Chapter 17 Commissioned by TimoteosJKim
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After Seshat got me into some nicer clothes while I kept my armor and such in my inventory for easy retrieval, we without any issue made our way to the Hostess of Fertility to meet with the Loki and Freya Familia's.

But I bet the reason why the two goddesses had been treating me and Seshat with kid gloves was probably out of fear of the consequences of putting me in a corner when I could just refuse my service and there would be little Loki could do to force it even if she forced a War Game on Seshat.

"You nervous Jake?" Seshat asked me while squeezing the arm of mine that she was holding in a gentleman's escort.

I shook my head before softly speaking as we continued to walk ever closer to the restaurant and I could see in the distance a number of adventurers crowding around where the Hostess is. "No... I am not nervous, sure this whole spawning boss for them can be a bit inconvenient to put it lightly but I brought it up knowing if I could control the process in which the city's adventurers earned their High-Quality Excellia then Orario would be all but in my palm... If I don't get killed by some asshole anyway." I said in deprecation knowing all too well, that as with any man who soars to the top even if he provides a one-of-a-kind service, people will want to tear him down just because they cannot bear to see someone else in a higher position than they will ever be.

"Hmm yes, if Loki, Freya, and the other larger Familia's desire to keep Monster Rex's on tap as it were. Then they will need to work with you as they themselves cannot activate the boss summons as we have seen." Seshat remarked as Ottar had once tried on the Slime king crown summon to no effect.

So, for better or worse I was the only one who could summon bosses.

But no more words could be shared with a modicum of privacy in the now cramped streets of Orario as we closed in on the Hostess of Fertility and then I could only deadpan as I saw a number of higher-level adventures I could recognize that were most certainly not Loki or Freya adventures.

"Well... Looks like the news got out much faster than we expected." I muttered squeezing Seshat's hands as I couldn't see a way through the crowd of adventure's pressing to get through the line of level three and four adventures of Loki and Freya's Familia.

Looking through the crowd actually managing to push into the Hostess I saw the Dea Saint, Airmid Teasanare the captain and head doctor of the Dian Cecht Familia, and the other more pressing person I saw was Tsubaki Collbrande the captain of the Hephaestus Familia as well as a master smith.

I saw both those two leaders of their Familia's leading their God/Goddess through the throng of people trying to get in and seeing the famous people the Loki and Freya adventure just let them through.

"Jake how about we just go home... We can't power through that crowd, nor do we get any recognition for forcing our way through a riot and come out looking like a group of disheveled stray cats when we meet with Loki and Freya." Seshat spoke and for a moment I thought about just doing just that. We could literally just go back home...

"Yeah... They have been controlling the speed of these whole meetings a bit too much. We can meet at our place after we rebuild it and plus with that crowd, I bet Mama Mia the owner of the store is pissed anyway." I said shuddering at the thought of getting on Mia's bad side.

Sure, Ottar was stronger than Mia and all, but Mia liked beating people halfway to death with her bare hands way too much... Her hands were rated E for everyone and had no problems throwing down with anyone that causes her restaurant any problems.

"Alright! Time to go home!" I said cheerfully and then I took back out Seshat's mount out of my inventory and used it.

With a soft splattering noise, the jumbo beach ball-sized slime with a saddle atop it formed on the ground. Once I got on, I just patted my lap and Seshat just giggled and sat sideways in my lap so she could hold onto both the saddle horn and my waist.

"Am I the first lady you rode anything with?" She teased as the slime began bouncing back home and you would think we would be thrown up in the air and it would be a terrible experience, but you would be wrong. Sure, it did bounce a lot but there were no jarring motions, it was almost like riding a ship with the constant motions of the slime bouncing forward.

"Yup!" I said frankly as I maneuvered the slime mount around the people who instantly cleared out of the way of the duo who were riding a weird blue blob thing.

"Oi, you are going the wrong way to the Hostess!" I heard a voice call out from the side and I looked up and I saw atop the nearby building was Tiona who was obviously looking for us...

"That's right! We are going home there is too damn many people there and I didn't sign up to be the showcase of a mini Denatus!" I yelled back and with a mental nudge, the Slime Mount trudged on.

"Wait! Captain sent me to escort you there!" Tiona cried out and I mentally cursed before I slumped against Seshat who patted my head consolingly.

