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But the great atmosphere in the Hostess was ruined as one of the level four Loki adventures was suddenly pushed through the door and only another adventurer standing up and stopping the young man from crashing into several tables.

"Kek Kek, so many Familia's were invited but the Ishtar Familia was skipped over?" From the entranceway of the Hostess of Fertility stomped in literally the greatest divide in beauty I have ever seen.

Ishtar the goddess was definitely beautiful objectively, but her vile core was known to me, and I was able to throw aside the passive charm nonsense she put out far easier than I could push off Freya's influence. But beside Ishtar was her captain Phryne Jamil...

For an anime world with most people being air-brushed and looking at least pretty good, Phryne Jamil was none of that... She hit every damn stair when she fell down the Ugly Staircase in other words.

She literally looked like a toad. She had sideways split putrid yellow eyes and her head was comically large atop her body with her seemingly not even having a neck at all.

"I told Freya not to invite you myself if she wanted to host this party at my restaurant... Now get the hell out of my restaurant as I already need to replace the boards your filthy feet have walked upon." Mia said coldly and everyone shut up as they felt the bloodlust coming off Mia.

"Hmm, very well I can see where I am not wanted. But Jake Bariss you are welcome to host your boss parties with the amazons in the entertainment district... I am sure you can find greater offers there than with Loki and Freya's toys." Ishtar said proudly turning around as even with how arrogant she was, she knew her single level five was nothing in the face of Freya or Loki's Familia.

She had no right to force her place here.

With Ishtar's words hanging on me, I could feel her Charm worming into my head trying to twist me into chasing after her but with a mental shrug, I spoke instead of following Ishtar like some lost child about to be abducted into a van.

"I would sooner commit suicide than seek any pleasure from your broken dolls Ishtar," I said cold as ice and Ishtar froze with Phryne Jamil also looking back at me with a dangerous smile. "Yeah, Phryne Jamil's little taste for little boys to torture isn't much of a secret nor is how you use your divine charm to keep your Familia members as little broken toys a secret. Why do you think no one of any talent will join you?" I said mockingly making Ishtar shatter the smoking pipe she was carrying.

"I would beware the dungeon little man... The monsters are the last thing you need to worry about now." Ishtar blatantly threatened me.

But I only laughed as I had zero fear of her. I had Loki and Freya behind me at the moment and in the worst-case scenario, I can literally teleport faster than someone could assassinate.

"The only fate I fear from your broken toys is that toad attempting to sit on me," I said pointing at Phryne and I could hear Tiona burst into cackling laughter. "But go ahead. Have your adventurers attempt to assassinate me in the dungeon... But can they outrun a monster rex spawned on them?" I said cheerily making the room go silent as they realized if I was pressed into the dungeon. Whelp fuck everyone on that floor.

Ishtar snarled and I felt Phryne Jamil's murderous eyes take me in as she seemingly memorized my appearance before she nodded and left with her goddess with Ishtar out of the restaurant, I just sat back down in my seat next to Demeter with the table's occupants staring at me.

For a moment the Hostess went awkwardly silent before Loki stood up and spoke boisterously. "Next rounds on me! Let's knock one back to forget the last couple of minutes Haha!"

With Loki buying everyone a drink the previous atmosphere returned and finally Loki and Freya Familia made their move to retake control of this whole Boss Farming event.

Freya then stood up with everyone nice and settled in. "The Freya and Loki Familia will be working together to be using Jake Barriss's lower-level bosses for level-ups and general high-quality Excellia farming so while my Familia takes care of Jake's direct safety, Loki's Finn Deimne will be coordinating where and when his bosses should be summoned as they cannot be summoned directly in Orario's Colosseum due to how mobile they are," Freya explained much to the consternation of the gods who wanted easy access to the bosses.

But even as Freya got into talking about the logistics with Finn, I realized that while I loved the whole material support the jumbo Familia's would bring but I realized that while summoning the bosses was a bit of a chore, such a tiny chore only requires me to participate until I get all the materials, I need for my builds up to hard mode.

Once I got all the materials to prepare for Hard mode then I could throw off the other expectations of Orario's adventures regardless of my level.

"In that case seeing as you guys have everything well in hand. Me and my goddess will be returning for the night." I said as I escaped Demeter's now drunken grabby hands and helped Seshat stand up.

"Hmm? Aww, you are leaving so early Jake!?" Loki called out as she took another swig of her tankard with Gareth.

"Seems like everything is well in order for now but before all you guys get drunk and rowdy. And Mama Mia cracks some skulls, I am going to escape Haha." I joked as I pointedly looked at Allen and Bete who were sitting next to one another and unsubtly cursing at one another with pressure building between the hotheaded young men.

