Knocking Tang Hao Away
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Feeling Ao Tian's aura becoming even more terrifying, Tang Hao was deeply shocked.

His soul power surged rapidly throughout his body, allowing him to withstand the formidable pressure that was coming his way.

He said in a deep voice, "No Spirit Master would remain indifferent after discovering a 100,000-year Spirit Beast in human form."

"You've already become a Titled Douluo. If I'm not mistaken, you either want her Spirit Bone or intend to imprison her and leave her for someone else to absorb her Spirit Ring," Ao Tian said.

Tang Hao sneered, "Do you mean you're not interested in obtaining the Spirit Bone and Spirit Rings of a 100,000-year Spirit Beast? Who wouldn't want such an opportunity?"

"Just because a Spirit Beast becomes human doesn't mean it has malicious intent. Must we exterminate them all?" Ao Tian asked.

"Spirit Masters kill Spirit Beasts, absorb their Spirit Rings and Spirit Bones—it's been the natural order of things since ancient times. What's wrong with that?" Tang Hao retorted.

"Well said," Ao Tian clapped his hands sarcastically. "If I remember correctly, a few years ago, you were chased by the Pontiff of the Spirit Hall because of your Spirit Beast wife. You call it the natural order for Spirit Masters to kill Spirit Beasts, but it's quite laughable that your own wife was a Spirit Beast."

Tang Hao's expression changed, darkening, and he shouted angrily, "Ah Yin is not a Spirit Beast. In my eyes, she's a true human. She's kind, beautiful, and virtuous. The people from the Spirit Hall should all die!"

"As for the lives of other Spirit Beasts, what does it have to do with me?"

"If it had been Tang San who befriended Xiao Wu from the beginning, instead of me, I'm afraid you wouldn't be thinking like this," Ao Tian said under his breath.

Tang Hao's aura swelled, his robe billowed, and he lifted the hood of his cape to reveal his somber face.

"Dragon Ancestor, since you've also set your sights on that Spirit Beast, it's inevitable that we'll have to fight each other. If I lose, I'll never set foot in the Nuoding Academy again. If you lose, that Spirit Beast will go with me. How about it?"

"Agreed," Ao Tian replied.

Tang Hao nodded, and with a thought, the Clear Sky Hammer was summoned.

A colossal black hammer appeared behind him, floating in mid-air.

The black hammer was covered with intricate patterns on both ends, exuding a terrifying killing intent.

One Spirit Ring after another emerged from beneath Tang Hao's feet. With each appearing Spirit Ring, his aura grew stronger.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, red!

The final Spirit Ring on Tang Hao's body was astonishingly a 100,000-year Spirit Ring.

His aura reached its peak, and when he opened his eyes, they emitted a fearsome brilliance.

Tang Hao's eyes shot towards Ao Tian, and he said, "Tang Hao, Martial Sou,l Clear Sky Hammer, a level 95 Combat-type Titled Douluo. Please instruct me!"

"Dragon Ancestor, Martial Soul Golden Dragon," Ao Tian responded calmly.

Tang Hao furrowed his brow and asked, "Where is your Martial Soul?"

Ao Tian replied indifferently, "You're not worthy of me using my Martial Soul."

"You're arrogant!" Tang Hao was furious, feeling completely humiliated by Ao Tian.

"Then let me show you just how arrogant I can be," Ao Tian chuckled softly. He raised his right hand, clenched his five fingers together fiercely.


The earth shook, and five colossal stone pillars suddenly shot up from the ground around Tang Hao, just like Ao Tian's five fingers. They closed in on Tang Hao at an incredible speed.

How was this possible?

Tang Hao was filled with inexplicable shock. Even without using his Spirit Rings, creating such an attack out of thin air, was this young man called the Dragon Ancestor even human?

Although he was deeply astonished, Tang Hao had extensive combat experience and reacted immediately.

The five stone pillars bent like fingers and, in the blink of an eye, imprisoned Tang Hao in a cage.

Tang Hao swung the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand wildly, striking the surrounding walls.

However, the cage vibrated but was not shattered by his Clear Sky Hammer.

Tang Hao became increasingly shocked. The opponent could trap him here with just a flick of his fingers. Such a method was far beyond what an ordinary person could possess.

Suddenly, the moves of the Clear Sky Hammer changed, and the "Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique" unfolded, striking one blow after another against the stone walls.

Tang Hao's Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique had already reached a state of perfection. In the blink of an eye, he had unleashed over a dozen strikes, and their power was continuously increasing.

From the outside, the cage formed by the five stone pillars seemed like a huge cocoon, violently trembling and emitting continuous thunderous sounds.

Ao Tian waved his large hand, creating an invisible barrier within a radius of a kilometer.

The thunderous sounds were completely sealed within the barrier, and no one outside could sense the battle fluctuations inside.

Ao Tian could clearly see Tang Hao inside the cage. The power of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique was increasing at an astonishing rate, and in a matter of seconds, Tang Hao had already executed seventy-two strikes.

Cracks gradually appeared on the walls of the cage, resembling a spiderweb, and they grew more and more dense.

Ao Tian nodded, "Hmm, not bad. There's still some power left. The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique truly deserves to be a soul skill that can threaten the gods."

Just as this thought crossed his mind, the rudimentary cage he had created with a mere thought was broken by Tang Hao.

"Dragon Ancestor, take this hammer!" Tang Hao's aura was incredibly turbulent. He stomped his feet, wielding the Clear Sky Hammer, and shot it towards Ao Tian.

The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique had been executed seventy-six times, and Tang Hao firmly believed that even a ninety-ninth level Title Douluo wouldn't dare to be careless against his seventy-sixth strike.

At this moment, he no longer held any contempt for Ao Tian. The opponent's methods were divine and required him to go all out.

With a leap, Tang Hao crossed over a distance of over fifty meters. He swung the massive black hammer towards Ao Tian's head.

Ao Tian didn't react at all, allowing Tang Hao's Clear Sky Hammer to strike his head.

With a clang, the overwhelmingly powerful Clear Sky Hammer seemed to hit an indestructible material, causing no damage whatsoever to Ao Tian.

The Clear Sky Hammer bounced high into the air, and the tremendous recoil made Tang Hao's hands numb, nearly causing him to lose his grip on the hammer.

"Not bad, still got some strength left. It's almost like a massage," Ao Tian grinned.

Tang Hao was so frightened by this statement that he felt his heart was about to leap out of his chest.

He spun his body, dissipating the tremendous recoil force and converting it into the power for his next strike. Once again, he swung the Clear Sky Hammer towards Ao Tian's head.

The sound of the strike echoed like the chime of a massive bell within the kilometer-wide area.

Finally, after the eighty-first strike, the Clear Sky Hammer with its intricate patterns lit up—the domain of the Slaughter God.

With the Slaughter God's domain released, his own strength was enhanced, and the enemy's strength was suppressed.

A chilling aura spread.

"You're too weak," Ao Tian had lost interest.

Tang Hao, a legendary figure in the Douluo Continent, was nothing more than this.

Facing this strike, he finally made his move.

As the Clear Sky Hammer descended, he lightly waved his right hand and slapped the hammerhead of the Clear Sky Hammer.

Tang Hao's earth-shattering strike was sent flying by Ao Tian with a casual flick, along with Tang Hao himself.