Xiao Wu’s Choice
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"How could there really be million-year spirit beasts? It's already an arduous journey to grow to a hundred thousand years," Xiao Wu shook her head, somewhat incredulous.

Xiao Wu deeply understood the challenges of a spirit beast's growth.

While a hundred thousand years referred to cultivation rather than age, it still required tens of thousands of years of practice at the very least.

The life of a spirit beast was fraught with danger, as they could be devoured by more powerful spirit beasts at any moment. Striving to reach a hundred thousand years of cultivation was like finding a needle in a haystack.

And attaining a million years of cultivation was even more terrifying in terms of difficulty.

Ao Tian chuckled, "If you don't believe me, someday when there's a chance, I'll take you to see for yourself."

Xiao Wu gave Ao Tian a skeptical look and said, "If there really are million-year spirit beasts, who would dare to go and see them? They would only end up being someone's meal."

"Then, when you return to the Star Dou Forest someday, I'll go with you to let you witness the true secrets of the Star Dou Forest," Ao Tian said.

"Okay," Xiao Wu instinctively replied, but immediately realized and added, "No!"

Her family and friends were in there; how could she possibly bring a human in, especially considering Ao Tian had such a powerful brother? What if her family got harmed?

She continued, "What other secrets could there be in the Star Dou Great Forest? Do you know more about it than I do?"

Xiao Wu wore a disbelieving expression.

For an outsider to claim there were secrets in her home, it was far from amusing.

The two of them returned to the dormitory door, and Xiao Wu quickly freed herself from Ao Tian's embrace.

She was still conflicted, whether she should leave or not, and whether she could trust Ao Tian's words.

Wang Sheng, Tang San, and the others were still in meditation. Upon hearing Ao Tian and Xiao Wu return, they briefly opened their eyes and then continued their practice.

Nighttime meditation was a tradition among spirit masters. However, it required mental energy, and once that was depleted, they needed to replenish it through sleep.

So, Wang Sheng and the others would meditate for only a few hours at most before going to sleep.

Ao Tian returned to his bed and lay down.

Xiao Wu hesitated for a moment and sat on the edge of her bed.

She remained silent, torn about whether to leave and occasionally glanced at Ao Tian.

After sitting for a few minutes, she suddenly picked up her bundle and stood up.

Ao Tian opened his eyes and asked, "You don't trust me and want to leave?"

"I'm going to the bathhouse," Xiao Wu said irritably, carrying her bundle and walking out quickly.

Ao Tian's gaze followed Xiao Wu until he saw her actually heading towards the bathhouse, then he withdrew his gaze.

A faint smile appeared on his lips as he closed his eyes.

If Xiao Wu really wanted to leave, he wouldn't force her. At most, he would feel a bit regretful. After all, having such a cute little girl around, he could occasionally tease her, which made for good days.

In a daze, Ao Tian fell asleep, and after about an hour, when Xiao Wu returned, he woke up.

Wang Sheng and the others also woke up from their meditation, picked up their bathing basins, and prepared to go wash.

Xiao Wu lay on her bed, covered herself with the soft and comfortable silk quilt, and looked at Ao Tian on the other side, asking, "Aren't you going to bathe?"

"No, my body isn't dirty," Ao Tian replied.

His body had long reached a state of purity, where no impurities would adhere to it, not even dust.

Xiao Wu made a disgusted face and moved away from Ao Tian a bit.

Seeing her reaction, Ao Tian chuckled, "Don't you think my body has a special fragrance?"

Xiao Wu nodded and said, "There is a unique scent."

"Actually, I haven't bathed in many years..."

Xiao Wu froze, recalling that she had secretly sniffed Ao Tian's fragrance earlier, and suddenly felt a bit nauseous. "I'll ignore you; I'm going to meditate," she said, sitting up and beginning her daily practice.

However, after sitting quietly for a few minutes, she couldn't calm her mind. She kept thinking about what had happened tonight.

Her identity being exposed was a dangerous situation for her.

She didn't sense any danger or malice from Ao Tian or his older brother, which was the main reason why she decided to stay. But she still worried whether her choice was right...

After attempting to meditate for half an hour without success, she reluctantly gave up and lay down.

As she lay in bed, she discreetly moved her bundle, which she had placed in the middle of the bed, and secretly watched Ao Tian's peaceful sleeping face.

While watching, she gradually drifted off to sleep herself.

After an uncertain amount of time, Ao Tian suddenly opened his eyes, sensing something rolling towards him.

He turned his head and found that Xiao Wu, who had been asleep, had somehow rolled over to his side.

Xiao Wu's sleeping posture was quite improper, and without her bundle, it seemed unable to stop her from rolling.

Ao Tian gently pushed her back to her side after a brief attempt to resist her intrusion. However, not long after, the little girl rolled over again, trying to snuggle up to him.

Ao Tian, helpless, gave up after several attempts.

Fortunately, the others were still asleep; otherwise, it might have caused a commotion.


In the early morning, Xiao Wu woke up amidst whispered discussions.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes and wondered why Wang Sheng and the others were giving her strange looks and occasionally chuckling.

Where was Ao Tian? Xiao Wu turned her head to look.

Her small mouth slowly gaped open, and her pretty face froze in shock. She had somehow ended up sleeping on Ao Tian's side.

She quickly turned her head to check, only to see that her bundle of clothes had been kicked to the corner of the bed.

Her cheeks instantly turned bright red, and she pulled the blanket over herself, hiding inside.

Wang Sheng chuckled a few times and said, "Xiao Wu, it's time to get up for breakfast. The opening ceremony is about to start."

Xiao Wu remained hidden under the blanket.

"If you're feeling shy, we'll leave first. You can come on your own later. Hehe..." Wang Sheng and the other students couldn't help but burst into laughter as they left.

It wasn't until Wang Sheng and the others left that Xiao Wu finally emerged, gritting her teeth, and said, "Ao Tian!"

For her restless sleep, she was completely unaware, so she attributed everything to Ao Tian.


Ao Tian was one of the earliest to wake up. Not long after he did, Tang San also got up.

Then, Ao Tian saw Tang San and the Grandmaster leaving the academy and buying a large quantity of white radishes and some wilderness supplies within Nuoding City.

He knew Tang San was going to the Spirit Hunting Forest with Grandmaster.

Barring any unexpected circumstances, Tang San would soon obtain a Datura Snake spirit ring, close to four hundred years in strength.

The spacious playground was filled with people, gradually divided into several areas based on their classes.

Before the opening ceremony began, Xiao Wu finally arrived.

The principal, an elderly man, gave a leisurely speech for half an hour, followed by the dean...

About an hour later, a beautiful host teacher loudly announced, "Next, we invite our outstanding student from the previous semester at Noting Academy, Xiao Chenyu, to the stage for a speech."

Amidst a chorus of laughter, the renowned "Boss Xiao" from Noting Academy appeared on stage with a swollen nose, a bruised face, and several bumps on his forehead, his face turning red.

Wang Sheng and the others laughed so hard that they almost had muscle cramps, finding it extremely satisfying.


Three days later, at noon, after class, the mostly recovered Boss Xiao once again led a group to challenge the work-study students.

On a small hill behind the academy, Xiao Wu, with Wang Sheng and the other nine, stood facing off against Boss Xiao and more than twenty others.

Ao Tian lazily stood at the back, watching this group of junior students challenging the work-study students with great interest.