Chapter 14
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It turns out that when the Loki and Freya Familia are interested in something, grabbing the weird shit, I needed to make a boss spawner was not at all difficult for the two most powerful families in Orario, even if I needed 10 pounds of gold and five whole ounces of rubies made Loki's face cringe at the cost, but Freya didn't even bat an eye at the cost. Then I also had them get me the materials for the Desert Scourge as well too as they were literally dirt cheap with it only being some actual desert sand, mandibles from a killer ant, and feathers from a desert bird.

Once I got the materials, I had no problem letting Loki, Freya, and their captains watch me create the Slime Crown and the Desert Coin and then we went back into the main shop with Bete asking me what the hell I made anyway.

"So... How does a gaudy ass crown make a boss spawn?' Bete asked rudely as I held the large crown that would have fitted upon a silverback monster in the dungeon rather than a human.

"It's simple... A king does not allow someone else to wear a crown in their presence." I said as I made the crown disappear into my inventory.

"Well let's get out of Orario as we cannot take our goddesses into the dungeon as I imagine they will enjoy the sight of their adventures dealing with a couple never before seen monsters," I said, and not only did Seshat and Loki eagerly nod but even Freya had to nod as it's not like they could commandeer the coliseum on such short notice for a wide-open place for them to fight.

"Very well our level three and four adventurers will watch over us on the Orario walls while Jake spawns and the other adventurers kill these new Monster Rex's, what say you Loki?" Freya spoke to her counterpart who looked to Finn who nodded his assent.

"Alright let's get the show going haha!" Loki said cheerily as I stepped over to Seshat and allowed her to hold my arm as I escorted her from the shop and I and the leopard woman goddess divided the Loki and Freya Familia as we formed a line that drew all the adventurer's eyes as we marched towards one of the walls.

Once we reached the walls and although people weren't supposed to be on the walls normally honestly rules for Loki and Freya were merely suggestions with how levels three and four of both Familia's blocked off the stairway up the several hundred-meter-tall walls that acted as the cage to Orario.

"Jake, you need help getting down the wall?" Freya asked with some actual concern as I looked down at the ground oh so far below on the backside of the wall.

"No... But why couldn't we just go out the gates?" I asked weakly as I mentally thanked Seshat, I took the time to make a set of Tiger Climbing Gear and a ruby grappling hook so I could easily make my way up and down the wall while also having a lucky horseshoe so technically I should conceptually not take fall damage.

"Hehe, the guild would have kittens if they saw the Loki and Freya Familia going out of the city without giving them warning! They would either think we were going after some super monster in the dead lands or worse going to kill one another." Loki said frankly with such little care that even Freya threw a side eye at her.

Makes sense... But anyway, time for me to take advantage of having an army of high-level adventures to carry me to victory. "So, Jakie what kind of boss is this super slime you mentioned? Oh, and that Desert Scrouge what's up with that?!" Loki demanded excitedly even messing up my name while I also saw Seshat perk up at the mention of the Desert Scourge as it was a desert monster that fit her whole Egyptian motif.

For a moment I tried mentally translating what the hell the true 3D real version of Terraria monsters were going to be like, so I weakly smiled. "Well... The King Slime is just that. The King of all slimes, it is going to be ten meters or so meters tall, and like a dozen meters wide slime. Pure physical blunt attacks are completely worthless, water magic heals it, and ice magic only freezes it in place and won't hurt it. Its main attack is jumping like fifty meters in the air and bringing its multi-tons of weight onto whoever it lands on, and the interior of the slime is a super concentrated acid that can melt even Adamantine which is why my indestructible weapons are so important." I ranted with Loki and Freya's face tightening.

"And this Desert Scourge?" Freya asked dryly as she cupped her chin and my face scrunched up before I took a piece of paper out of my inventory and drew a very rough form of the Desert Scrouge which was a very large hundred or so meter-long centipede-like worm with spikes adorning its dark brown carapace. Its mouth was a series of four jaws with powerful spikes/teeth that was perfectly suited to tearing through the sands of the Terraria Desert and being capable of tearing through the weaker sandstone with little issues with the four powerful jaws being capable of crushing the stones and swallowing them to digest for trace minerals to reinforce its carapace.

"That's the main Desert Scourge it's, however, a pack boss like Udeaus with its skeleton minions when it spawns, a max of four much smaller versions of itself will spawn and attack everyone in the vicinity but with the ground around here being well forested, and the site of the dungeon the Desert Scrouge won't be able to burrow into the ground much at all," I explained with practically everyone exhaling in relief as the monsters making their way under the massive wall that surrounded Orario and attacking the people within... Would be troublesome, to say the least.

