Chapter 22
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For a split second I wanted to just teleport out of the dungeon and leave Bell to his all but inevitable fate of death for whatever the hell reason Ottar had. He is allowing Freya's other interest to face an opponent that was hilariously out of his league.

Monsterphelia hadn't happened yet. So Bell had neither his Hestia knife, nor did he have his Firebolt spell, and this Aberrant Minotaur was stronger than the enhanced Minotaur he fought in canon that almost killed him if Ais hadn't bought him time to recover.

My hand snapped up and with a loud sizzling noise, I shot the Aberrant Minotaur several times in the head making it roar in pain raising its large thick hands to block off the lasers that were shooting it in the face. "Drone carries Fluffy around to harass him, Staryu takes out its legs," I ordered quickly as I began retreating I took out my Aquamarine staff and shot both it and my Space Gun onto the Aberrant Minotaur as I sought to drone it in magical bolts.

"Allen, you dare to ignore the orders of Freya!" I heard Ottar roar and then a loud crashing noise rang out as obviously, Ottar swung onto his lieutenant or whatever Allen's official rank was in the Freya Familia while being the second strongest adventurer in the Familia.

The loud crashing noise thankfully did make the Minotaur flinch and stop its charge toward me and was thus open for Sir Fluffykins the First to nail with a couple of grenades but with another roar, it swiped through the dust of the explosions showing off the scalded and blasted chunks of flesh missing from it.

"Asterios you in there?" I asked loudly as I continued to blast the Aberrant Minotaur in the upper chest and face with each Aquamarine bolt of magic blowing off like golf balls worth of flesh off the monster.

Me calling out its prior reincarnation only made the Minotaur shake its head and I saw its glowing red eyes once again lock onto me and with a loud cracking noise it shattered the stone floor of the dungeon beneath it as it charged at me at full speed.

I could only curse and use my Grappling Hook to pull me across the room as the seemingly high level three speed of the Minotaur gave me no damn time to actually maneuver on the ground and I was reduced to getting yanked around the room as I quickly burnt through my mana using my two magical weapons to kill this damned minotaur.

I soon felt my Mana dry up and I began using my Mind to fuel my magical weapons making me curse and throw the weapons in my inventory with a flourish I whipped out a golden trident to stab the rushing Minotaur that got close to me in the split second it took me to put away my weapons and take out a new one.

"Just die dammit!" I yelled before I got punched so hard, I felt my Armor Rating all but disappear as the golden fur-covered fist smashed into my armored chest and I could feel the wonderful feeling of when you are on a swing, and you are going entirely too fast backward.

I was punched so hard by the Aberrant Minotaur that my form literally skipped across the rock floor of the dungeon for a whole dozen meters like a rock being thrown across a lake.

"Squeak!" I heard Sir Fluffykins the First yell out and then a much louder explosion rang out as the squirrel obviously took out the emergency bomb, I gave him and somehow made it go off the moment it collided with the minotaur, and once again I was sent skidding across the ground but this time with my ears ringing from the massive explosion that could easily blow up the dense stone of the dungeon.

My golden trident had stabbed the Minotaur right in the throat and Sir Fluffykins the First's bomb had completely blown off the damned monster's legs leaving it on the ground oozing its monster lifeblood from its missing lower body.

I wordlessly crawled over to the Minotaur that was likewise with crawling towards me with only its arms pulling its body across the floor and seemingly only spite pushing the Minotaur to kill me before it would finally lay down and die.

As we finally met together, I took out my Copper Longsword and as the Minotaur went to weakly roar at me, I just fell forward with my long sword pointing outwards and the sword rammed into the Minotaur's mouth and pierced through its brain making its body stiffen as the Minotaur died instantly from its brain being pierced and separated.

"Boop!" My Wulfrim Drone beeped at me loudly making me groan as I tried to get back my footing, but my drone and Sir Fluffykins pushed me over to where Bell was.

"Holy shit you are still alive?" I questioned seeing Bell's chest lightly rising as his one still working lung desperately tried to keep the young man alive, but I could hear him gurgling with each breath and knew that he was only minutes if not moment from drowning on his lungs filling up with blood or likewise him just bleeding out from the internal bleeding and the massive stone weapon that got pushed through his chest.

I looked at Bell for a moment and then I realized I couldn't save him with the Terraria healing potions I had... They didn't 'instantly' give health like they did in the game, and I only have a tier two healing potion which I didn't think was enough to fix a gaping hole in someone's chest.

"Squeak Boosh!" Sir Fluffkyins the First yelled and as I looked to him, I saw him making miming motions over his chest and realized he was making a boobs reference before pointing to Bell, and I realized what the damn squirrel wanted me to do.

"The Gender Bender potion will fix him?" I asked dryly and the squirrel hurriedly nodded...

The problem with using my only Gender Bender potion was I only had one as the Deathroot flower substitute I needed could only be gotten from the Death Flowers that grew in the desert where the Behemoth died, and every single flower took the life of someone to harvest.

So, I only had the one that Freya gifted me for spawning those bosses and entertaining her.

"Fine... I guess this is my harem world now." I muttered at the end as I took out the softly glowing blue and purple potion and forced the neck of the bottle into Bell's mouth and allowed the magical potion to slide down Bell's throat.

I realized why the Genderbend potion could save Bell when my tier two healing potion couldn't as I used my alchemical knowledge that came with all my Terraria knowledge and came to the realization that the Genderbending potion used the conceptual death inherent in the death root to literally kill his 'male' identity and the mana crystal and other life-giving flowers revitalized his truly genderless form and fill in the void as a woman.

Bell's wiry muscular form softened, and her shorter silver hair lengthened greatly as it came down to her waist and even as I watched her waist hips get wider, I count help but notice through her very torn apart shirt was her previously flat chest growing a set of large breasts.

Seeing her body so quickly changing I saw Sir Fluffykins fly over atop my drone and begin slapping the large stone sword still buried in her chest and realizing she would need the sword out to fully regenerate I quickly ripped it out of her chest and shivered as Bell whimpered in pain, so I took her hands into my own as I watched the whole in her admittedly nice boobs quickly disappeared under the potion's effects.

Then I heard Ottar roar again along with Allen yelling but the sounds were coming closer and closer...

"Well looks like you are coming home with me Bella," I said with a wry smile as I hefted up Bell's very feminine frame in torn-apart clothes and I quickly dismissed my summons as I saw Allen get smashed into the room not all too dissimilarly to how Bell got smashed into here.

Wordlessly I took out my magic mirror and before I could get dragged into the fight between a level six and a level seven I and 'Bella' Cranel were teleported out of the dungeon and into the safety of my tower.



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