Chapter 19 R-18 First Waifu get
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With Seshat all but straddling my lap in her thin Egyptian silk-like dress and bouncing on me as she showed her fury at my truthful statement in preferring fox girls to cat girls it was no surprise when I got put in an awkward position with all her bouncing around.

"Seshat stop bouncing on me, or your demand to have me be a level five or whatever is going to be thrown out the window," I warned her and my goddess froze as she seemingly understood the situation we were in finally.

Seshat's amber-slitted eyes tightened and then slowly she sat down fully in my lap, and she pinned my manhood against my stomach and her pubic area as she leaned forward to press her forehead to mine.

"Or what? You going to throw your goddess on the bed and take her?" She taunted as her legs tightened around my waist and I felt her using her tight abdominal muscles to minutely grind herself against my length.

"Is that what my goddess wants?" I growled as I pushed her beneath me, so she was lying flat atop the bedspread with her long ebony hair splayed across the bedspread I saw her bite her lip as I took her hands with one of mine and pinned them above her head which pulled her silk dress taunt across her chest highlighting her erect nipples that stood out in the rooms soft torch light.

At my demand, Seshat froze for a moment but when my free hand went between her legs she keened, and her lower body rose from the bedding as I dragged a knuckle across her silk-covered womanhood.

"Does my needy goddess need to be taken or does she want to make love with me?" I asked as I leaned down and whispered the last part directly into her leopard ears making her whimper and her legs tightened around my waist again before they loosened.

"Take..." She whispered and I took her in submission as her head rolled to the side as the perfect chance to roll her completely over with her tan backside automatically rising and pushing backward towards me needily, I readily accepted her motion as I took advantage of my inventory to take off my clothes instantly.

"Come on!" Seshat cried out as I pulled aside her dress and after running my manhood along her lower lips a couple of times to make sure I was lubricated, I sunk into her depths, with her long black tail going ramrod straight as her ass cheeks clapped against my stomach.

"Nyah!" She yowled as I went about doing just what she asked for. I took the goddess Seshat as my woman and lover with her voluptuous backside announcing our rapid coupling as I used my body enhanced by her Falna to fuck her in powerful full-bodied strokes.

I reached forward with one of my hands to grab her smaller handful-sized breasts as I wrapped the arm around her chest and pulled her back flush against my chest as I continued to her hammer into her depths. "God Seshat you are so tight," I whispered to her as I lightly pinched her nipple, and with my other arm, I kept Seshat nice and flush against me as I dug my manhood into her depths not thrusting back and forth but like trying to core out some new depths in her womanhood.

In response to my slowing down her fucking to grind into her I was welcomed by Seshat biting the shit out of my arm making me hiss and I felt her tighten up on me as I hissed at her.

"Alright, I get it," I said pulling my arm out of her grasp, and then I used that arm to grab her by the base of her tail making her whimper as I spanked her ass with my other hand as I went back to doing my best to slam fuck Seshat through the bedding.

"Disobedient cats in heat need to just be mounted and fucked right Seshat?" I said as I pulled on her tail making her choke out a moaning denial.

"Nyah I'm good! I won't bite!" She cried out but I leaned down and pushed her tail to the side as I once again pulled her back flush against me but this time, I bite her neck and Seshat went wild as she howled at the feeling of my dick slamming into her core and my teeth actually biting onto her neck and tripping her feline instincts in the cascade that made her violently orgasm on my dick and I reached my own orgasm as I shot my load into her divine depths.

I gently pulled my goddess fully into my arms and atop my lap as we recovered from our peak. "Hmm, that's a good sleeping aid Hehe." Seshat giggled as she leaned against me for a moment before she grunted as she swung a leg off of me so she could spin around, and I couldn't help but squirm as she didn't pull out my still hard length that was buried in her depths as she spun around.

Now with Seshat sitting on my lap in the Lotus position and our eyes meeting one another, I could see her glowing slitted amber eyes as she seemingly took me in and saw a different side of me. Our introspection of one another was broken as Seshat leaned forward and our foreheads met one another with our eyes still locked onto one another.

"Jake Bariss you are mine." She spoke simply but with her glowing eyes, I knew this was no joking matter.

But I wasn't going to be just 'claimed'. "No Seshat, you are mine. You are my woman." I said and I felt a pain in the back of my head blossom into being as Seshat's divine nature leaked out of her glowing eyes with her desire to establish some form of dominance upon me plain to see.

"Jake you!" Before she could continue, and I lost this contest I spanked her on her ass making her reflexively blink and whatever divine nonsense she had going was lost as her eyes lost their savannah-like colors and returned to her natural golden eyes.

