Tang San’s Challenge Again
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"Are you sure about this, Ao Tian?" Xiao Wu looked at Ao Tian.

"Trust me," Ao Tian replied with just three words.

Xiao Wu nodded and said, "Then let Wang Sheng have another match."

Boss Xiao clenched his fists tightly, cracking his knuckles as he sneered, "Even though you've won ten matches in a row, I have to admire your courage for challenging me."

"Enough with the talk. The suffering you've caused us over the years, I'll repay it today!"

With that, Wang Sheng roared angrily, and the tiger patterns on his body became even more pronounced.

"Daring to be so arrogant even before becoming a spirit master?" Xiao Chenyu sneered and released his own martial soul.

His martial soul was a wolf, a level eleven Combat Spirit Master. When someone with a Beast Martial Soul broke through to become a spirit master, they could manifest their martial soul, significantly enhancing their strength.

Boss Xiao's body rapidly expanded, his palms enlarged, gray fur grew, his nails became razor-sharp, and a white spirit ring appeared on his body.

Normally, in battles among spirit masters, they would exchange names, martial souls, and levels before starting. However, Boss Xiao couldn't be bothered with such formalities and launched his attack directly.

With his martial soul manifested, his speed and power became incredibly potent. His body turned into a blur of motion, dashing towards Wang Sheng.

"Die, you worthless scum!" His large wolf paw struck towards Wang Sheng's chest.

At that moment, Wang Sheng's hatred, anger, and strength were all ignited, merging into a single punch.

In front of everyone's eyes, their fists collided, and then Boss Xiao screamed as he was sent flying backward.

His arm twisted at a strange angle, and under intense pain, he couldn't maintain his martial soul.


A group of henchmen rushed forward, only to find that Xiao Chenyu had fainted.

Wang Sheng sat down on the ground, utterly exhausted, as if he had expended all his life force.

"Boss, you won!" The labor students rushed up, filled with excitement.

Wang Sheng's vision blurred, and he too fell unconscious.

Xiao Wu stepped forward, loudly declaring, "In this duel, we work-study students have won. When Boss Xiao wakes up, tell him that from now on, if he doesn't steer clear of us, I'll hit him every time I see him."

The group of over twenty people on the opposite side didn't dare to respond to Xiao Wu's words. They lifted Boss Xiao and hastily retreated.

Xiao Wu looked at the unconscious Wang Sheng and said, "Quickly, take him to the school infirmary."

A group of work-study students rushed to carry Wang Sheng away hastily.

"Ao Tian, wait a moment," Tang San, who had stayed behind, called out to Ao Tian as he was about to leave with Xiao Wu.

"What's up?" Ao Tian turned around and asked.

Tang San's demeanor revealed his determination as he said, "I want to challenge you one more time."

"You lost to me just a few days ago, and now that you've become a spirit master, your confidence has soared?" Ao Tian chuckled.

Tang San blushed at being called out. He was indeed a spirit master now, while Ao Tian was not. Challenging him might not be honorable.

But just as Tang San was about to give up on the challenge, Ao Tian said, "I accept your challenge."

Tang San nodded and didn't hesitate any further. He and Ao Tian immediately distanced themselves, facing each other.

Xiao Wu stood on the side, curious. In her opinion, if Tang San hadn't acquired a spirit ring yet, Ao Tian would definitely have the upper hand. However, now that Tang San had a soul skill, the outcome was uncertain.

"Tang San, Martial Soul: Blue Silver Grass, Level 11 One-Ring Spirit Master." Saying this, he raised his right hand, and a piece of Blue Silver Grass grew from his palm, rapidly spreading around him.

A yellow spirit ring rose from beneath his feet, greatly enhancing his emitted aura.

Ao Tian thought for a moment and said, "Ao Tian, Martial Soul: Golden Dragon, Level 11 Combat Spirit Master."

"You broke through to a spirit master?" Two surprised voices sounded simultaneously, and both Tang San and Xiao Wu stared at Ao Tian in astonishment.