Loki and Freya shared a look before they nodded and looked back at me. "Jake go down with our adventures and summon the Slime King before we get ahead of ourselves," Freya said and I shrugged but noticed a light skin and darker-skinned elf duo came up the stairs together and obviously both of them didn't like one another.

"Lady Freya, we have secured the permitter." The white-haired elf said proudly with regality filling his every step and only Freya and Riveria seemed to be the people he would look at with a modicum of respect as he took us all in and seemingly found us wanting.

Freya hummed before she looked to Ottar. "Ottar, you and Hedin go down with Jake and Loki's adventures and kill the beast, Allen, and Hogni will protect me from here," Freya said with Ottar grunting in approval as he stepped away from his goddess and I heard Loki also sending Finn and Ais down to fight the summoned boss.

"So how you getting down the wall Jake?" Finn asked me friendlily and I decided to be an asshole for both these Familia's literally just popping up into my shop without making an appointment or something.

"Like this," I said hopping atop the walls like an assassin from Assassin's Creed I jumped off the wall with my arms fully splayed out to create as much drag as possible and I heard as I flipped through air Freya yelling at Ottar to get me as I looked up into the blue sky above me. But even as the giant of a man dove off the wall towards me obviously trying to stop the Level One me from splattering across the ground, I had already fallen onto the ground with a thud that could be heard from the top of Orario's walls.

"Landed it!" I yelled like my belly flop off the massive wall of Orario didn't leave a clear indentation of where I landed on the ground, and I just casually dusted myself off as Ottar and the others landed a bit away from me.

"You are alive?" As said in honest confusion as she could see the mold of my armor being pressed into the ground from where I landed.

"Yeah?" I replied as I took the golden horseshoe out of my inventory. "Remember this? Yeah, the actual impact of gravity making you hit the ground will not harm you while wearing it... Sure it's not as useful in the dungeon but hey if I ever need to jump off a flying mount or something while traveling this could be useful."

"It's an interesting trinket but get to summoning the beast human," Hedin interjected my sales pitch before I could show off more artifacts to Ais and get her weapon funds that she wouldn't need with having an indestructible weapon.

Wordlessly I nodded and with a deep breath I moved away from the wall by a couple of hundred meters then I took out the large Slime Crown and I felt a weight settle over me as I held it over my head and my helpers likewise stiffened their holds over their weapons as they could feel the seeming warning coming from my motion. 'Well here goes nothing.' I muttered mentally as I brought down the crown and just as it was going to go around my head despite it being obviously way too large for such a thing, the crown teleported out of my hands and onto the ground a dozen meters away in front of me and began jiggling violently in place.

"Here it comes!" I called out as like a spring of water violently erupting, the King Slime came to be as it pushed through the ground, and the large crown adorned with a large ruby laid upon the top of its head.

Hedin the elf that Freya sent down immediately began chanting at the sight of the massive slime that tensed as it prepared to leap into the air, and the elf's powerful magic filled the air and a golden magical ring bloomed beneath him as Finn, Ottar, and Ais, spread out to allow the mage to seemingly test the durability of the slime king. "Fight eternally, indestructible soldiers of lightning! Caelus Hildr!" The blond elf roared and from his magical circle, dozens of beach ball-sized spheres of lightning that hurt my eyes to look upon, shot at the slime, and just as the slime leaped mightily in the air, it procced to be smashed with the barrage of balls of lightning in the middle of the air creating a storm of eye burning light and ear-popping sounds as all the lightning exploded.

Honestly, I was hoping the Slime King to land perfectly fine so they would respect and fear the Terraria bosses more... But the man was a level six mage and his offensive power left nothing to be desired.

With a soft thumping noise, I saw a blue bag that could carry a good-sized shoe box land in front of Hedin...

"Dude... You didn't even let us like to touch the boss, we didn't get a goodie bag you asshole!" I yelled out aggrievedly as my first boss's experience was ruined... Is this what it's like being a girl and your guy jizzes at the sight of some tits or something???

"Ah... My apologies. Was this monster rex supposed to be something interesting?" Hedin spoke arrogantly and I wanted to stomp and have a tantrum as the elf bent over and picked up what should have been all of us having a goodie bag.

But from where the King Slime had died, I noticed its non-goodie bag item landed on the ground with a soft thud, so I walked over to get it and saw that the King Slime trophy was on the ground.

