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I could all but feel Hestia and Bell's gaze on my back as me and Seshat led them through the ghetto side of Orario and more towards the business section of the labyrinth-like city of Orario.

That wasn't an exaggeration at all either... Literally, if you got lost in the Daedalus District without a guide who had lived there for years, you could literally die of the elements before you got free of the place if the criminals within the area didn't hunt you down and kill you for your shoes.

"So, Jake is all this... Well, is all the nonsense Seshat saying true? I mean we were there at the Hostess when you were talking but this is all so hard to believe you know?" Hestia said skeptically as the 'lesser' Familia's got little to no say in how the Freya and Loki Familia were going to open up a boss arena for the adventures of Orario to kill and grow at a better rate.

"Yes, Hestia. I can summon Monster Rex's of various levels of danger and the monsters I summon will leave materials that can be used to make more magical weapons or may just outright drop magical weapons and gear once defeated." I spoke concisely so there was no misunderstanding.

"Huh, and I thought my Bell was broken... Well, at least she will be in 'Good Hands' right Seshat!" Hestia said weirdly and my goddess only weakly chuckled as she shrugged.

"Well perhaps. My Jake isn't much of a melee fighter so maybe your Bell can teach him to be braver in the Dungeon." Seshat said trying to push the attention on me and I only raised an eyebrow at my goddess.

"I literally create killing fields and kill hundreds of monsters in less than as many minutes... If I was a blundering oaf who wanted to smash each monster with a hammer or valiantly cut the monster down with a gleaming sword, either I would die of exhaustion or I would die by being overwhelmed Seshat." I said raising matter a factly to Seshat as my deeds in the mass slaughter of monsters even if it were done in a cheesy method making my Falna soar with the numbers.

Because in the end, the monsters themselves were around my 'danger level' to begin with. But the way I exploited my magical gear and perfectly sealed myself away from danger basically tricked my Falna into thinking I was relying on my 'intelligence' to make grand heroic plans to slaughter an army of monsters without even getting a scratch while relying on my own strength.

"Still the coward's way to do it..." Seshat muttered but as we were on an empty road, I took out a bag filled with Valis that I got from my monster slaughter.

"This bag of seven hundred and fifty thousand Valis I made yesterday says otherwise... Hell, I didn't even turn in the matching number of monster stones I got today from farming seeing as I saved Bell and never went to the Guild today." I said to Seshat pointed as I shook the big burlap sack of Valis in front of her face, she rolled her eyes.

"Woah... Will I be able to make as much as that if I party up with you Jake?!" Bell asked excitedly and my eyebrows twitched as she had run forward to me and grabbed my free arm that Seshat didn't have and had dragged against her chest.

Even as Seshat's arms around mine tightened and I heard her actually hiss at Bell with her dark black hair spiking up as she got territorial, I decided to play ignorant after Seshat called my efficient farming of the murderous dungeon cowardly.

"Oh yeah! I mean it can probably take a couple of days for you to get used to actually efficiently farming the dungeon of its resources but it's safe, and your magic stat will shoot up into the sky!" I said confidently with Bell's red eyes shining with pure excitement at my words especially when Hestia and Seshat couldn't call me a liar or anything.

A couple minutes later we arrived back at our property and both Hestia and Seshat took one look at my tower with lava pouring down its side and the two goddesses spoke in unison. "Men!"

I just chuckled and I opened up the lava waterfall Bell even having been turned into a voluptuous young woman oohed and aahhed at the sight of the lava waterfall parting to allow us to enter before the lava waterfall closed behind us. Leaving the massive interior of the tower only lit up by the bright dungeon crystal's that Seshat had embedded into the ceiling to look like stars.

"Well, today has certainly... Been a day. I am going to turn in early." I said stretching before I looked to my goddess. "You good to play host and get them settled? I am going to take a shower before you girls settle down and decide to hog it." I joked at the end making Seshat roll her eyes before she paused and nodded.

"Yeah, teaching Bell how to properly wash and take care of her white long hair is going to take a while so it's best if you get your shower first and head to bed early." Seshat mused with Hestia firmly nodding and Bell cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"How hard can it be to keep my hair clean? I didn't have problems with my hair when it was like shoulder length?" She continued but the thing was... Shoulder and butt-length hair were two entirely different things.

"Oh, my dear Bell, I have to teach you the joys of wrapping your hair up in a towel for hours, so it actually properly dries without roughly drying it and tearing up your precious hair," Hestia said like a mother about to teach her daughter the joys of puberty or something.

"Alright, I am out! Bell, I will get you fitted in some armor tomorrow so we can let whatever happened in the dungeon die down... I am going to get cleaned up and go to bed before I am dragged into getting my hair cut or something." I said jokingly as I powerwalked away from the tittering goddesses who grabbed Bell who may or may not have wanted to escape the grasp of the two goddesses once she realized such a discussion about feminine stuff was going to be embarrassing, to say the least.


The next morning was... Yeah, honestly it fits with this being an anime world basically.

I awoke to the wonderful feeling of a soft feminine form clad in a thin extra t-shirt of mine that went halfway down her thighs but clearly left her pale smooth legs visible in the room's softly lit morning light.

For a moment I literally thought with the long white hair that was spread across the bed and the form of whoever was cuddled up on my arm that Freya somehow managed to get into my tower and sneak into my bed... But then I recalled that Freya had silver hair instead of white.

