Dragon Ancestor
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In the face of the terrifying pressure from Ao Tian, Tang Hao unexpectedly felt a soul-shaking sensation.

This feeling was something he had never experienced before, and perhaps even the legendary level 99 was not quite like this.

Realizing that something was amiss, Tang Hao turned and fled without the slightest hesitation.

Even though he still believed he had the strength to stand his ground, he had no intention of staying.

After all, this was within the confines of the Nuoding Academy, and if a major battle were to erupt here, it might harm the innocent.

Most importantly, Tang San was also inside.

Moreover, in a battle against a terrifying opponent, he would have to use his full capabilities, and in doing so, he would be unable to hide his identity and whereabouts, inevitably drawing the strict scrutiny of the Spirit Hall.

Terrifying power surged within Tang Hao's body. With every step he took, the ground would visibly tremble and crack. A single leap could carry him dozens of meters.

Although he could fly, it consumed too much energy and was not as fast as running.

Running on the ground provided cover from buildings, and he didn't believe the white-clad youth would go so far as to attack, especially with people inside those buildings.

Ao Tian didn't pursue him, but his imposing aura continued to shroud Tang Hao, making him feel like he couldn't afford to linger for even a moment.

Xiao Wu had just taken a few steps when she noticed that the black-clad person had suddenly left, and she stopped in confusion.

However, a terrifying thought flashed through her mind in an instant.

This handsome white-clad youth could actually scare away a Titled Douluo. Did that mean he also had the strength of a Titled Douluo? Would he instantly see through her identity...?

Thinking this, cold sweat suddenly burst out on Xiao Wu's forehead, and she was enveloped in a profound sense of fear.

Having transformed into a human, she had long lost her Spirit Beast cultivation of 100,00 years. Facing a human expert, she truly was nothing more than a vulnerable little white rabbit.

"100,000-year-old little rabbit, what are you afraid of?" Ao Tian smiled, his eyes fixed on Xiao Wu with keen interest.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about." Xiao Wu kept retreating, her little head shaking like a tambourine.

"100,000-year-old Soft Boned Rabbit, am I right?" Ao Tian approached step by step.

Despair appeared on Xiao Wu's face. If a human expert recognized her identity, did she still have a way out?

She suddenly regretted not listening to her mother and insisted on going out to seek adventure.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck in her mind, and her eyes lit up.

"You just said you're Ao Tian's brother, and I'm Ao Tian's good friend."

After saying that, she cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted with all her might, "Ao Tian, where are you? Your brother's here, come out quickly."

She understood that only Ao Tian could save her now.

"Alright, alright." Ao Tian waved his hand, deciding not to tease Xiao Wu any longer.

He felt that, under his intimidating presence, Tang Hao had already escaped from Nuoding City and was quickly getting farther away.

He needed to meet with this legendary figure from the Clear Sky Sect, a Titled Douluo bearing the name Clear Sky.

Xiao Wu stopped "calling for help" and stared blankly at Ao Tian.

Ao Tian's figure flickered for a moment and then vanished into thin air.

"Gone?" Xiao Wumuttered to herself. "Was that teleportation? But why didn't I see his Martial Soul and Spirit Rings?"

With the departure of these two terrifying experts, Xiao Wu was in no hurry to flee anymore.

She understood that with her current strength, if she were truly targeted by a Titled Douluo, there was no way she could escape.

After thinking it over, she returned to sit on the large rock.

Her mind was in turmoil, and she needed to think about whether she should stay at the Nuoding Academy to continue her studies.

After a Spirit Beast transforms into a human, they must get close to humans and feel their aura to grow quickly. However, until they reach maturity, the residual Spirit Beast aura on them cannot be hidden from a Titled Douluo, and even some powerful Spirit Douluo can see through their identity.

Once she reaches maturity, she won't have to worry about being exposed.

If she leaves here, she'll have to go to other human places.


Outside Nuoding City, in just a few minutes, Tang Hao had already sprinted five kilometers away.

The immense pressure that made him feel was still enveloping him.

When he ran out of Nuoding City, he noticed that the white-clad figure didn't follow.

But the imposing aura continued to shroud him, indicating that the white-clad person had no intention of giving up.

"It's far enough." Tang Hao stopped and turned to look at Nuoding City in the distance.

He had become a Titled Douluo when he was in his forties, hailed as the youngest Titled Douluo in the world of Spirit Masters. However, now there was a young man who appeared to be in his twenties, and his strength might even surpass his.

It was unbelievable; how could someone reach the level of a Titled Douluo in their twenties?

Tang Hao felt that his understanding of the world had been completely overturned. To reach the level of a Titled Douluo in one's twenties was unprecedented!

So, he developed a strong interest in the white-clad youth. He wanted to know if the youth truly possessed the power of a Titled Douluo, how he cultivated, and what his background was.

Tang Hao stood quietly on the dark earth, silently adjusting his state, waiting for the arrival of the white-clad youth.

He was sure that the other party would come because the aura locked onto him had not been withdrawn.

At the same time, he was greatly shocked that the other party could lock onto him from a distance of five kilometers.

With his current spiritual power, he couldn't possibly cover such a large area.

Tang Hao's assessment of the white-clad youth's strength reached a new high.

Suddenly, Tang Hao's pupils contracted sharply, and about fifty meters in front of him, a figure in white appeared out of thin air.

What kind of technique was this? Tang Hao was a little bewildered.

At the moment when the other party appeared, he didn't feel any fluctuations at all. Even with teleportation, there would be a slight spatial aura disturbance.

Moreover, the other party didn't have any Spirit Rings on them, which left Tang Hao deeply puzzled and apprehensive.

"Who are you?" Tang Hao was the first to ask.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you? What are you doing on my turf, Lord Clear Sky?" Ao Tian smiled.

Tang Hao was taken aback. "How do you know my identity?"

He understood that if the other party could call out his identity, he had no need to conceal it.

Ao Tian pointed to his eyes and said, "No one can hide their identity from my Fiery Eyes."

"Now that you've seen through my identity, according to the customs of the world of Spirit Masters, you should also introduce yourself," Tang Hao said.

Ao Tian thought for a moment and decided to give himself a title.

As an ancient dragon, he was a unique existence in the world of Spirit Masters.

After some thought, Ao Tian said, "You can call me the Dragon Ancestor, the ancestor of ancestors."

Such confidence, Tang Hao thought to himself.

"Since you have such strength, why have I never heard your name before?" he asked.

Ao Tian replied, "I've been in seclusion for countless years, and you are the first one to hear my name."

"So, you're a reclusive expert," Tang Hao nodded.

The Douluo Continent was not only home to major sects and influential forces; there were also experts who didn't care about worldly affairs and focused solely on cultivation.

He guessed that this expert had been in seclusion in Nuoding City, and his unrestrained use of spiritual power for investigation today had offended this person.

"It's good that you're not from the Spirit Hall," Tang Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

"Now, it's my turn to ask you." Ao Tian took a few steps forward, and his majestic aura radiated, like an ancient divine mountain, pressing down on Tang Hao.

"You appeared in the Nuoding Academy. Are you thinking of harming that little Spirit Beast?" Ao Tian's voice was cold, and his sharp eyes stared at Tang Hao.