But before anyone could say anything Bete snapped drunkenly to Allen about how weaklings need to just shut up. "You are level lower than me you stupid mutt!" Allen yelled out infuriated and then I could hear the crunching noise as Ottar squeezed his metal tankard into a wad silencing both of the drunks.

"No fighting." The King spoke and the drunk adventures listened. But while Ottar had everyone's attention I led Seshat out of the restaurant.

For a moment I thought about walking us back home but then remembering how I pissed off Ishtar I got a better idea and as soon as we walked out of view in the restaurant's side alley, I took out my Magic Mirror while holding onto Seshat and with a blur we arrived back home atop my room's bedding and Seshat collapsed against me groaning.

"Ugh give a goddess a heads up before you teleport!" Seshat complained but I simply patted her on her back consolingly as I didn't really have much of a choice.

If I just told her, it was possible people could have heard me but now surrounded by my impervious stone structure we were literally untouchable as I had replaced even the ground in case someone dug under the house, we were safe.

A couple of minutes later with Sir Fluffykins the First acting as our mascot, we had finally cleaned up from the day's excitement, but I had noticed Seshat was looking rather pensive.

"What's up Seshat?" I asked as I took my goddess in my arms to give her a belly rub making her grumble at my audacity.

"Impertinent!" She snorted but was still as I sat with her on my lap while we were atop her pile of mattresses and pillows in the sunning room as we just relaxed, I just kept rubbing my cat goddess's tummy and she calmed down as the belly rub clearly showed to be worth more comfort then slapping me for not begging for the opportunity.

Eventually, though Seshat told me what was weighing on her mind. "This is all happening so fast... It's unreal and I don't know what to do honestly." She said weakly and I nodded in understanding with my hand moving from her stomach to begin scratching behind her ears.

"Seshat we will just take one day at a time. We made a good showing and although summoning the bosses for them can be a bit of a chore but it's only on the weekends. For the rest of the time, I can continue to work here in the shop or go into the dungeon to strengthen my Falna." I said as the biggest thing I cared about my Falna was actually my Magic, Dexterity, and Agility stats as doing as much magic possible and simply not getting hit was my best bet.

Seshat purred into my hands, and I just enjoyed the comfort that came from my warm goddess pushing into my hands for harder scratches.

"Seshat could I get my Falna updated? It's been a few days and with those bosses I messed with I am curious if I got anything." I said softly and I chuckled as Seshat growled at me.

"Nooo just let me rest." She bemoaned but she still got out of my lap and crawled behind me and over to an end table with some paper she had set up here to do my Falna upon.

"Lay down Jake so I can work easier." Seshat ordered me all business and I silently obeyed by lying face down so Seshat could sit upon the back of my thighs so she could lean over me and update my Falna.

"Well... You are still definitely a cheat Jake; it seems the spawning of those bosses did actually have an effect on you." Seshat spoke aloud as her hands drew divine arcane symbols onto my very soul and I felt her motions that engraved a new skill onto me without her even saying anything.

Jake Barris

Level 1

Strength 123 H

Endurance 210 G

Dexterity 152 H

Agility 170 H

Magic 304 F


The Terrarian- Enforces Terrarian world logic upon the user, restricts acquisition of development abilities and Falna-backed spells in order to host mods, mods may not be taken/disabled/traded for another mod. The user's alien logic to the world prevents mental status effects from affecting the user.

King's Fall. The killing of all Monster Rex tier opponents for the first time encourages potential growth with each subsequent kill of monsters already killed only providing High-Quality Excellia to fuel growth.

Development Mod-

Calamity and all add-ons. Allows the creation and summoning of Calamity mod objects.


Huh, this skill reminds me of, The Community. A super accessory that provides an insane number of stats and abilities and grows even stronger as you continue to kill more Hard Mode bosses for the first time. But this skill actually simply makes me grow faster each time I participate in the death of a boss.

"Wait! Did you get this skill in order to level up faster in order to seduce me, Jake!" Seshat yelled out dramatically as she held her arms against her hand full-sized breasts as though 'scared' I was going to eat her up.

For a moment I blanked before I chuckled and raised my hands to my goddess as though I was going to grab her. "Muahaha my goddess has caught my dastardly plan to grow so fast you would fall in love with me now with you having found out all I can do is give you, my body." I said dramatically as I 'lunged' at her.

"Nooo! Don't defile this humble goddess! I haven't even gotten a chance to use the divine baths to prepare!" She joked and I couldn't help but burst into laughter as Seshat used her feline grace to hop off the beds to avoid my grabbing hands.

"Bah, fox girls are better!" I said pointing at Seshat who sat smugly across from where I had collapsed onto the overly dense bedding but before I could even fully roll over to get comfortable, I felt Seshat leap onto my body and grab my collar, and start shaking me.

"What the hell do you mean fox girls are better? I am so much better than those overly formal goddesses Inari and Amaterasu!" Seshat demanded still shaking me while riding on my lap.



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