"What's that?" Ais asked softly as she saw me pick up the large plaque that showed King Slime.

"A trophy... Now let's see what Hedin got out of his goodie bag." I said after I also scooped up the large golden crown that was next to the plaque so I could resummon the boss again as with Calamity I didn't need to make a new spawner each time I wanted to fight a boss.

"I am going to summon it again! Hedin at least let us whack the thing!" I scolded the elf with the man's eyebrows visibly twitching and I saw Ottar tense, and the elf did the same as he side-eyed the giant who was beside him before he loosened up.

"What is inside the bag?" Ottar grunted and I shrugged.

"There are like half a dozen items possibly in the bag... Let's just get some more bags that way we can show our goddess some of the magical stuff as the bags only have a couple of things at once." I explained and the man grunted in approval.

"It's fine, the Slime seems much less dangerous than the Goliath other than it's acid. But with your trident it shouldn't be an issue, right?" Finn said with a cunning light in his eyes, and I nodded as I understood what he was getting at.

"Ah yes, here Ottar." I said tossing over one of the larger Tungsten Broadswords I made to sell and the size difference between Ais and Ottar holding the sword. Ais holding the large broadsword made it look like a proper large sword but Ottar holding the weapon made it look like only a short sword. "Ok let's do this again!" I called out again as I put the slime crown towards my head and just as before the crown teleported out of my hands and the large King Slime made its presence known.

Finn hummed smiling and his form was barely a visible blur to me as he stabbed his trident into the King Slime.

Likewise, Ottar and Ais dashed forward to take chunks out of the slime and I do mean chunks and seeing the Slime probably about to die again to the murder blenders that were level five and above adventure's I quickly shot the Slime King with some Jester Arrows before Ottar tensed and he wielding the tungsten broadsword carved through the Slime so powerfully that the gale of wind he sent with the sword swing, scattered the slimes remains and the slime dissolved into the ground as a series of soft thumps rang out as we all received a goodie bag.

"This is good enough for now," Finn called out as he picked up his goodie bag. "This boss is perfect for being a good challenge for a group of level ones and a single level two to transcend their levels but for us, this monster is too slow and weak to compare to the deep dungeon monsters like Valgang dragons and such."

"Here Jake, use your storage magic to hold these while we kill the Desert Scourge," Finn said throwing his bag to me while Ottar did the same with little care but Ais hesitated before handing it to me.

"Don't open it, please... I want it to be a surprise." Ais said almost cutely despite her not meaning to leaving me to only nod in agreement as I stored her bag to the side of the other bags I was given in my inventory.

"Alright give me a bit of space to summon the Desert Scourge," I said as I placed down several blocks worth of desert sand that spread out across the ground. Turns out I needed to be standing on desert sand to summon the Desert Scourge which was an annoyance...

Taking out the Desert Scourge's summon item, the Desert Medallion, I squeezed it and the very earth I was standing upon shuddered and then the ground exploded as the ten meters thick massive, armored, and spiked worm hissed as its massive head broke through the surface and with a crash it attempted to push into the ground towards my direction but my thoughts were correct as it couldn't break down more than five meters through the top soil before it had it literally chew its way through the hardy Orario soil that wasn't at all loose like simple desert sand.

But the Desert Scourge had its metaphorical eyes locked upon me and even as the other adventures sliced through the monster easily with their great strength its great size allowed it to weather the blows as it single-mindedly chased after me as its smaller minions broke off to attack Ottar and Ais.

"Fuck this!" I cursed and with a mental thought, my Ruby Grappling Hook shot out from my waist and grabbed onto a nearby boulder that was on the ground, and I was yanked across the battlefield with the Desert Scrouge screeching out in fury as its prey evaded it.

Landing back onto my feet I took out my Aquamarine staff and my Wulfrim controller and with my newly summoned drone I began laying a hail of magical bolts onto the boss monster.

Seeing as we all already 'damaged' the monster, Hedin yelled out so I could hear. "Clear out I am going to use a spell." He clearly was warning me to get the hell out of dodge so feeling his lightning magic clearly ramping up I quickly used the grappling hook to quickly pull me the hell out of there even if I ended up bashing into the tree I hooked onto.

"Strike forever, indestructible general of lightning! Varian Hildr" He yelled and instead of a hail of lightning spheres from the elf came a pure beam of destruction in the form of blinding lightning that tore through and all but evaporated the Desert Scourge as the lightning swallowed the boss.



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