Ao Tian’s “Martial Soul” state
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Although the Nuoding Spirit Master Academy explicitly prohibited student brawls, there were some little bullies who even made teachers and the headmaster scratch their heads in frustration.

Therefore, as long as the fights didn't get too serious, they often turned a blind eye to them.

In general, after each scuffle, it was the work-study students who got injured.

The academy's infirmary provided free treatment, and over the years, there hadn't been any serious disability cases.

Some teachers even thought of these fights as a form of real combat training...

However, today marked the most serious accident in years.

Nuoding City Lord's son, Xiao Chenyu, had his arm broken and fell into a coma.

Some of the students who usually followed Xiao Chenyu were also beaten up, with a few sustaining internal injuries.

Among the work-study students, only one fell into a coma.

In the past, when only work-study students were injured, the academy would help treat them, and that would be the end of it, without even a word of comfort.

But now, Nuoding City Lord's son had suffered a severe fracture.

Although the academy's treatment Spirit Masters could heal him, it would take at least ten days to fully recover.

Some teachers were worried that the city lord would exert pressure and punish the work-study students.

Even though the Nuoding Academy was not under the jurisdiction of the city lord, his influence could still affect the academy.

While Wang Sheng, Xiao Chenyu, and others were being taken for treatment, they all woke up shortly after.

Wang Sheng was a bit weak and decided to return to his dormitory to rest, taking the afternoon off.

Outside the infirmary, Xiao Chenyu, who had just woken up, was furious, shouting that Wang Sheng should face the consequences according to the school rules.

It wasn't that he couldn't accept defeat, but he couldn't accept losing to a work-study student whom he had always regarded as trash, especially when the other party hadn't even reached the level of a Spirit Master.

It was a disgrace that would make him the butt of jokes in the future, and he was afraid that many people would secretly mock him as a loser.

"Why are you shouting like that? Can't you handle losing?" Xiao Wu confronted Xiao Chenyu, mocking him.

Xiao Chenyu's face turned dark, and he couldn't find any words to respond.

"Willing to bet and willing to lose. From now on, you'll have to go out of your way to avoid us. As for Wang Sheng, don't even think about revenge; he has us to back him up," Xiao Wu said arrogantly.

"What's the matter? Still not convinced?" Xiao Wu finished speaking and released her Martial Soul.

A bright red light radiated from her, and her eyes turned red.

Her ears elongated and grew soft white fur, and her body grew a bit taller.

A yellow Spirit Ring rose from beneath her feet.

"I'm Xiao Wu, the leader of Dorm Seven, with the Soft Boned Rabbit Martial Soul, a Level Twelve Combat Spirit Master!"

"A Hundred-Year Spirit Ring!" Xiao Chenyu couldn't help but exclaim in amazement.

His first Spirit Ring was just a Ten-Year Ring; he hadn't expected the new dorm leader to have a Hundred-Year Spirit Ring as her first one.

Seeing the shock on his face, Xiao Wu felt a sense of satisfaction and said, "Tang San, show him your Martial Soul."

Tang San had been beaten by Ao Tian, leaving him with bruises, and had also experienced treatment by the academy's healing Spirit Masters, so he had recovered by now.

Upon hearing Xiao Wu's words, he released his Martial Soul as well.

A yellow Spirit Ring appeared on Tang San, which again left Xiao Chenyu in awe.

"Ao Tian, how about yours?" Xiao Wu looked at Ao Tian, hinting that he should also release his Martial Soul to intimidate Xiao Chenyu.

She had been curious about Ao Tian's Martial Soul for a long time and wanted to know what it looked like.

"All right." Ao Tian gave in and released his Martial Soul, transforming his body.

After breaking through to a Spirit Master, Beast Martial Souls could possess the body. Therefore, this time he didn't summon the Golden Dragon but returned to his true form.

Two silver-white mini dragon horns, about ten centimeters long, grew from his temples. A golden dragon scale appeared on the center of his forehead.