"Bell. Wake up please." I said with a twitching eyebrow as I had... Well, I was having some conflicting thoughts honestly.

Because in the end, all my sleep-deprived mind was thinking was Hur-Durr hot girl in arms must go for boobies.

"Mhmm?" Bell muttered and I couldn't help but think that maybe Hestia could have picked up her aggressively affectionate sleeping habits from Bell to begin with as she just fully rolled against me and threw one of her legs over mine and I felt one of her t-shirts covered breasts pushing against my chest as I was shirtless as per usual when I slept.

'This is the sign of a harem protagonist... Now do I falter, or do I strike while the iron is hot?' I thought before I smacked the thought aside as I extracted myself from Bell's grasp and good thing I did as when I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I saw a form standing in the doorway of the room.

"Hestia. You need something?" I yawned as I took in the already-dressed Greek goddess who nodded at my question.

"Yes, me and you need to talk alone for a minute so please follow me," Hestia said not really ordering me, but it was clear that she wasn't messing around so I just grumbled as I took a pair of shoes out of my inventory to slip on as I followed Hestia through Seshat's shop and into the backyard.

"Seshat and I got drunk last night so she won't be waking up any time soon," Hestia said frankly and I just shrugged.

"Well, I hope you had fun. I mean was pushing Bell onto my bedspread a drunk Hestia plan or did you have a reason for it at all?" I asked bluntly as I took a bagel to begin munching on it to awaken my brain.

Hestia sighed and brushed her hands over her face as she shook her head. "Actually, I thought Bell would wake up first, see where she was, and try to get more comfortable with you... She was the one who sought out your protection after we kept her up all night teaching what she needed to know about being a woman and frankly allowing Seshat to make her a bra for today so we could get her some clothes that actually fit her." Hestia almost ranted before she took a deep breath.

"Look, Jake. It's plain to everyone that you have a super special skill that is unique to you that allows you to make the nonsense that you do... I don't care if you are some kind of super Crozzo or whatever, but Bell is literally a skill now that allows her and you to grow faster the more she supports and cares for you..." Hestia shook her head and I saw her eyes flash pink with divine light as she stared me straight in the eye.

"I love Bell... From the bottom of my heart to the surface I love Bell Cranel but it's plain that she loves or obsesses over you and another girl to the point that her soul shifts and contorts to make a skill that symbolizes that love and obsession." Hestia then leaned toward me with her Arcanum barely held back on a leash as she continued softly.

"Break my Bell's heart and I will never forgive you I will hmm!?" I broke off her jealous tirade by head patting the goddess making her raising twin tails collapse out of the air as I cut off all the steam she was building.

"Hestia look. I saved Bell and I will take responsibility for that... Just we will see what happens. I have zero intentions in 'breaking' Bell's heart anyway." I said patting Hestia's head with the patented technique I got from learning how to scratch Seshat's head and maneuver around her ears.

"Muohh!" Hestia groaned as her face pinked and then she stepped away from me and stomped her way back inside the store and house, but I could literally hear her grumbling as she walked back in. "I am going to have to teach Bell how to avoid no good playboys like him Hmph!"

I couldn't help but burst into honest laughter at just how ridiculous things had become here in Danmachi as canon had practically been thoroughly thrown out of the window as it were.

But then again when I am summoning the remains of outer gods as Terraria bosses, I couldn't expect the world to remain the same when I handed people the key to much easier level-ups and access to high-quality Excellia.

I just finished my breakfast outside as I stared up into the bright false stars Seshat had made on the ceiling that match Danmachi's constellations and I couldn't help but wonder if any of those stars were actually in the same place as my Earth.

"Jake you ready to fit me for armor!?" Bell excitedly asked and I chuckled at how pure her desire to get my magical stuff was.

She didn't want it as a shortcut for power. She just wanted it to protect herself and it was plain after my tales on how to 'properly' farm the dungeon that she was seeing my side of how to treat the dungeon as a resource rather than a 'trial' in which to grow with how our bullshit cheats made such suicidal pursuit of challenges inefficient.

"What kind of armor you want?" I asked Bell who beamed and threw out the most outrageous of stuff like armor that could make her fly or armor that would allow her to teleport...

"Bell! Relax!" I said cutting off her excitement before I continued. "Bell all that stuff I make with accessories. See." I said cutting her off as I wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her against me as I took out my magic mirror out of my inventory.

"See with this mirror I can teleport back to my room," I said and as I looked into the mirror, we were both teleported into my room Bell hobbled a bit as his vision didn't dull like mine did in the teleport and had to thus deal with the spatial distortion apparently.

Then after I showed how my Specter Boots gave me super speed, I had to stop Bell from spazzing out as she asked what all the accessories I could and have made do so I took her to my side of Seshat's shop and allowed her to take a magic loadout of accessories that will cut down on the cost of casting magic as the damage our magical weapons did plenty of damage on these smaller weaker dungeon monsters I had been dealing with.

"Alright Bell... Uhm, I need you to get down into a T-shirt or something thinner so I can get your measurements so I can make your armor." I said wryly as Bell was wearing a thick jacket and making armor for someone in a thick padded jacket that was designed to absorb some monster hits was a fool's errand.

"Alright, Jake! Uhm just let me go get changed!" Bell said as she went to lift her jacket and I caught a flash of her belly before she remembered she couldn't just change in front of a guy anymore and then a crimson blush came to her face as she glanced at me and then she all but fled as she ran to a side room.



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