"Nope no power play bullshit, you are mine that's it," I said strictly and I felt Seshat shudder atop me then she leaned forward, and I realized she was barring her neck to me in surrender while her head's leopard ears softly bumped into my bare chest.

I just hugged Seshat and stroked through her hair lightly scratching behind her ears as she calmed down and finally Seshat looked back up to me with hazy eyes. "Fine Jake, I will be yours's." And then I once again hissed as Seshat bit me but this time it was atop my shoulder, but I didn't resist or push her off as she marked herself as my mate.

Or something as this wasn't just any beast kin claiming me as a true mate. This was a true goddess taking me as her mate permanently.

I could feel her saliva burning through my body like her blood would activate my Falna and a small part of my mind realized Seshat was taking this claim all the way and with how I could feel her claim fully enveloped my Falna and thus my soul was within my goddess's claim.

But as Seshat broke off my shoulder two beads of my bloodshot off my shoulder and shot into her shoulder making her whimper. I saw the same imprint of my teeth marks that I laid atop her neck when I bite her during our mating session, imprinting atop her her shoulder before softly scarring.

"Now I am yours, Jake." Seshat said tiredly as she leaned against my chest with her long leopard ears gently scratching under my chin as I held my goddess in my arms.

"Just get some rest... We can find out what all this means in the morning I just want to hold you for now." I whispered to her gently as I finally pulled out of her and laid her beside me on the bedding so I could pull a random blanket over her and myself.


I was awoken later from my sleep by the soft tickling sensation of Seshat who had moved to hug me was kissing and nibbling at the scar she left upon her claiming me.

"As a human do you know what it means to bear my mating mark?" She asked before she shook her head. "No, you aren't even from this world so of course you are ignorant." She spoke not with condescension or anything but merely a statement of fact, so I didn't get angry or anything.

"Does it mean we are married or something?" I asked wondering how Chloe and Anya from the Hostess will react to the sight with them being beast kin girls.

Or hell Rose Fannett my Guild Advisor who is a civilian.

Seshat snorted at my words shaking her head as she gave me a look and then she leaned down and kissed me fully as her arms tightened around me before she broke off the kiss as I held onto her hips.

"Jake, the fact that all Beastkin have an inborn skill called beastification on their Falna's should tell you that things aren't so cut and dry." She said mischievously and then she pointed at the already faded bite mark she left upon my bare shoulder.

"That bite marks us as mates and any beastkin will be able to tell you are mated to a beastkin goddess as they will feel it in their senses. So female beastkin will see you as a worthier mate seeing as you snagged me, and males will see you as a challenge or something. I don't really know it's not all that documented." Seshat said throwing her hands up to push my demands for a better explanation off.

"Now seeing as you made it so I cannot walk... Go make me a tuna salad sandwich and then get to work on making the building you made livable." Seshat practically ordered and then she even had the audacity to spank my ass.

I then made Seshat a sandwich...


Walking outside after I took a little shower, I stared up into the darkness of the impenetrable roof I made with only a small bit of early morning light coming through the small glass cube I put on the ceiling.

I realized that I didn't want to make a supersized building even if I had all the materials and time I wanted to after mining a bunch of simple stones out of the dungeon. So, I decided to just make a simple circular tower around Seshat's main shop so that way we could simply just build floors atop her shop if we ever wanted more space.

Thus, for the next couple hours while Sir Fluffykin's the First rode on my Wulfrim Drone and my new Sea Star summon just messed around with the Sea Star chasing the Wulfrim Drone and avoiding Sir Fluffykins the First's thrown acorns as it was chasing, I followed my old experience in playing Mine Craft to count the blocks to make an outline for the tower and once completed I just built up the exterior walls until I reached the roof of my prior building.

Once I got all the walls raised up, I tore out of the roof of my previous building so I could continue up the tower before I got to like five stories tall and thus towered over the neighboring medieval-style buildings. "There we go that should be tall enough," I muttered after I made sure to put a flat roof on top of the building so people couldn't break into the tower in any way.

With the tower that now fully encased Seshat's old shop built now, and I ignored the people watching me build something that would typically take people months here in the bustling city of Orario. Looking at the bare shell of the tower I ignored it for a while as I took the time to take down the old structure and now with the old massive box, I used to build around all of Seshat's property gone I had a greater idea of what I could build.

I looked up to the sun and saw that it was well past noon, so I had been working for more than six hours and I had gotten an unimaginable amount of work done with even using my grappling hook to ferry me around at fast speeds.

"Let me get Seshat first to run some ideas off though first," I muttered and I tore open a door in the solid stone wall of the tower I created before boarding it up much to the dismay of the people watching outside.



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