"Fine!" I said giving up on the idea of taking Tiona through a high-speed escape through Orario atop my Slime Mount.

With a loud thumping noise, I made my Slime Mount leap from the streets of Orario and we landed right beside Tiona atop her building making her cry out in shock.

"Woah so cool! Aiz got one of those but hers didn't want to leap up and stuff?" Tiona asked excitedly and I hummed in thought as I had the slime mount follow Tiona at a sprint for me across the buildings the high-level Amazon just jogged across the buildings but thanks to the slime's bouncy nature, we weren't jostled around much at all.

"Was she actually riding it?" I asked as we closed in on the Hostess of Fertility and Tiona firmly shook her head.

"Nope, she said slime is perverted and the slime was just moping around the Loki Familia until Lady Riveria gave it the task of pulling around carts and it perked up a bit." She said raising her hands up in a what can you do motion.

Well with Ais's last interaction with slime stuff being with Loki's slime gun and having her clothes melted off of her... Yeah, that would make sense.

"Well, this is a Slime Mount... If it isn't the amount of someone it can get depressed as these things do have some personality." I explained and I was rewarded by the Slime Mount bouncing even faster somewhat overtaking Tiona making her laugh at the sight of the slimes' competitive action.

"Huh, I bet Loki wouldn't mind treating it like a mount and just ride around the castle with it..." I heard Tiona mutter before she shrugged, and she had us get off the roofs so she could help push us through the throngs of people surrounding the Hostess of Fertility.

"Alright out of the way! VIPs are coming through! I am going to start stomping on people's feet if they don't move!" Tiona yelled and people scampered out of the way at the threat of Tiona's level-five strength being put to pulverizing the feet of others.

Once we finally entered the Hostess, I saw the damn inside was packed in a way I feared. It was practically a mini Denatus or otherwise known as the Meeting of the Gods.

"Oh, why hello Seshat it's been a while. Is this your first Familia member?" I heard a soft voice reach us and from one of the side booths I saw a brown-haired beauty quickly approach us and all I could think was the word soft.

Her presence was soft, her voice was soft, and most importantly the hug she gave me and Seshat was the definition of soft as she pulled us both into her massive bosom. "Demeter don't seduce Jake!" I heard Seshat finally call out as she managed to pull her face off of Demeter's boobs while I more carefully pulled away not wanting to push the friendly goddess away so violently.

"Lady Demeter thank you for the hug and yes I am Seshat's first Familia member," I said nodding respectfully to the goddess who all but owned Orario's food supply with her massive Familia.

"Aww, you are so precious!" She cooed seeing me not utterly freak out at not being pulled into her tits like most people would have gotten a nosebleed or some other nonsense. "Here come sit over with me and Hestia, Seshat it will be just like when the Greek and Egyptian Pantheon's would meet in Tenkai," Demeter said taking Seshat and my hands and dragging me over as I blanked at the news that Hestia was here.

And low and behold was the short black-haired goddess Hestia and squirming beside her was the clearly nervous form of Bell Cranel who was shrunk down and hiding his presence at being in the same room as his crush Ais Wallenstein.

"Ah, Seshat you are here in Genkai!" Hestia cried out dramatically pointing at Seshat and my goddess just rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I have been here for a few weeks Hestia, how you have been other than famously mooching off of Hephaestus?" Seshat asked teasingly as she slid into Hestia's side of the booth, and Bell got pushed into the booth's wall as two goddesses sat next to one another and began talking.

I then noticed Demeter didn't have a Familia member with her as she sat down on the other side of the booth, and I sat down beside her. "Demeter you don't have an escort?" I asked but seemingly in answer a server slammed down two jugs of beer or something in front of Demeter and Hestia and I almost whipped out my Aquamarine staff beneath the table to start blasting before I only weakly smiled seeing who it was.

"Oh, Lunor am I so alone here Hehe?!" Demeter giggled as she patted me on my arm and Lunor Faust, the highest-level adventurer of the Demeter Familia and a bounty hunter only scowled to her goddess's pointed question.

"Yes, you are Lady Demeter!" Lunor said rolling her brown eyes and then the blond spun around and stomped back towards the kitchen leaving Demeter to pout.