"Did you also go to the Hunting Forest these days?" Tang San immediately followed up with a question.

"He's been at the academy all this time," Xiao Wu answered Tang San's question. She looked at Ao Tian and asked, "Ao Tian, did you already become a spirit master before coming to the academy?"

Hearing Xiao Wu's question, Tang San suddenly realized.

After awakening his Martial Soul, he still had three months before school started. Ao Tian had an Innate Full Soul Power, so it was entirely possible for him to become a spirit master during that time.

"No wonder he was so much stronger than me during our previous match," Tang San thought to himself.

After some thought, Ao Tian found Xiao Wu's unintentional explanation to be quite plausible, so he nodded and said, "That's right."

Tang San suddenly felt a lot better in his heart and said, "Then release your martial soul."

Ao Tian shook his head and said, "Let's spar first. You can force me to release my martial soul."

Arrogant! Tang San couldn't help but feel annoyed.

Tang San had his own pride, the pride of being a member of the Tang Sect and the pride of being a transmigrator. However, losing to Ao Tian multiple times had been frustrating for him.

"Alright, let's battle. Blue Silver Grass, Bind."

As Tang San spoke, over a dozen thick Blue Silver Grass vines sprang from the ground near Ao Tian, resembling venomous snakes as they viciously wrapped around him.

Ao Tian remained motionless, allowing the Blue Silver Grass to entwine around his body.

The vines of the Blue Silver Grass were covered with numerous sharp thorns that, when tightened, stabbed into Ao Tian's skin. These thorns carried the paralyzing venom of the Datura Snake, causing numbness.

Surprisingly, none of them pierced through. Tang San was astonished. He could feel the condition of the Blue Silver Grass, but it couldn't even penetrate Ao Tian's skin.

With a flick of his left hand, Tang San produced a pebble, launching it towards Ao Tian using the techniques from the Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation.

His palm continuously swung, and numerous pebbles struck Ao Tian's body as if they had eyes.

Tang San aimed at specific pressure points and joints that would render an opponent unable to fight.

His Mysterious Heaven Skill was operating at full power, and the hidden weapons were launched with the utmost force.

However, upon impacting Ao Tian's body, these pebbles shattered as if hitting solid iron.

"It's time to end this," Ao Tian said.

He paid no attention to the hidden weapons launched by Tang San or the entangled Blue Silver Grass on his body. He took a step towards Tang San.

Even the seemingly tough Blue Silver Grass was effortlessly torn apart by Ao Tian.

Tang San was greatly surprised and took a step back, preparing for a hit-and-run battle with Ao Tian.

Last time, Tang San had been deeply impressed by Ao Tian's strength and speed. Although he had now become a Spirit Master, he still didn't have the confidence to engage in close combat with Ao Tian.

Unless... he used the Sky Hammer.

However, he quickly realized that he had underestimated Ao Tian's speed. Despite his exquisite Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, within just a few breaths, Ao Tian caught up to him.

Ao Tian's fist fell, and Tang San tried to defend himself, but he couldn't withstand Ao Tian's punch.

Intense pain assaulted Tang San's nerves. He gritted his teeth, trying not to cry out, but he couldn't help but groan from time to time.

Several minutes passed before Ao Tian finally stopped.

Tang San sat on the ground, finding it hard to accept the difference in strength between him and Ao Tian.

"How can you be so strong?" His face was bruised, and the pain was unbearable.

"I'm just this strong. So, in the future, when you challenge me, you'd better think it through first," Ao Tian said.

Tang San clenched his fists. "One day, I will defeat you."

Ao Tian smiled faintly and turned to leave.

"Tang San, are you okay?" Xiao Wu asked with concern.

Tang San shook his head and said, "Just some superficial injuries, nothing serious."

"Then go rest for a while. I'll leave first," Xiao Wu said.

Afterward, she caught up with Ao Tian.

"Teacher, can you really win the bet against Ao Tian?" Tang San couldn't help but ask himself.