The Secrets of the Star Dou Forest
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Note: Ayyyyy, 20 power stones. Thank you so much!!!. As promised, triple release for today.


The waiter, upon seeing the Gold Soul Coins, smiled and said, "Welcome, esteemed guests. I'll arrange everything for you right away."

These days, the number of Spirit Masters in the small town had skyrocketed, and the local businesses were raking in profits.

The attendant swiftly assisted Ao Tian and Xiao Wu with the necessary procedures.

After a while, the waiter handed the keys to Ao Tian and asked warmly, "Your room is 309. Is there anything else you need?"

Ao Tian glanced at Xiao Wu and replied, "Bring us the best signature dishes of your hotel, and deliver them to our room."

"Alright, you can go upstairs and rest. Your meal will be ready soon."

Ao Tian led Xiao Wu up to their room.

The waiter glanced at the greedy onlookers outside and shook his head, sighing, "They dare to roam around at such a young age. What a pity, what a pity..."

He had worked here for many years and had seen many situations where people were taken advantage of.

Although this place was still within the territory of the Heaven Dou Empire, it was populated by Spirit Masters, with very few ordinary citizens. Even the Heaven Dou Empire had little control over this gray area.

In his opinion, those two kids would soon be taken advantage of, especially the adorable little girl...


Xiao Wu followed Ao Tian, nervously clutching her own clothes, and asked, "Ao Tian, do we really have to stay in the same room?"

During their journey, when they stayed at hotels, they always booked two separate rooms. After all, they were no longer in the academy dormitories, and it was just the two of them.

Thinking about being alone together in a room in the middle of the night, Xiao Wu couldn't help but feel nervous. Even though she was only a few years old in human years, as a Spirit Beast, she had seen some things, although they had involved other Spirit Beasts...

Ao Tian didn't turn around and said, "We've been living in dormitory seven for almost a year now, and we've been sharing the same bed. What's there to be shy about?"

"It's different," Xiao Wu protested.

"How is it different?" Ao Tian glanced back at her and asked, "Do you have some feelings for me?"

"Ugh, who would have feelings for you," Xiao Wu replied, looking disdainful.

They reached the third floor, and Ao Tian opened the door to their room.

The room was luxuriously decorated, with all the amenities one could ask for.

After staying in a few high-end hotels with Ao Tian over the past few days, Xiao Wu couldn't help but get excited upon entering the room.

She knew that Ao Tian had provided all this for her, and she would have to repay him in the future.

"Aren't you going to check out the treasures you bought?" Ao Tian asked with a smile.

"Oh, right." Xiao Wu sat up excitedly and took out two exquisite bracelets from her pocket.

The bracelets were made of metal and adorned with golden and silver patterns, with a slightly cool touch to them.

Xiao Wu's eyes sparkled with delight as she couldn't stop admiring them.

"Is the bigger one for your mother?" Ao Tian asked.

Xiao Wu nodded and said, "My mother used to be very careful in the human world, and she didn't even have a Soul Tool."

After playing with them for a while, she suddenly looked up and asked, "How do you use these?"

"You have to infuse your soul power into the bracelets, and then you can sense the existence of the space inside," Ao Tian explained.

Excitedly, Xiao Wu nodded and quickly mastered the technique after a few tries.

"Too bad these two bracelets only have six cubic meters of space for the small one and ten cubic meters for the large one, and they're still so expensive. Tang San's belt has twenty-four cubic meters of space."

Xiao Wu couldn't help but feel a pang of regret.

She now owed Ao Tian more than five hundred Gold Soul Coins in total, and she didn't know when she would be able to repay him. Ao Tian had once explained that these storage Soul Tools relied heavily on a mineral called Voidstone. The larger the size of the Soul Tool, the larger the space it could hold, and vice versa.

This is also due to the crude craftsmanship in the forging process, relying too much on materials.

"Give me your bracelet," Ao Tian suddenly became interested in forging.

It occurred to him that he hadn't practiced forging in over five hundred million years.

Back when he was the only one capable of taking human form on this primitive planet, he had spent countless lonely years pondering many things.

Forging, alchemy, various cultivation techniques... These were all aspects of the Dragon Clan's bloodline inheritance.

The more noble the bloodline, the more profound the inheritance contained within.

"What for?" Xiao Wu asked, but she handed over the smaller bracelet.

Ao Tian took the bracelet and manipulated it with his spiritual power, causing it to levitate.

He didn't intend to completely remake it; he wouldn't change the external appearance of the bracelet. He just wanted to increase the space inside.

The makers of these soul tools determined the size of the space based on the quantity of materials they used, but Ao Tian didn't need to follow that rule.

Watching Ao Tian make the bracelet levitate as if performing magic tricks, Xiao Wu couldn't help but widen her eyes in amazement.

Ao Tian moved his hands simultaneously, continuously forming hand seals and utilizing profound spatial principles to expand the space inside the bracelet.

A few minutes later, he tossed the bracelet back to Xiao Wu and said, "Take a look now."

Xiao Wu, looking bewildered, infused her soul power into the bracelet again and, the next moment, her eyes widened, and she exclaimed, "How did it become so large?"

"You thought it was too small, didn't you? I've expanded it to a hundred cubic meters," Ao Tian said with a faint smile.

"How did you do that?" Xiao Wu looked at Ao Tian in amazement, realizing that she was finding it increasingly difficult to understand him.

Ao Tian didn't answer her question. Instead, he took the larger bracelet and expanded its space as well.

A light bulb went off in Xiao Wu's mind, and she excitedly said, "With such a significant increase in space, can't we sell these at a much higher price? If we keep buying soul tools, expanding their space, and then reselling them, won't we get rich quickly?"

No wonder this guy was so wealthy. Xiao Wu thought she had figured out why Ao Tian had so much money.

Ao Tian handed the bracelet back to Xiao Wu and said, "I don't need those few Gold Soul Coins."

"But I do!" Xiao Wu was about to say but then bit her tongue. This was Ao Tian's skill, not hers. Why should she expect him to work for her?

"Ao Tian, who are you really, and how do you know so many mysterious things?" Xiao Wu couldn't help but ask again.

"You don't need to worry about that. Just know that I can do anything," Ao Tian replied.

"You're so stingy," Xiao Wu complained and took out her clothes. "I'm going to take a bath."

Ao Tian sat quietly on the bed, his consciousness spreading in the direction of the Star Dou Forest.

He saw many spirit beasts active in the night, as well as a small lake within the forest, with a small grass hut by the lakeside, and a beautiful woman sitting at the door.

In front of her were two enormous Spirit beasts, as large as small hills.

Going deeper into the forest, he sensed the presence of even more powerful beasts, most of which were asleep.

Among them, he felt some familiar auras, the auras of the Dragon Clan.