Both Seshat and Hestia broke into laughter seeing Demeter's dejected expression before Hestia asked the more pressing question, I was even curious about. "Hey, so I and Bell got stuck here as we came in earlier so what's even happening anyway?"

Demeter merely shrugged and for a moment I wondered if I wanted to get closer to Bell and his nonsense before I firmly shut down those thoughts and decided to not volunteer the information that Hestia wanted.

And seeing my not respond Seshat threw me an imperceptible smile and she herself didn't say anything as we all just settled in for a bit.

"Oi, what is the man of the hour doing with the Chibi and Demeter!" I heard Loki yell out and I looked over to see Loki stomping over to me and then the flat-chested goddess grabbed me by the lapels of my dress shirt.

"Help me get another slime gun! My damned brats encased it in molten stone and buried it in the Familia graveyard!" Loki cried out and I saw Lefiya who was given the thankless task of pulling the goddess back blush as the gods of the room burst into laughter apparently the news about Riveria, and Ais getting their clothes melted in public had spread.

"Ais's clothes really melted!" Bell squeaked out and a quick glance at the man showed him looking beet red at the thought.

"I rather not every woman in your Familia attempt to kill me Loki," I said dryly, and then while Loki slumped in defeat at my clear refusal Lefiya pulled Loki off of me.

But before Loki could be pulled all the way to the side of the restaurant her executives had commandeered, Ottar stood up with his chair loudly scratching against the ground silencing the room as The King's pressure-filled room.

"Lady Freya will now speak, then Loki will speak, do not interrupt us... Just as we allowed you to join this event which will strengthen Orario and its Familia's, you can also lose such a privilege. Ottar spoke with his voice.

Freya then stood up from behind her wall of adventures and I even saw Mama Mia standing on the edge of the bar closer to her old goddess to show her support I suppose.

"Gods and Goddesses of Orario we stand together on a rather interesting occasion... A mortal born with the abilities to create uncontrollable Monster Rex that can be killed and harvested at will has been found." Freya spoke grandly and I felt every divinity in the room laser focus on Freya's words and not just her tits.

"The monsters are perfect for level ones and twos to fight in groups to earn High-Quality Excellia for level-ups and just generally gain large amounts of status points and best of all, other than creating the item that spawns the bosses, the spawning of the monsters only requires the creator to make a couple of motions to summon them!" Freya explained and I frowned as she downplayed my actions.

"Now the best of all is that whoever does any amount of damage to the bosses will magically get a goodie bag full of materials and ready-made magical weapons and tools." Freya continued before she looked at me for a moment and smiled seeing my cool expression and then she looked to Loki.

"Eh, Freya got the point of it all, so not much for me to say Hehe," Loki said carelessly as she sat down beside Finn.

Freya then nodded and her eyes went back to our table, and I felt her eyes jumping between me and Bell as though wondering which one she wanted to bite into first.

"So, Jake, the man of the hour and creator of these bosses do you have anything you want to say?" Freya asked putting me on the spot.

I nodded and stood up ignoring the people whispering about how I was sitting next to Demeter. "Thank you, Lady Freya, for hosting this party, and yes I do have something to say. I will be hosting Monster Boss parties on the weekends outside the city of Orario, at one of the abandoned castles that line the countryside." I spoke and I saw both Freya and Loki's smiles disappear as I stole all their momentum and control.

"All are welcome that won't cause issues. My only job will be to spawn the bosses as I have no control over the bosses... So, whatever happens, to any adventure's that tries their luck isn't my responsibility." I continued hearing nods from most of the adventurers.

A hand clad in white and gold gloves rose up and I looked over and saw Airmid Teasanare looking for my attention and having my attention on her she spoke softly, but her voice easily carried over to me. "The Dian Checht Familia would like to set up a triage at the site to treat adventure's and sell potions for the boss battle would that be alright?" I nodded obviously not going to turn down one of the best healers in this fantasy land.

Then Hephaestus's Tsubaki Collbrande volunteered to look into bringing some spare weapons and smiths to check up on people's weapons and thus with other Familia's chiming in, even Hestia shyly raised a hand saying she could bring a snack cart over there.

"We might as well just have someone use their Arcanum to stream the boss battles here in Orario rather than just running over to it every week." I heard another voice speak out and thus came the great argument over how big such an event should become.



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