This was his true appearance when he became humanoid; the previous form without the dragon horns was just him concealing them to stay low-profile.

A yellow Spirit Ring emerged beneath him.

Apart from these changes, there was no further transformation of his body.

After the transformation, his aura became more eerie.

"Ao Tian, how did you grow two horns?" Xiao Wu found it intriguing and reached out to touch Ao Tian's dragon horns, but Ao Tian evaded her and instead pinched her ear.

Rabbit ears were extremely sensitive, and when Ao Tian grabbed her, Xiao Wu's face instantly turned red, and she quickly released her Martial Soul state.

Xiao Chenyu on the other side was dumbfounded.

Among the work-study students, there were now three Spirit Masters and all of them had Hundred-Year Spirit Rings. This scared him to the point where his heart almost couldn't handle it.

His father, the Nuoding City Lord, had once warned him not to provoke terrifying forces in this world. If he encountered some super-genius, he must be cautious; otherwise, it could spell disaster for their family.

"Satisfied?" Xiao Wu looked triumphantly at Xiao Chenyu.

Xiao Chenyu nodded earnestly and said, "Xiao Wu, I'm convinced. From now on, you call the shots at Nuoding Academy."

Xiao Wu pretended to be profound and responded with a nonchalant "Hmm," waving her hand. "Since that's the case, you should hurry back and rest."

"Thank you for your mercy, Xiao Wu," Xiao Chenyu quickly left with his subordinates.

He vowed never to provoke these work-study students again.

"Let's go, time for dinner," Xiao Wu pulled Ao Tian in the direction of the cafeteria.

Tang San didn't follow but left the academy, heading to the Spirit Hall.

He had just become a Spirit Master and needed to have his Spirit Master information certified at the Spirit Hall to receive his Spirit Master badge and Soul Coins reward.


Late at night, Xiao Wu woke up from her meditation. When she opened her eyes, Wang Sheng and the others were already asleep.

The stronger a person's spiritual power, the longer they could meditate.

She glanced at Tang San, who was still meditating, and muttered, "What a freak. He's meditating longer than me."

What she didn't know was that Tang San wasn't meditating. He had the Mysterious Heaven Skill, so meditation didn't consume much of his spiritual power. Therefore, he could maintain his meditation for a longer time.

Turning her head, Xiao Wu saw that Ao Tian had already fallen asleep.

A mischievous smile suddenly appeared on her face. She leaned over her own bundle and looked at Ao Tian, who was so close.

She reached out and pulled her long braid over, using the soft tip of her hair to tickle Ao Tian's face.

Ao Tian's nose twitched, and he was about to sneeze, but he quickly suppressed it.

"If you keep messing around, do you believe I won't cut your hair?" he threatened.

Startled, Xiao Wu quickly retracted her braid and said, "Who told you to be so naughty? These past few nights, you've secretly rolled over to my side. Who knows if you did something inappropriate."

Ao Tian rolled his eyes and said, "Didn't you say it yourself? You rolled over by yourself. I have no interest in a little brat like you. I was afraid you'd defile me."

"How is that possible?" Xiao Wu looked at him with an expression of disbelief. "I've always been very well-behaved when I sleep. My mother taught me that."

Ao Tian stared at Xiao Wu and suddenly gave her a sly smile. "Could it be that you pretended to be asleep, rolled over on purpose, and tried to take advantage of me?"

"Ugh, why would I want to take advantage of you?"

Xiao Wu pounced on Ao Tian playfully.

"Xiao Wu, can you two be a bit quieter? It's hard for us to sleep." Wang Sheng suddenly spoke out of nowhere.

"Yeah, we can't sleep at all with you two being all lovey-dovey," someone chimed in.

Xiao Wu's face turned as red as an apple. She shrunk back into her blanket and muttered curses at Ao Tian quietly.



One academic year had passed, and the students of the Nuoding Spirit Master Academy were once again enjoying a long vacation.