Chapter 20
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With the tower's main structure completed, I went inside to check up on Seshat and froze as I saw that the goddess had used the ropes, I left anchored to the roof to glue glowing dungeon crystals from the Rivira floor onto the walls and roof of the tower to recreate the Danmachi night sky, with its stars and a prominent moon in the very middle of the roof of the tower.

"Wow, it actually looks a lot like the stars normally do," I remarked honestly amazed as although I didn't recognize the constellations of stars that would show up during the night as they were different from the Earth ones, I could recognize the super recognizable shapes they had.

Seshat smugly grinned as she stretched her hands over her head. "Yes, praise me more! But yes, the stars generally match the heavenly constellations but if you can make more of those Mana crystals these stars can be used to empower rituals and as a goddess with Ritual's in her domain Hehe." Seshat cackled and I patted her on her head and scratched behind her ears.

"So how should I decorate the outside of the tower then?" I asked as honestly, I kind of liked having the natural sunlight blocked out and would only have bright starlight coming down. So, it would kind of need to fit the star-like theme.

Seshat then asked me a couple of questions about how 'indestructible' my materials were and finally, we settled on her creating a magical system that would synch to my Terraria technology as she was somehow able to pick up and understand the weird cord and electrical system within moments so within half an hour she had me boiling stone into lava and she had me make a lava waterfall that would infinitely flow over the corners of the tower down its sides between the blocks and land in a small moat built beside the tower. And thus, the electrical system that she put together basically had a bridge open up and would allow people entry into the tower.

"Well, no adventure regardless of level wants to deal with lava..." I muttered as I realized that pure red hot glowing lava was something even Ottar would fear being thrown inside of even if he could escape it with only some light burns if he got out quick enough.

"Now we just need some lava piranhas and large crocodiles to live on the banks of the lava pools and it will be just like the Solar River back in Tenkai," Seshat said dreamily and I shook my head at the thought of living in Tenkai with all the crazy crap Seshat would offhandedly mention existed there.

Because it was basically the Percy Jackson universe with all the gods existing with all their divine monsters and crazy landmarks. So, when all the Pantheons got smooshed together, they regularly got into scuffles and things got mixed up that most certainly shouldn't.

"So, with the tower done I think I am going to head off into the dungeon for a bit. I need a fuck load of rather nasty stuff if I want to make the next bosses I want to fight. Plus I want to take Staryu into battle." I said pointing to the large Starfish that was able to roll fast enough on the points of its limbs that it could scale the tower's walls as it was still chasing around my Wulfrim Drone that was carrying Sir Fluffykins the First.

In order to make the Eye of Cthulhu and the other pre-hard mode bosses I needed a bunch of very nasty ingredients that I could only get from the monsters in the dungeon and would need to actually dissect each monster to get the ingredients before taking the monster stone and allowing the monster to fade into smoke.

To create the Demonic Eye that will allow me to summon the Eye of Cthulhu I needed to harvest literally a hundred pounds of eyes from any monsters or just any life form in general. Thus, I didn't particularly want to ask other people to do it when I needed to hit the dungeon in order to get stronger myself.

Not to mention I needed the hundred pounds of both spines and brains to make the Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu boss summons respectively.

"Ok, Jake you be careful. Wear a large cloak around your armor so you aren't so easily recognized when you head into the dungeon." Seshat advised me and after a moment of thought I switched around my sand cloak so it would cover over my armor and not be in my inventory, so they weren't hanging on my body like my accessories typically were.

"Hmm, that works. Ok, I am going to try to fill this open space inside the tower around my old shop with some furniture and whatnot, so it can be our little getaway!" Seshat said excitedly as she ran back towards the back of her shop that had her workshop.

"Huh, I wonder what she is going to build herself," I muttered as I clicked the button system that would remotely open the bridge system and part the lava waterfall that guarded the gate.

After I exited the tower, I was welcomed by the sight of guild employees having gated off my property with foldable chicken wire or something. "Oi get off my land!" I yelled as my summons ran out behind from behind me and spread out seeing how I wasn't happy seeing all these people crowding around what they considered my territory.

"Jake Bariss, you made that hazard to public safety!?" I heard a woman screaming and I mentally groaned as I saw Eina stomping towards me.

"Relax guys, let me take care of this," I said as I saw my Wulfrim Drone's laser audibly warming up to shoot the stupid half-elf stomping towards me.

"Eina this is the private property of the Seshat Familia. Should I enlighten the Loki and Freya Familia that the Guild is now sealing up private Familia properties?" I spoke loudly and I saw Eina's face twitch as I made this a whole new ball game instead of being this the Guild securing a possibly dangerous area, now it was the Guild invading a Familia's private land and attempting to censor them for their private practices.

"This is private land, and the lava is a security system. People will not be harmed randomly and if someone were to cross the wide-open area that is the area separating the area and leaps into the lava for whatever reason. The Seshat Familia is not responsible for people committing suicide by jumping into the lava!" I said loudly and clearly with a tick mark appearing on Eina's forehead.

"Jake this a serious concern! What if the lava has noxious fumes coming off of it or what if children wander onto your property?" Eina continued but I shook my head.

"Nope I have a retaining wall that should keep out unaffiliated people and all intruders face the consequences of invading a Familia's private domicile and that is a law that Orario has always followed," I spoke before continuing. "As the Captain of the Seshat Familia, I will remind the Guild representative here on this day that my lava is a magical construct and thus has no natural noxious fumes and thus the only danger is to people who actually touch it. So please leave my Familia's land." I finished and Eina could only sharply nod and throw a dirty look at me.

"Fine Jake but you better hope no civilians get hurt or the Guild will come down on you like a ton of bricks." She warned and I rolled my eyes.

"The Guild should focus on cleaning out all the imported slaves in the entertainment district before they focus on Exploration Familias. Oh, wait it's because they bride you guys so much you look the other way." I muttered at the end as Eina stomped off while the Guild people quickly pulled up the chicken wire, they were going to use to fence off my land despite my land having a nice ten-foot-tall privacy wall made out of solid stone.

People just need to mind their own damn business.



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