God we believe in at the Spirit Hall. There is no need to be afraid. The Angel God is the most powerful, and his divine light illuminates all, bringing peace and solving difficulties, preventing any illness..."

The people of the city became more excited, but Ao Tian couldn't understand this gibberish language.

His spiritual sense fell upon the Pope, effortlessly breaking through the opponent's mental defense.

Soul search!

The Pope continued brainwashing the ordinary people and even soul masters below, completely unaware that his own soul had been invaded and that all of his secrets had been exposed to Ao Tian.

Douluo Continent? Soul Temple? Qian Xunji?

Ao Tian instantly recognized the identity of the Pope, and memories that had been sealed for billions of years were unlocked. He had read the novel Douluo Continent in his previous life.

In the calm depths of his eyes, there was a slight ripple. He had actually arrived in the world of the novel.

One book, one world. There were indeed too many unknown secrets in this world, which even Ao Tian's current strength couldn't fathom.

His powerful spiritual sense quickly digested the information obtained from Qian Xunji's soul.

"So Qian Xunji wants to forcefully possess Bibi Dong tonight?"

Ao Tian's gaze fell upon a stunningly beautiful girl who stood behind Qian Xunji.

The girl had a near-perfect appearance, with sparkling eyes, radiating charm, and a touch of cuteness.

This was the young Bibi Dong, full of brilliance.

Starlight lit up in Ao Tian's eyes.

Bibi Dong from the Douluo Continent was a regret in his heart when he read the book years ago. Now, he had unexpectedly appeared in Bibi Dong's life before her tragic fate. He thought to himself, he knew what he should do now.