Tang San Couldn’t Believe It
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Originally, from the beginning, Ao Tian had planned to use some tricks to ensure Wang Sheng's victory.

After all, in such a small-scale confrontation, he had no interest in getting involved himself, nor did he want Xiao Wu to get her hands dirty.

Because when Xiao Wu was in battle, it was easy for her to get up close and personal with others.

Since Tang San was so sure that Wang Sheng would lose, Ao Tian suddenly found it amusing, which is why he engaged in a verbal dispute with Tang San.

Hearing Ao Tian's words, a hint of disdain appeared at the corner of Tang San's mouth. Without his hidden weapons to help him, Wang Sheng would undoubtedly lose. What could he use to win?

Xiao Wu's expression was not good either; she also felt that Wang Sheng was going to lose.

After all, Wang Sheng had been beaten so badly, and the opponent's momentum was growing stronger. In this situation, it was impossible to turn the tide.

On the battlefield, Liu Long's face was full of disdain. Wang Sheng's strength was greater than his, but it was just brute force, and he was easily toying with him.

'It's time to end this,' he thought, a cold glint in his eyes as he shouted, "Kneel!"

With that, he swung his stick even more fiercely toward Wang Sheng's leg.

If this strike landed on Wang Sheng's leg, there was no doubt that he would kneel.

'Lost,' Tang San silently thought to himself.

However, at that moment, a powerful energy suddenly erupted from Wang Sheng's body.

The stick that struck Wang Sheng's leg was unexpectedly deflected.

"Roar!" Wang Sheng let out a deafening tiger's roar, and faint patterns appeared on his skin, resembling tiger stripes.

Wang Sheng was overjoyed as he felt a massive surge of energy suddenly coursing through his body, giving him incredible strength.

If there were someone with strong spiritual power here, they would have noticed the astonishing concentration of spiritual energy above Wang Sheng's head, pouring into him.

Wang Sheng continued to roar, his energy increasing rapidly, making him feel like he was about to burst, wanting to unleash it on a target.

What's happening? Except for Ao Tian, everyone was shocked.

They couldn't sense the massive influx of spiritual energy into Wang Sheng's body, but they could feel his skyrocketing aura.

Tang San's eyes widened slowly, and his face gradually turned blank. He had predicted that Wang Sheng would lose within five moves.

However, before five moves were even completed, the situation had changed dramatically.

"Playing tricks!" Liu Long's long stick was shaken away by Wang Sheng. He felt deeply humiliated, and his stick was now aimed at Wang Sheng's head.

But Wang Sheng paid no attention and took the hit head-on, successfully getting close to Liu Long.

For a spirit master using long weapons, being approached by a martial spirit master meant the outcome was clear.

Wang Sheng slapped Liu Long in the face, sending him flying. He spun in the air and fell to the ground unconscious.


Everyone, except Ao Tian, was left stunned. The situation had reversed so quickly, and Wang Sheng had won with just one move.

"Who's next?" Wang Sheng shouted excitedly, looking towards Boss Xiao.

Boss Xiao's face turned dark, and he called another subordinate to step forward.

"Tang San, do you accept this?" Ao Tian smiled as he looked at Tang San.

He felt no shame in cheating; at his level, he did as he pleased, and his only goal was to enjoy himself. Fairness or unfairness was not something he needed to consider.

"How is this possible? He was clearly about to lose," Tang San mumbled, his face filled with disbelief.

Suddenly, he looked at Ao Tian and asked, "How did you know Wang Sheng would win?"

"Because your judgment is inferior to mine."

Tang San immediately felt uncomfortable and couldn't respond. The words he had just said to Ao Tian were now being thrown back at him.

As they spoke, a scream rang out on the battlefield. The subordinate of Boss Xiao, who had just stepped forward, was also knocked unconscious by a single slap from Wang Sheng.

"Damn, what did Wang Sheng eat today? He's so fierce," exclaimed the onlookers among the students.

Tang San's mood was not good, so he decided to focus his attention on Wang Sheng, trying to figure out the reason for Wang Sheng's sudden surge in power.

His eyes suddenly emitted a purple light as he activated the Purple Demon Eyes. Every movement of Wang Sheng seemed to slow down in his vision.

Meanwhile, on Boss Xiao's side, a third person had already stepped up, but Wang Sheng remained fierce.

Wang Sheng felt as if he had truly transformed into a ferocious tiger. His strength seemed endless, and even when attacked, the pain was minimal.

'This is... my soul power should have broken through to level ten. As long as I absorb a soul ring, I can become a spirit master,' Wang Sheng thought with joy.

His talent was quite ordinary, and after studying at the Nodding Academy for almost six years, his soul power had only reached level nine. Unexpectedly, his soul power had broken through to level ten during the battle.

Not all students within the Nuoding Academy would become spirit masters. After studying at the academy for six years, only a few would achieve that status. If Wang Sheng could break through to become a spirit master before graduation, his future would be much brighter.

"Come again!"



Except for Ao Tian, everyone was becoming more and more shocked, and by the end, they were almost numb.

Wang Sheng had actually taken on ten opponents by himself, and he still seemed full of energy, showing no signs of fatigue.

"How is this possible?" Tang San murmured. He had watched Wang Sheng's ten fights but couldn't figure out the reason for Wang Sheng's sudden surge in power.

Wang Sheng's fighting spirit was high, and he looked at Boss Xiao, laughing heartily, "Boss Xiao, it's your turn."

Xiao Chenyu walked out with a dark expression. Losing ten matches in a row was indeed embarrassing.

Seeing this, Tang San spoke up, "Wang Sheng, Boss Xiao has already broken through to become a spirit master. You're one realm below him, and you won't win against him. Let me handle it."

He glanced at Ao Tian and Xiao Wu, and since they didn't object, he continued, "I've also broken through to become a spirit master now."

Boss Xiao was taken aback and looked at Tang San.

He was unfamiliar with Tang San's appearance; he hadn't noticed Tang San's presence in the cafeteria last time.

A spirit master among the work-study students? How was that possible?

Boss Xiao had been studying at the Nuoding Academy for six years and had never seen a work-study student successfully break through to become a spirit master.

Now, Tang San had reached the spirit master level, making him feel somewhat uneasy.

"I wonder what this kid's martial soul is," Boss Xiao thought to himself.

To the surprise of many, Wang Sheng shook his head and said, "I can still continue to fight."

After being bullied by Boss Xiao for so many years, Wang Sheng finally had a chance to challenge him, and he didn't want to let it slip away. Even if he lost, he wouldn't regret it.

Boss Xiao withdrew his gaze from Tang San and looked at Wang Sheng in front of him with a cruel smile, "Wang Sheng, you're quite audacious."

"Wang Sheng, let me handle this; you don't have a spirit ring yet, and you can't beat him," Tang San said.

Xiao Wu also expressed her concern, "Wang Sheng, you've done well enough. Leave the rest to us."

But Wang Sheng's gaze remained stubborn.

"Let him do it; he might not necessarily lose," Ao Tian said.

Tang San immediately wanted to argue, but when he remembered Ao Tian's earlier divine prediction, he fell silent.